iJoy Goodger Sub Ohm Tank Review

We take a look at the iJoy Goodger sub ohm tank and how it stacks up to iJoy's other tank the Reaper Plus?

iJoy Goodger Tank
iJoy Goodger Tank

iJoy Goodger Intro

When the Chinese company iJoy initially announced its proprietary “Taste Control” technology in their Asolo 200 watt box mod last year (2015), which iJoy claimed was an innovative and unique system for temperature regulation that would work with any kind of wire — not just Nickel or Titanium, but also Kanthal, Nichrome, and Stainless Steel — the company was greeted with immediate reactions by posters on various vaping forum threads that were almost entirely negative, running the gamut from disbelief through sarcasm, all the way to outright excoriation and insults. Since the mod hadn’t been brought to market at the time of the announcement, this slamming continued for months, until the Asolo mod was actually released.

Then, as reviews appeared with test data, the incredulity of the vaping community began to give way, first cautiously (since the first release of the Taste Control technology wasn’t yet perfected or 100% bulletproof), and finally completely, as iJoy was largely exonerated. Holy Cow, their Taste Control technology actually did work, at least moderately well, with any kind of wire.

Since then, iJoy has been striving to improve its system, which involves a chip that “learns” the sweet spot chosen by each vaper. At the end of 2015, iJoy released a more compact version of the Asolo 200W mod — a single-18650 75-watt box called the Solo Mini. The Taste Control System in that mod was more accurate and effective than in the original release of the Asolo. In addition, the Solo Mini offered standard Temperature Control technology for nickel, titanium, or stainless steel coils. The Taste Control mode, however, works for any kind of wire, and I actually prefer it to Temp Control, in part because Taste Control “learns” the power level each vaper likes best. Cool.

iJoy Goodger Top Fill
iJoy Goodger Top Fill

Recently, iJoy announced their new flagship sub-ohm tank, called the Goodger (weird name, with uncertain pronunciation) that uses factory-built stainless steel coil heads employing a patented air flow system that transfers air from the top of the coil head down the sides and up through the bottom of the vertical coil. At the same time, iJoy also announced the all-in-one Goodger Starter Kit — an upgraded 80-watt Solo Mini mod (with their proprietary Taste Control technology) paired with a Goodger Sub-Ohm Tank.

The Goodger Tank is the subject of this review. Whew. Took awhile to get here, but now I can get on with the review. Since I’ve written a separate review of the iJoy Goodger Starter Kit, I’ll focus here only on the Goodger Tank itself. Read the Starter Kit Review (link) to get info about the Solo Mini 80W mod and the whole kit.


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iJoy Goodger Specs and Features

  • PEEK insulator
  • Convenient sliding and locking gasket for sealed top side filling
  • 4.5 ml e-liquid capacity
  • Anti-leak design
  • Dual top airflow control slots; infinitely adjustable
  • Delrin drip tip
  • High quality stainless steel and Pyrex glass construction
  • Two 316L SS coil heads: 0.4 ohm (40-60W), 0.6 ohm (20-40W)
  • Available in Black or stainless steel
  • Dimensions: 22.6mm width, 63.8mm height

Notable Remarks

Appearance and Features

iJoy Goodger Starter Kit
iJoy Goodger Starter Kit

In appearance, the Goodger resembles many sub-ohm clearomizer tanks. Size of the tank in diameter (22.6mm) and height (63.8mm) is about normal for a tank with the stated capacity to hold 4.5ml of e-liquid. I say “stated” because I found the actual capacity to be closer to 4ml, and only 3.5ml for refills (when the coil head was already well-saturated).

Two features distinguish the Goodger from competing sub-ohm clearo tanks:

One is the design of its top fill. Top filling has become standard among tanks, almost a necessity to compete in an increasingly crowded marketplace. The Goodger’s design uses top filling from the side of the top cap. A sleeve on the top cap slides up to reveal a open slot (oval-shaped, about 2ml by 6ml) for adding e-liquid. The slot is meant to let in e-liquid into the tank while allowing air to escape. Though convenient and easy to use, I felt that the slot should be wider, since it can become momentary blocked by too much e-liquid or bubbles. If you’re squeezing an e-liquid bottle when this happens, liquid stops entering the tank and spills down the outside. Not good. As long as care is taken to add e-liquid slowly, this won’t happen, but if it does, cursing will follow, along with mess to clean up.

The other distinguishing feature is invisible, innovative, and effective — iJoy’s patented “air flow structure technology.” The design of the coil heads and top air intake direct air from the top of the tank down the inner sides of the cylindrical head, then up through the open center of the coil. Brilliant.

Air intake is controlled from the top of the tank by a rotating ring that covers two wide 9.5mm air slots. Adjustment is infinite, from totally open to totally closed, and the ring has a nice grip while being easy to turn. Draw of the tank can be varied from wide-open to completely restricted. While not as airy as some tanks, I found the slight resistance in the wide-open position to be pleasant. Like all sub-ohm tanks, the design strongly favors direct-lung vaping rather than mouth-to-lung.

Coil Heads

iJoy Goodger 0.6 SS316L Coil
iJoy Goodger 0.6 SS316L Coil

Two coil heads are included with the tank. Each head houses a 316L stainless steel vertical coil surrounded by cotton wicking. The 0.6 ohm head is rated at 20-40 watts, while the 0.4 ohm coil handles 20-60 watts. Both heads use iJoy’s patented air flow design.

I found that both coils could exceed their rated wattage without difficulty. The Goodger tank doesn’t have adjustable e-liquid flow control, but both heads wicked beautifully, never getting close to a dry hit, even at wattages well above the rated maximum.

No RBA deck is currently available for the Goodger Tank, but I imagine that odds are good for iJoy offering one as time goes on, as well as a wider array of factory coil heads.


iJoy Goodger 0.4 and 0.6 SS316L Coils
iJoy Goodger 0.4 and 0.6 SS316L Coils

Performance of the Goodger Tank is on a par with other comparable sub-ohm clearo tanks. It’s not ground-breaking in either dimension, but the Goodger provides a tasty and full vaping experience, especially when used with iJoy’s proprietary Taste Control system, which is available on the Solo Mini 80W mod.

While vapor production is ample, I feel that the Goodger is more of flavor tank than a cloud machine.

My one gripe about the tank is that the coil heads tended to flood after refilling the tank. During first minute or so after a refill, the heads gurgled, and I tasted juice in my mouth. That corrected back to a normal vape after four or five draws.

In the Goodger package is a small card that reads: “TIPS FOR FILLING — To avoid leakage problem, please upside down the tank over 10 sec after ejuice (sic) filling.” More Chinglish. Obviously, iJoy is aware of a problem. Their remedy for “leaking” alleviated the flooding and temporary spitback.


  • Convenient and easy top fill
  • Anti-leak design
  • Good flavor and vapor production
  • Air flow system (infinitely adjustable)


  • Coil heads tend to flood momentarily after filling the tank
  • Top fill slot for e-liquid should be wider
  • RBA deck is not included (it’s a separate add-on purchase)


The Goodger is iJoy’s new flagship tank, supplanting the earlier Reaper and Reaper Plus. In its current form, with the two supplied heads, I’d place the Goodger in the middle of the pack. As an ongoing platform, iJoy may enhance its performance and desirability over time with new heads and an RBA deck.

For now, though, the Goodger is simply another nice tank in the increasingly crowded marketplace of sub-ohm clearomizer tanks and RTAs.


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Bill Herbst
My name is Bill. I’ve been a dedicated vaper for five and a half years, having ended a 35-year addiction to tobacco cold-turkey on my first day of vaping. I live on the Oregon coast, in the tiny town of Florence, one huge sand dune away from the Pacific Ocean.
  • Sweet review, Sir! I kind of want a Goodger, with the hope that iJoy releases a wide array of coils, similar to how it did for the Reaper line.

  • Bill Herbst

    As I vape the tanks I’ve recently reviewed on more of a day-to-day basis, I’m finding myself impressed by the top fill methods of the Goodger and the TF-RTA. They differ — the Goodger has the sleeve that pulls up to reveal a fill hole on the side of the top, while the TF-RTA has the swiveling top cap of the TFV4. I like both of them, however, in that they don’t require disassembly of the tank.

    Every other top fill method I’ve used unscrews the top cap or drip-tip, removing it from the tank. Then you fill the tank and screw back on the top cap or drip-tip assembly. That’s workable, of course, but not as easy or elegant as the Goodger or SMOK designs. Not a big deal, but enough of a difference for me to take note.

    • Blackg

      I definitely agree many topfill systems are just as complicated and difficult to use as their bottom fill counterparts. I recently bought a Hastur RTA that utilizes a similar topfill system to the Goodger and I must agree its such an improvement over other fill methods (as easy as dripping honestly). With the way so many of these newer tanks chug juice having an easier filling system is a must, with my original Herakles tank I’ll admit the want for a quicker and easier fill method was very strong indeed. very much enjoyed the review and will look into a goodger for myself.

      • Bill Herbst


        Yes. Most top-fill methods require removing the top cap or some part of it, effectively dismantling the tank into two pieces. While that’s an improvement on the old “remove the set screw in the bottom of the base, then fill through the tiny hole” method, it’s not really much better than bottom fills that unscrew the tank from the base.

        I much prefer the top fill methods that leave the tank in one piece and turn or pull up a ring to reveal a fill slot (such as the Goodger) or swivel the top cap without removing it (such as the SMOK TF series).

  • Bill Herbst

    Another update to my original review.

    Reviews are one thing, but the proof of the pudding for vape gear is in day-to-day use over time. I’ve been using the iJoy Goodger tank (powered by iJoy’s Solo Mini Taste Control PV) for almost two weeks as part of my regular stable, and it’s winning me over.

    The Goodger is wonderfully simple to use. Many tanks with e-liquid flow control adjustment are a bit fiddly, in that it’s all too easy to inadvertently shut off the e-liquid flow to the coils. Not so with the Goodger tank. No adjustable flow control means no problems with it, and liquid flow to the coils is flawless. Having only a single air-intake slot (on top) is also a plus, meaning one less variable to mess with. Last but not least, the tendency of the top side fill system to form e-liquid bubbles that cause overflow was solved by blowing out the slot before re-filling, a very easy fix. Now that design wins my praise as the quickest, easiest, non-messy refill method of any tank I’ve used.

    I’m still using the 0.6 ohm SS vertical coil head at 65 watts. It’s rated to only 40W, but it handles the extra power easily.

    My only gripe is that the Taste Control system on the Solo Mini keeps asks me too often if the coil head is new or the same, but that’s not the fault of the tank.

    All in all, the Goodger Tank is earning two enthusiastic thumbs-up from me. Among sub-ohm clearo tanks, It won’t win the high-power cloud competition, but it’s a terrific flavor tank! I second Raymond in the hope that iJoy will release an array of coil head options, and perhaps an add-on RTA deck.

  • Davis Brown

    This is a simple nice little tank. I used it for a couple days n put it on my gf target. It works well and has nice flavor. I like the fill option on this one. It’s simple and easy. Letting the tank sit upside down for a few seconds after filling seems to take care of any flooding issues. But no unscrewing or taking apart anything to refill. Which is what she needs lol. It performs great. Tank is just too small for me. The fill hole needs to be bigger. And u have to take the tank apart to change coils. Not a big deal. Tank should b cleaned anyway. But if coil should go up after filling,you lose a tank of liquid. Overall I think it is a great starter tank or something to have for when you re on the go and looking for something smaller to have on hand.

  • Tim Berry

    I know I’m late to the game. I just got my Goodger (thanks vaping360). I had to crank the 0.6 ohm coil up to 45 watts before the flavor even started to kick in. It’s handling it well and I may continue to go up on the wattage. Overall the design is nice. The look is great and I’m going to use this on a daily basis right next to my Crowns and TFV4. I agree with the comments. I can’t wait for more coil options.

    • Bill Herbst

      I think Ijoy may have dropped the ball on increasing the variety of replacement heads for the Goodger. All I come up with in a Google search are the two basic stainless steel coil heads, the 0.4Ω and 0.6Ω. While those are very good, I’d still love to see how the tank performs with slightly more exotic coils.

  • Bill Herbst

    Because I’m the “tank guy” reviewer on Vaping360, I have a large and ever-increasing stock of RTAs and sub-ohm clearomizer tanks to compare.

    After nearly three months of intermittent day-to-day use, the Ijoy Goodger tank has won me over. I really like it. For a clearo tank, the coil heads produce extraordinarily good flavor at moderate power, and they’re very long-lasting. The tank is dependable and non-fussy. I continue to love the top fill system.

    All in all, the Goodger is a wonderful tank.