J.Mark Designs Rogue USA Mechanical Mods Interview

J.Mark Designs owner Mark DeYoung talks about his Rogue USA mechanical mods, which were designed with performance and safety in mind.


J Marks the Spot

J.Mark Designs owner Mark DeYoung has extensive experience designing jewelry. His craftsmanship shines in the Rogue USA line of mechanical mods. Whether you choose a naked finish or ornate engravings, Rogue USA mechs are beautiful. On top of that, they’re excellent performers with a number of unique safety features. At SoCal Vape Convention, J.Mark told me about his current lineup and what makes his mods stand out.

Rogue USA: Beauty and Safety

Rogue USA Mechanical Mods
Rogue USA Mechanical Mods

Rogue USA mods are made from high-quality metals that are sourced in America. The choices are 7075¬†aluminum, naval brass, and tellurium copper. The mod and its packaging are proudly American made. As J.Mark said in the interview, “I never smoked a Chinese cigarette. Why would I ever want to vape a Chinese mod?”

While the standard editions of Rogue USA mods are beautifully understated, J.Mark has some limited editions that are laser engraved. He was quick to point out that he uses fiber-optic lasers instead of CO2 lasers. This allows for deeper and more detailed artwork on the mods.

There are two features that make Rogue USA mods safer than most competing mechs. First, the vent holes are towards the top of the tube. J.Mark explained that since the positive end of the battery points to the top of the mod, it makes more sense to have the vent holes at the top in case of catastrophic discharge. You’ll have to check the video for the complete technical explanation, because as soon as he said “catastrophic discharge” in the interview, I zoned out and started thinking about why my ex-girlfriend Amy broke up with me. (I’m told that catastrophic discharge happens to every guy.)

The second safety feature found in all Rogue USA mechs is the use of a polyfiber spring. This material was chosen because the mod’s switch conducts electricity above the button. The polyfiber doesn’t conduct heat or electricity, so vapers don’t have to worry about collapsing springs or hot buttons.

Gorgeous Performance

While mechanical mods aren’t as popular as they used to be, I’m still drawn to well-made mechs with fantastic performance. Rogue USA mods check those boxes and incorporate great safety features to boot. They’re certainly on the pricey side, but for vapers looking for a finely crafted mech that hits hard while providing a high degree of safety, Rogue USA mods should be strongly considered.

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