Joyetech ProCore Remix preview

The ProCore Remix is an ambitious new three-in-one atomizer from Joyetech

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Joyetech ProCore Remix Intro: Flip it and reverse it

The Joyetech ProCore Remix is a versatile 3-in-1 atomizer. It’s usable as an RDA, RTA, and sub ohm tank. An RDA from Joyetech? Yep! It also has tank options of 4.5 mL or 2 mL capacity with the prebuilt coils (4.5 mL capacity for RTA version). It’s compatible with the normal ProC series coil heads which have 5 options that range in wattage and type of draw (mouth-to-lung and direct-lung). It’s currently on pre-order at Heavengifts for $49.90.

Joyetech ProCore Remix Specs and features

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  • 1x ProCore Remix atomizer
  • 1x Extended vent pipe
  • 1x 2 mL glass tube
  • 1x RTA chamber
  • 1x RDA chamber
  • 1x RDA sleeve
  • 1x RTA/RDA deck
  • 1x ProC1 (0.4 ohm) head
  • 1x Pure cotton
  • 2x Clapton coil
  • 1x Spare parts

Notable remarks

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The Joyetech ProCore Remix could be one of the most versatile atomizers out there. It functions as a standard sub ohm tank with use of the ProC coils which are used in other Joyetech atomizers. They feature enough coil options to cover MTL at 25-watt vaping all the way to 130-watt DTL vaping to fill a wide variety of vaping styles. The tank section comes in 2 mL and 4.5 mL capacity, presumably as a TPD version. It’s bottom airflow and features a top-fill design that locks into place when closed but can be slid back and popped up to expose the two large fill holes for easy filling (just like in their new Cubis 2).

Let’s talk about the build deck. Aside from the hex screws, the deck itself is the same style as the Wotofo Troll RTA where it’s similar to a velocity deck but the positive/negative posts are horizontal instead of vertical, and they are separated by an insulator. Hopefully the insulator is rated for higher temps because in the Troll it’s susceptible to melting when dry burning large builds. The deck on the ProCore Remix is primarily for dual coils, but it comes with a block to use with a single coil as well.

The ProCore Remix ranges from low-wattage MTL to high-wattage DTL vaping

For the RDA option, it features a glass cap. Which looks nice in pictures, but from experience as soon as you fire it once it’s going to look like condensation and juice splatter. The glass cap is one molded piece so no separate drip tip, but it should do well to dissipate heat. It’s a short cap with a conical design for flavor and the tip is wide bore

For the RTA option, This atomizer features a 4.5 mL capacity. It’s top fill just like in the sub ohm tank version and looks very similar to the Wotofo troll with the exception of the fill method. The deck is slightly raised off the bottom making it almost a GTA style where you will want to wick your cotton down onto the deck.

It’s interesting to see Joyetech go this route. This atomizer could wind up being a great three-in-one style kit, or it could be like the Itsuwa Rage or the Aspire Quadflex and not truly excel in any configuration. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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