JAC Vapour S-22 Tank review | Flavorsome MTL tank for vapers on a budget

The new Series S-22 tank from JAC Vapour is designed to be the ideal draw for the mouth-to-lung vaper


JAC Vapour S-22 Tank Intro

Who cares about mouth-to-lung these days? Edinburgh-based JAC Vapour says they do. Late 2016 they released the Series-S vape pen, a nifty little device capable of both MTL and sub ohm vaping. Their new offering is a 22-millimeter tank which is primarily marketed to MTL vapers. The Series S-22 tank aims to be a simple, reliable device capable of both MTL vaping at 1 ohm and sub ohm vaping down to 0.5 ohm.

We received the Series S-22 tank from JAC Vapour for the purposes of this review.

JAC Vapour S-22 Tank Gallery

JAC Vapour S-22 Tank Specs and Features

Kit Content

  • Series S-22 tank


  • Height: 33mm
  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Stainless steel and glass
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Capacity: 2mL
  • Coil types: MTL 1 ohm
  • DL 1.0 ohm
  • DL 0.5 ohm
  • Connector type: 510
  • Removable stainless steel drip tip

Notable Remarks

Getting started


The S-22 tank features the same bottom-fill that we are used to from the S-17. On first appearances, the tank looks beefy, almost indestructible! In terms of size it’s on par with the 5 mL Nautilus tank, but due to the EU-wide TDP regulations, only offers a capacity of 2 mL. This felt to me like wasted real estate. To use this all day, I would have to refill multiple times. That’s not really JAC Vapour’s fault though. Because regulations.

However, the question I have to ask is, what is fundamentally the difference between the S-22 tank and its smaller cousin the S-17? They both use the same coils, and e-juice capacity is practically identical (1.8 mL in the S17). Same bottom fill, same adjustable airflow, and frustratingly, the same device-specific stainless steel drip tips. Why, JAC Vapour? Their website claims the drip tip is a standard 510, but nothing else fits snugly into the tank. At least offer vapers a delrin alternative!

How it performs


I paired up the S-22 tank with the iStick Pico and ran the 1.0-ohm MTL coil from 10 up to 27 watts with three different e-liquids. Although there was no information online about recommended wattage ranges for the Series S coils, JAC Vapour’s online support was kind enough to provide me with some info:

  • 1.0-ohm MTL coils – work best at 10 – 15 watts
  • 1.0-ohm DL coils – work best at 20 – 27 watts
  • 0.5-ohm DL coils – work best at 30 – 40 watts

After priming, filling, and waiting 10 minutes, I fired up the iStick Pico with the S-22. At 10 watts, the first thing I notice is the draw. Even with the airflow wide open, the draw is very tight. Tighter than on the S-17. I’d say the draw is comparable to the smallest airflow on the Nautilus. I’m also not noticing any great difference adjusting the airflow. But maybe the coil needs more break-in time.

Upping the wattage to 15 produces different results. The vape opens up, flavor improves, and at this level it’s a pleasant, warm MTL vape. Personally, 17 watts was my sweet spot. The experience is comparable to the S-17. I also pushed the S-22 MTL up to 20 watts without any problems, although that will shorten the life of your coils. The airflow control didn’t really make much of a difference. Ultimately, your airflow will be as restricted as coils you’re using and the wattage you’re pushing.


  • A tank dedicated to MTL vapers
  • Possibility to switch up to direct-lung hits
  • Option of 3 different coils
  • Bottom refill is easy and straightforward
  • Good customer service and online support
  • Price point is excellent – only £14.99
  • Flavor!


  • Proprietary drip tip
  • no delrin
  • Bottom fill wastes space in the tank
  • Tiny slit window makes it difficult to judge how much e-liquid is left
  • Unscrewing is not always straightforward – airflow control gets in way of tank connection
  • Longevity of coils


The S-22 from JAC Vapour is a flavorsome tank for vapers on a budget. There are flaws, mostly to do with threading, that leave room for improvement. Aside from that, it’s a great MTL vape, especially between 15 – 20 watts. We really appreciate JAC Vapour’s attention to MTL vapers and look forward to further advances in this department.

Meyrick Payne
Meyrick is an in-house content creator and contributor for Vaping360. Originally hailing from Melbourne, Australia, his vaping journey has taken him from Germany to Northern Ireland and Australia and back again. He is convinced that vaping is not only a healthier alternative to smoking, but also a great experience in and of itself. A passionate writer and artist, when he’s not unboxing and reviewing the latest devices, he’s probably collecting vinyl or shooting pics with his Spotmatic F.