Hatty RDA Review

Hatty RDA
Hatty RDA

Hatty RDA Intro

The Hatty RDA is the latest RDA from Blitz Enterprises, the modders who designed the Hannya RDA. It offers a bottom-and-side airflow with a velocity-style deck that comes at an affordable price. With RDAs in this price range, quality and performance is hit or miss. The question is, which category does the Hatty fall into?

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Hatty RDA Specs and Features

  • Hatty RDA
  • Hat shaped drip tip
  • Standard drip tip adapter
  • 2 extra deck o-rings
  • 1 extra airflow controller o-ring
  • 2 extra post screws
Hatty RDA Taken Apart
Hatty RDA Taken Apart
  • Three-piece construction
  • Velocity-style deck
  • 3mm post holes
  • Bottom and side airflow
  • Single and dual coil airflow control
  • Contemporary-style AFC holes in the shape of a lowercase h with a dot
  • Locking barrel
  • Gold plated adjustable 510 that’s compatible with hybrid mods
  • 22mm diameter
  • 5mm tall without the drip tip section
  • 5mm tall with the standard drip tip adapter
  • 42mm tall with the supplied drip tip
  • 5mm deep juice well

Notable Remarks

Machining/Fit and Finish

Hatty RDA Pin
Hatty RDA Pin

The machining of the Hatty is very good for an RDA in this price range. In my opinion, it feels more like a $60 atomizer than a $35 one. There were no scratches or burrs to be found and no trace of machine oil. The deck o-ring is not too tight and not too loose. However, the airflow controller o-ring is a bit tighter than I prefer. It’s not so tight that it’s a pain to adjust the side airflow, but tight enough to require a bit of force, especially when dry. The deck o-rings are a little flimsy, and when wet a section of one of the o-rings may come off, preventing you from putting your top cap on. There are small tabs on the deck that line up with inserts in the barrel similar to the Velocity RDA. This makes it so the side airflow automatically lines up perfectly with your coils and allows the airflow to be adjusted without holding onto the barrel. Personally, I think this feature a nice touch.

Build Deck

Hatty RDA Deck
Hatty RDA Deck

The build deck is a velocity-style two-post deck with 3mm post holes. There are two holes stacked vertically on each post allowing each lead to have its own post hole on a dual coil build which makes installation very simple.

Ease of Build

Building the Hatty is a breeze. I believe the velocity-style deck is the simplest deck design modders have come up with so far. Mounting the coils is just too easy; the orientation of the post holes make it so the leads of the coils naturally go in without any bending required. Combine that with naturally centered coil you get from a two-post deck and large post holes and you have one ingenious design. Of course they didn’t invent the velocity-style deck, Cisco and Dino did with the Velocity RDA. The large post holes will fit just about any wire you can dream of. Although, I’m sure some builders out there could create something that won’t fit. I installed a dual 2×26/36 fused clapton and it was amazing the amount of space leftover inside the post holes. The phillips-head screws didn’t seem like they wanted to clip the leads either.

Juice well

The juice well is about 6.5mm deep and will hold about 21 drops of 60VG juice and 16 drops of max VG. This may seem like a lot but since this atomizer is designed for low resistance builds using exotic wire, it is pretty average.

Airflow and Controller

As stated previously, this atomizer has both bottom and side airflow. The airflow controller allows you to adjust the amount of side airflow, but you cannot adjust the bottom airflow. To me this isn’t a big deal, but the fact that the side airflow allows you to have only one side open seems pointless; why would you want to have a dual coil build where each coil has bottom airflow and only one coil has side airflow? That doesn’t seem to make any sense because one coil will experience more cooling than the other.

The draw is very smooth and even with the side airflow closed off it’s still an airy draw. It’s about as open as the Aeolus v2 Pro wide open. Opening up the side airflow will give you an insanely airy draw; airier than the Tugboat v3 wide open. This has the most potential airflow of any atomizer I have ever used.


Hatty RDA Airflow
Hatty RDA Airflow

Personally, I am not a fan of the look of this atomizer. It’s all subjective but I do not like the look of the ‘h’ style airflow or the hat shaped drip tip it comes with, it just makes it look cheesy. Fortunately, it comes with a standard drip tip adapter so you don’t have to use the hat shaped drip tip if you don’t want to. The ‘h’ style airflow serves no purpose outside of aesthetics. I’m not a big fan of logos on RDAs, but I would’ve preferred that over the ‘h’ styled airflow holes.


This atomizer is designed for exotic builds like fused claptons, alien coils, framed-staple coils and anything else along those lines. However, with using bare 24g nichrome-80 wire, the flavor and vapor production was quite good. I did notice that the fused claptons did bring out a bit more flavor, but it wasn’t a huge leap. I like how it performs really well with standard coils but also gives you the option to install just about anything you’d like.

The flavor is pretty good with bottom airflow only; I’d put it right up there with the Kennedy 22 and the Sub-Zero RDA. Opening up the side airflow creates an extremely airy draw that wipes out just about all of the flavor but puts out very large clouds. By no means would I call this a flavor chasing RDA. With only the bottom airflow open, it puts out good flavor and good clouds but with side and bottom airflow open, it turns it into a full-on cloud chaser. The side airflow control allows you to dial in the size and density of your clouds. Overall, I was pretty impressed at how well this vapes for the price.



  • Great vapor production and good flavor
  • The tabs in the barrel make lining up the side airflow extremely simple


  • Fantastic machining for the price
  • Velocity-style two-post deck makes installing coils very easy
  • Huge post holes fit almost any wire
  • Deep juice well



  • The ‘h’ style airflow holes looks cheesy


  • No bottom airflow controller
  • Can leak a little if you’re not careful when dripping
  • Flimsy deck o-rings can be annoying
  • Can be leaky if you don’t paint your wick


The Hatty RDA is a fantastic RDA for beginners or for someone who is looking for a well made RDA at an affordable price. It’s more than worth the $35 asking price. The vapor production of The Hatty is fantastic, flavor is quite good, building is unbelievably easy, and the machining is awesome; making this RDA a no brainer for anyone who is interested. However, if you’re a flavor chaser or like a tighter draw, you may want to look elsewhere. If you’re a cloud chaser looking for a nice backup or just want something that performs well at a good price, this is the RDA for you.


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Kyle Formeck
My name is Kyle and I have been vaping for almost a year now. I started vaping to kick my 9 year smoking habit and got hooked on trying to get the best flavor out of my atomizers. I am a software developer living in upstate NY and in my free time I like to write shoegaze and dream pop music.
  • Jeremy

    My colleague did a great review here!

    Because I like this atty so much, we here at Vaping360 will give one away. I know not a lot of people read down into the comments section, so let this be your reward. I have one Hatty RDA unused to give away. Here are the rules:

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    • tgandolfe

      Dual Clapton on the hatty. And single twisted on the hannya. Delicious. Thanks

  • tgandolfe

    A little cruddy from using quickie juice (milk and chocolate) while I was at work I didn’t have my tools and 1 coil was burning faster than the other so SNIP with a pair of nail clippers and voila single coil build. It’s 25g twisted kanthal. That juice is the reason why I tried the dolphin (flawless tug tank) ceramic coils. VAPING360.COM is the reason I caved in and got the tfv4. I still come back to the review for the tfv4 to see the sweet spots for each coil. My favorite is the Clapton dual coil and next the quad coil. Thanks for the great reviews guys.
    Thanks again,

    • Jeremy


    • Jeremy

      Use the contact us form. I will try and catch you before I hit the hay, but if not, know that I will respond and get it out to you.


      • tgandolfe

        Thanks again