Infinite inone (pod mod) review | An unique MTL device

The Infinite inone is an open-system pod mod aimed at making MTL vaping easy, convenient, flavorful, and capable of producing a good deal of vapor.


Infinite inone intro

Infinitecigs just released the inone (as in all-in-one), which is an open system, variable wattage pod mod priced in the $40 range.

The inone is a unique looking pod mod designed for mouth-to-lung vapers that want more of their pod system. Built on an all-in-one platform that uses an open system (2 mL) for refilling, a variable wattage range of 5-25 watts (with an OLED screen), the Infinte inone sure looks good on paper. And with 1,500 mAh built-in battery, it would appear that you won’t need to be as concerned about an external power source (like with other pod vapes).

As always, the proof will be in the performance (not the specs), and how it holds up in real-world vaping. So let’s get into the review and take a closer look at the Infinite inone. This one has me intrigued.

Infinite inone Gallery

inone Specs and Features

Kit Content

  • 1 x inone Device
  • 2 x inone coil head
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x USER manual


  • Pod mod
  • Refillable
  • 2 mL e-juice capacity
  • 1500 mAh built-in battery
  • Mouth-to-lung draw
  • 5-25 watts adjustable output
  • Changeable pod and coil head
  • Battery level indicator on OLED screen
  • Plus/minus button lock
  • Pass-thru (via USB port on bottom of mod)

Notable Remarks

Design of the inone body


When I got the Infinite inone pod mod and opened up the package, I was shocked at how much the inone looked almost exactly like the G Pen Elite dry herb vaporizer… which looks a lot like a futuristic mustache trimmer. I don’t know the connection between the inone and the G Pen Elite, but it’s blatant that the shapes and the body design is the same.

This design is very ergonomic, and because it is also lightweight (being a plastic construction), it is very comfortable and easy to hold. With three mixed finishes on each inone (black matte, black gloss, and a black rubberized finish) I think it looks slick.

It’s cliche to say it feels good in the hand, but it does. The interplay between the finishes not only looks fly, but they each feel perfect (grip where grip feels best, smooth where smooth feels best, etc.). And while it’s not quite a stealth device, the inone can be mostly concealed in average-sized hands.

How to use the inone (for the beginner)

  1. Take out the inone and pod from the package — you will not need the extra coil. One is in the pod already.
  2. Pop off the mouthpiece of the mod by using your nail (there is a little cut-out at the base of the mouthpiece in the front, be careful or it will go flying).
  3. Grab your favorite e-juice. The ratio best for the inone pods is 50/50 (but 70 VG – 70 PG works too).
  4. You can fill the pod either by top fill or side.
  5. Side fill (recommended!): make sure the rubber stopper is flush when closing up the pod (so it doesn’t open up when inserting into the mod).
  6. Top fill (not recommended): pluck out the top rubber stopper and fill leaving no less than 4 mm from the top. Too much and you will get leaking and gurgling (and there is no max-fill mark, likely because this isn’t really supposed to be how you fill it).
  7. Also, if filling from the top and you leave the pod in the mod, do it very quickly or it will leak out of the bottom inside the mod.
  8. Put the mouthpiece back on and wait a few minutes to let the wick saturate.
  9. Click the fire button 5x to turn on. Adjust voltage up or down to taste (by the two side buttons).
  10. To take a pod out of the mod, pop off the mouthpiece, and pull out the pod by pinching the exposed portion of the chimney, and pull up. It’s a bit of an archaic way (in my opinion) to access the pod, but it’s no biggie.

To change out a pod’s coil/chimney, pluck out the top stopper. Unscrew the exposed portion of the chimney. Use a flat-head screwdriver (even a normal-size flat-head will work). But changing the coil head is not a daily task. Maybe once every three weeks or so, depending on usage.

inone pods


Infinite’s empty pods for the inone hold 2 mL of juice and are able to be refilled (without a hack!). They come with two resistances for replaceable coil/chimneys: a 1.6-ohm and a 2.0-ohm coil. The 1.6-ohm coils I push up to 22 watts, and the 2.0-ohm coils can go as high as 15 watts before it gets a little too toasty. I prefer to keep both coils below 14 watts, though.

I haven’t had the inone long enough to speak on the longevity of the coils, but I have gone through at least 15 mL (each) with three coils and it shows no signs of diminished performance.

All the pods are is a refillable, plastic tank with disposable chimney/coil housings. The pod (tank) is not what is disposable per se, though I am sure you will be able to get more. It’s coil/chimney that you replace (and I don’t know yet about pricing of replaceable coils).

I am not a fan of the pod’s refilling sections or even the way you have to pull out the pod. It just doesn’t seem like a lot of thought went into that aspect. But, it works fine as is. No complaints with functionality, just that the refilling lacks finesse in the design.

I recommend using the side-fill to load the pod. But, it only works optimally if you have unicorn bottles, a syringe or some other fine tip. Even using a glass dropper (that can’t be inserted deeply into the pod) causes liquid to pull around the hole that causes the outside of the pod to get wet. And the rubber stopper itself will just be a little wet when you pop it out. My fingers consistently get some liquid on them when I go to refill, but the pod itself (as long as I fill it properly) has not leaked.

Draw of the inone


The inone is billed as an MTL draw, and it is, but I didn’t expect such an easy draw! There’s got about the same amount of air as the Nautilus Mini in its most open setting, but the flow of air from the inone Pod Mod is much smoother and free-flowing.

The downward slanted mouthpiece may seem odd in the beginning, but it is designed very well for this type of draw. But my first rip of the inone was far too much. I use 24 mg/mL or higher in MTL devices (from the MyJet all the way to the Nautilus Mini), but in the inone that nic level was way too high for me! And the throat hit in this thing is intense. I am now using mine with a juice made at 3 mg, and then I add in some unflavored high-nic to bring it up a few milligrams. I am probably vaping mine with about 9-12 mg/mL.

The inone variable wattage


The Infinite inone is a pod vape more along the lines of a Mistic Pod Mod 2.0, or even a XOLO, much more than the likes of a JUUL, Cync or MyJet.

Being able to easily adjust the wattage of the inone system (by just pressing the up and down buttons) makes this unlike any other pod system out there, even in comparison to the other pod systems that have more power than your typical cigalike.

Performance: flavor and vapor of the inone

For all the things the inone has going for it or against it, the performance is what won me over.

I can use the inone at virtually any wattage within the coil’s range, and I am all good. Furthermore, if I want more heat and more vapor, I turn it up; If I want less, I turn it down. You could probably use it as a stealth vape, as long as you don’t draw too long. If you do, it won’t be a stealth device as much as it will be a conversation starter.

The pods don’t guzzle juice, but they perform at a higher level for vapor, so you should expect to have to refill at least once a day if you use it a lot.

But no matter how much vapor it produces, the inone has got flavor too! It’s not like dripping with my preferred RDAs, but it’s a very nice flavor that seems to not stop. And it stands up well to chain vaping. I have tried to get a bad hit, and the only way I have gotten close to a hit that was unsatisfactory was to turn up the wattage beyond the coil’s capability.

In general, the inone performs very well. I prefer the 2.0-ohm coil at about 13 watts. But the 1.6-ohm coil works well too, it just can give more clouds and maybe a touch less flavor. I think the edge goes to the 2.0-ohm coils for flavor (though it’s likely splitting hairs). Yeah, I can’t really tell which one I like the most. It’s a wash. Either one suits me fine.


  • Super-slick look for an e-cig
  • unobtrusive OLED lights as you vape
  • Feels great in the hand
  • Very comfortable mouthpiece
  • Great MTL draw that is not too tight or too lose
  • Refillable
  • Liquid window is pretty accurate at showing the remainder of juice
  • Clicky button
  • Variable wattage
  • Able to be used as a pass-thru
  • Great throat hit
  • Good and consitent flavor
  • Substantial vapor for high-ohm MTL coils


  • Clumsy refill system (can be messy)
  • Screen doesn’t fare well in birght lights
  • No adjustable airflow
  • Screwdriver to change coil/chimney



I have been on a search to find an AIO MTL device that would consistently satisfy me. Just going off of my brief time with these devices (a little over a week), I have been very satisfied. I have been through a least 15 mL on each coil and they’re all just as good, if not better, than when I first opened them.

Since I got it, the inone has been my go-to device. I keep saying to myself, “Damn! I love this thing.” After this review, I will continue using it as much as I have been.

I can look past the clumsy refill methods because I dig the vape (and the body design) so much. I only hope that it doesn’t disappoint me like so many of the other pod vapes ended up doing.

Assuming the performance stays the same…


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