Greenlightvapes G9 Nail Preview & Interview

The G9 Nail is a curious atomizer with a water chamber and long glass neck, making it resemble a bong.


Is That a Vaping Mod or a…?

One of the most distinct vaping products I saw at TPE 2016, the Greenlightvapes G9 Nail is an atomizer that resembles…well, a bong. It’s meant to be used with vaping e-liquid and sure to grab attention wherever it’s used. Check out the video above to see the G9 Nail in action and keep reading for more details.

Get It On (510 Bong)

Greenlight Vapes G9 Nail
Greenlight Vapes G9 Nail

The G9 Nail is available in two configurations. The first is a 510 version that works with any vaping device with a 510 connection. This model is the G9 510 Nail. After attaching it to a mod and filling the chamber with water, you simply drip e-liquid into the ceramic cup housed at the base.

Vapers looking for a full kit can opt for the HE Nail. This configuration comes with a very basic tube mod and the same G9 Nail atomizer, but with a titanium cup instead of a ceramic one. The HE Nail has an internal 2,500 mAh battery and sports two temperature settings (300 and 450 fahrenheit).

Both versions come with sturdy travel cases that remind me of popular Pelican enclosures. Both versions can be used with dab oil as well as vaping e-liquid. As for how they vape, it’s pretty interesting. Between the water and the long neck, the vapor has a lot of elements that cool it. If you’re a fan of cool vapes then you’ll likely enjoy the output of the G9 Nail. If you prefer hot vapes then you’ll probably find it unsatisfying.

[This section heading was inspired by Power Station’s “Get It On (Bang a Gong)”]

Would You Vape on a G9 Nail?

For most vapers, the G9 Nail is most definitely not a primary vaping device. That said, it’s certainly a fantastic conversation piece and something that’s fun to play with. What do you think of the Greenlightvapes’ distinct and unusual atomizer? Do you see yourself getting one for fun? Or do you think it’s silly to vape e-liquid out of an atomizer that’s suited to dab oil? Please leave a comment and let me know.

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  • Tammy2u

    nice the moment i use a mad hatter mini rda,since i already vape..hit the coils..and voila! but this is something i would definitely be interested in trying!