Hana Modz One Box Mod Review

Hana Modz One
Hana Modz One

Hana Modz One Intro

The Hana Modz One Mod is a new and innovative mod from Hana, retailing at $109 and housing the Evolv DNA40 chip and with interchangeable battery compartments the One mod looks like the only mod you’re ever going to need. We take a closer look at the Hana Modz One Mod below.

Hana Modz One Specs and Features

  • 1x Hana Modz One
  • 1x Single 18650 Battery Case
  • 1x Dual 18650 Battery Case
  • 1x Retractable USB Cord


From the get go, the mod feels cheap, even down to the packaging. Housed in a clear plastic box stuck with a cheap foam insert to cushion the mod whilst in transit was somewhat of a disappointment. Granted it did the job and the mod came to me with no exterior damage however being a so-called ‘high end’ regulated device I expected a little more from Hana and the packaging of the device.

Hana Modz One (White)
Hana Modz One (White)
  • Single and Dual battery case attachments included in the complete kit.
  • 18650 Battery (not included)
  • LG HE2 or LG HE 4 batteries are recommended
  • Both battery case release buttons on the sides must be pressed when removing the battery case.
  • 40 watt regulated mod
  • .1 incremental wattage adjustment
  • Dimensions: 2.7″ x 1″ x1.5″
  • Weight: 1.3 ounces in single battery mode (without battery).
  • 510 floating connector(spring loaded)
  • ABS thermoplastic polymer body
  • OLED display provides: wattage, ohm, voltage, battery,
  • temperature, and error messages
  • Temperature Protection – (Evolv Patented Technology)
  • Preheat functionality
  • Reverse battery protection in single battery mode
  • 500mA micro-USB
  • on-board charging – (cord included)
  • Overcharge protection – (stops when fully charged)
  • Pass-thru charging functionality
  • 3-Month Manufacturer’s Warranty (see warranty tab for details)

Notable Remarks

DNA40 Chip

​The One Mod by Hana uses the Evolv DNA40 chip, which in my opinion is one of the best chips on the market right now, only to be outdone by the forthcoming DNA200. With this being the latest chip with a larger screen and atty lock feature I was impressed with how well it worked and how smoothly everything ran. Having used other temperature control devices and constantly being disappointed I was reluctant to give it another go, however the DNA40 may have just won me over. Temperature control worked flawlessly and even though you only have 40 watts of power to play with the vape still felt much, much better than other temperature control devices such as the Snowwolf 200w.

For a full list of specs of the DNA40 visit the Evolv website.

Using the Hana Modz One Mod

As far as operating the device, I again had no dramas. Mainly down to the fact that the DNA40 powers the device but all the buttons work, feel responsive and are nice and clicky. The only issue I have found is that you can actually fire the device by pressing just below the fire button, all be it quite hard. However this just should not happen on any regulated device, let alone a device from a company such as Hana Modz.

The battery compartments are easy and straightforward to use, a firm pull on the door to the compartment opens up the housing for your batteries, all to be inserted positive side down, then with the door clipping back into place a simple line up with two metal strips and press fit together are all that is required to complete the mod.

​Size and Fit

Hana Modz One Single 18650 (Left) Dual 18650 (Right)

The mod is almost entirely made of plastic. Whilst this keeps the Hana Modz One Mod super light and small, you can most definitely feel it. Unlike the aluminum boxes we’re used to, this can feel tacky in the hand and has that annoying plasticky squeak whenever it’s pressed. This again is not something I expected from Hana and I am quite displeased by it. However the worst part for me is the fitting together of the mod. Nothing sits flush; there is a gap between the battery compartment and the main part of the mod housing the chip and fire buttons etc… It feels as though Hana have just been lazy in production and quality control of the One Mod. One big thing that stood out to me with this mod is there are no vent holes anywhere. This emphasizes my thought that Hana have not thought about the quality and rushed this mod hugely. Vent holes are standard on most if not all mods in the current market and to simply leave them out is a big mistake.

The size is a big plus point to me, uber small and compact this mod is perfect for a stealth vape on a night out, a work hand check or any other instance you can think of. In single 18650 mode the mod is of similar size to the vaporshark dna40. In dual 18650 mode the one mod increases in width ever so slightly and is still super compact.

Temperature Control

The temperature control works perfectly on the Hana Modz One Mod as you would expect with it running the DNA40 chip, vaping from 200F all the way up to 600F I was never left wanting any more. With the added feature of locking the atomizer resistance the temperature control just got better. I have not experienced a temperature-controlled device that vapes as well as this.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Interchangeable single and dual 18650 battery compartments
  • DNA40 Chip


  • Plasticky feel
  • Poor quality control
  • Cheaply built
  • Firing issue
  • No vent holes


Whilst the Hana Modz One Mod has the potential to be one of the best mods on the market right now; Hana have let themselves down through some simple and lazy errors. The chip as I have mentioned is one of the best chips around and would attract any potential buyer, however the rest of the mod feels like this is simply a bridging mod to bring Hana those last few bucks before the DNA200 drops. From the packaging through to the build quality the One Mod has a distinct lack of quality to it. Although the interchangeable battery compartments are innovative they do not fit together with the mod well and they feel flimsy.

This mod is reasonably cheap considering it houses the DNA40 chip and my goodness can you feel it. If you can get past the plastic feel and the janky fittings of the mod then you find yourself with an excellent device that competes with anything out there on the market in terms of vape quality. In conclusion, this mod has a fantastic inside with a great chip, which provides an awesome vape, but the exterior leaves much to be desired. I would suggest spending that little bit extra and getting the quality the DNA40 deserves or simply waiting for the DNA200 to drop.

Alex Kendell
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