Geekvape Illusion Sub Ohm Tank preview

The Geekvape Illusion subohm tank might just be the missing link between high-powered box mods and their limits being pushed.

GeekVape Illusion

Geekvape Illusion Sub Ohm Tank Intro

Got a 250W mod just aching to stretch its legs? The Geevape Illusion sub ohm tank may be what you’re looking for. After all, finding a high-wattage box mod is easy, but finding the proper high-wattage tank to withstand that much power has been mostly a figment of our imagination… until now?

Let’s look closer at the Illusion.

Geekvape Illusion Sub Ohm Tank Gallery

Geekvape Illusion Specs and Features

Kit Content

  • Illusion sub ohm tank
  • Wide bore delrin top cap
  • 510 drip tip adapter
  • One i4 quad coil (0.15Ω/50-260W)
  • One i1 single coil (0.15Ω/50-180W)


  • 25mm diameter top cap – 24mm base
  • 58mm tall (with included wide bore drip tip)
  • 4.5ml capacity
  • Top fill
  • Stainless steel with brushed or black finish
  • Dual adjustable bottom airflow slots
  • Gold plated adjustable center pin

Not just another tank

GeekVape Illusion

Sub ohm tanks have been around long enough that not many of us get terribly excited about another, until lately with the introduction of tanks utilizing four, six, eight, even ten coils capable of running at blazingly high wattage and delivering monstrous amounts of vapor. Geekvape throws their hat into the ring with the release of the Illusion tank which is supposed to be able to let you unleash your power!

The Illusion is quite similar to many that are already available, featuring a wide bore drip tip, top fill, dual adjustable bottom air slots, and a gold plated, adjustable center pin — but inside you find the i4 quad coil with a recommended wattage range of 50-260W. If the mood strikes and you want a more flavorful vape, swap out the i4 with the i1 single coil — which is rated to only 180W (only?).

The Illusion is an aesthetically pleasing tank in brushed stainless steel and black without a lot of unnecessary logos or frills, which I prefer. To give you an idea of size, the Illusion is nearly identical to the Griffin 25 with the former measuring 58.5mm tall and the latter 58mm — both are 25mm in diameter measured at the top. When compared to the Smok TFV8, the Illusion is 10mm shorter reducing it’s capacity to less than the Smok tank – 4.5mL versus 6mL.

What not to expect...

GeekVape Illusion

It doesn’t appear that the Illusion tank will ship with an RBA, but if there is a demand, and I suspect there will be, Geekvape might decide to release one as an accessory. But, as of now, nope.

Geekvape has also announced a mini version of the Illusion which is 10mm shorter with a capacity of 3.5mL, and it does come with an RBA. The iM4 and iM1 (mini) coils are shorter with a lower maximum wattage rating.

In the end, the true test will be how it performs under the most extreme circumstances (i.e., >200 watts). I don’t see much here with the Illusion to write home about — it appears to be what we are already used to. But if it performs as advertised, it will be a big deal.

This tank is will be judged based on what it can handle.

What do you think? What is the highest wattage you’ve ever taken a tank? Do you think the Illusion is real?

Let us know what you think.

Gary Joseph
Gary is a retired technical writer residing in the metro Detroit area. Besides vaping, and writing for Vaping360, some of his other interests include motorcycling, watch collecting, bicycling and fitness.
  • Michael Abrams

    What’s needed is a tank that’s nice at 80w but can do 200 on rare occasion. So far, only Smok has figured this out, and has a strong local market presence. Can find a tfv8 or Baby Beast coil in any vape shop.

    Can the Illusion perform in a wide enough range? If not, it goes the way of the Arctic V12, which is to say on the clearance rack 1 month after introduction.