Juul Vapor Review | A game changing vape?!

JUUL model

Juul Vapor Intro

Today we review the Juul e-cig, an innovative, extremely easy to use vaping starter kit. Juul Vapor is part of Pax Labs, the company who produces the beautiful Pax 2 and 3 Vaporizers.

The Juul is a very simple to use e-cigarette/pod vape that is aimed towards new vapers who want something that resembles a cigarette in terms of size and weight. It can also be used by more experienced vapers who are looking for a stealth vape, given the Juul’s minuscule size.

The Juul was sent to us free of charge by Juul Vapor for review.

The Juul is our is number one rated starter kit!

About the Juul

JUUL packaging

The Juul is barely 9cm long and 1.5cm in width. It’s basically the size of a long USB stick and weighs about the same! It terms or portability it’s ideal for putting in your pocket and taking around with you.

The Juul comes with 4 different flavor pods that are easily inserted into the device. You get 4 pods: Cool Mint, Fruit Medley, Creme Brulee and Virginia Tobacco. You also get a magnetic USB charging device and a 1 year warranty.

Each Juul pod flavor cartridge contains 0.7mL of juice with 5% nicotine by weight.

The total prize for the kit is $49.99.

Notable Remarks

How to Use the Juul

JUUL cartage

To start vaping on the Juul you insert one of the flavor pods until it clicks into place. Once the flavor pod is inserted you are ready to vape and can gently start drawing on the Juul, as you would on a normal cigarette. The Juul is very intuitive and you do not need to press any buttons to begin vaping. Simply inhale and it will produce vapor.

To check the battery life on your Juul, simply tap twice anywhere on the device. The light will now flash either green, yellow or red. Green means the battery level is high, yellow is medium and red indicates that you will soon need to re-charge your Juul.

To re-charge your Juul you will need to attach it to the provided magnetic USB charger and insert it into a USB port. It took us under an hour to fully re-charge the battery.

Vaping the Juul Pods

JUUL pods

The Juul pods hit extremely hard as they have a high nicotine level whilst also using a salt based nicotine. This is to mimic the throat hit you would experience whilst smoking. In that respect it does a stellar job and the Juul provides a great way to get that nic hit you would be used to from a cigarette.

The Juul pods contain about 0.7ml of e-juice which according to Juul is the equivalent to one pack of smokes. We were quite impressed by how long the pods lasted given they only contain 0.7ml. We found one pod will last you around a day of medium usage. The battery life doesn’t last as long as the pods do, so you might need to re-charge or carry an extra battery if you are a heavy user.

Juul Flavor Review

Fruit Medley

Flavor Description

“Peaches, grapes and berries with herbal notes.”

Our Thoughts

This one wasn’t one of our favorites and we could only really taste the grape flavor.

JUUL pod fruit

Cool Mint

Flavor Description

“Crisp peppermint and soothing aftertaste.”

Our Thoughts

The mint pod was not bad and provided a nice refreshing vape. It has become a fan favorite.

JUUL pod menthol

Virginia Tobacco

Flavor Description

“Rich unmistakable American Tobacco”

Our Thoughts

The Virginia Tobacco flavor was our least favorite of the bunch. This is a good flavor for those smokers wanting a flavor relatively similar to a cigarette, but those already vape might not enjoy this as much.

JUUL pod virginia tobacco

Creme Brulee

Flavor Description

“Vanilla cake, silky custard and crème brûlèe”.

Our Thoughts

This was our favourite flavor of the four and provided a nice sweet vape. The Brulee is a good option for those with a sweet-tooth.

Overall the Juul flavors were solid but we think they could be improved on. It could be due to the nicotine salts the Juul uses, which could impact flavor.

As of February 2017, Mango flavored pods are available.


Small, Light and Portable

The Juul is just 9cm long and weighs next to nothing. It makes it great for those looking for a tiny vape that they can carry around inconspicuously.

Massive Throat Hit

The Juul hits really hard given its high nicotine content and high PG ratio. Ex-Smokers who are looking for that same nicotine and throat hit, will enjoy the hit you get when vaping the Juul.

Simple to Use

The Juul is so simple to use and isn’t like other more complicated vape kits that will require you to replace your coils or fill tanks up with e-juice. The Juul is meant for those looking for a no-hassle pod vape and we can see it being very appealing to a lot of smokers and newbie vapers for this very reason.


JUUL in hand

Just like the Pax 3 the Juul looks very elegant. We think if it were slightly less “USB box shaped” and had more rounded edges it would look even better, but looks are subjective.

Quick Re-Charging Time

charging the JUUL

Our Juul took just under an hour to re-charge when plugged into our desktop pc. If you think battery life will be an issue I would recommend having a spare on hand.


Battery Life

Given the minute size of the Juul, the battery life isn’t comparable to larger devices. We recommend purchasing multiple Juul devices to keep as a back-up if you are heavy user.


The Juul is hands down the best beginner vape on the market. It wins the Vaping360 award for best beginner vape. Many experienced vapers are also purchasing Juuls as portable solutions when vaping on the go or at work. It hits extremely hard and makes vaping super simple. For those not wanting to worry about refilling tanks and replacing coils, the Juul is perfect. Since its inception into the market in 2016 there has been an emergence of copycat products. However, none of them has been able to re-produce the quality and experience the Juul offers. Since trying the Juul for the first time in 2016, we have been using it ever since. Juul do not rest on their laurels and the product has been improved over time. Leaking is no longer and issue and there are also more flavor pods being released onto the market!

Chris Kendell

Chris Kendell is the co-founder of Vaping360. He started the website with his brother and co-founder Alex in 2014, after Alex introduced him to vaping. Chris was immediately won over by the revolutionary and potentially lifesaving impacts that vaping can have on our society. In his minuscule spare time, you can find Chris travelling and exploring new places from his base in Germany, eating delicious food and enjoying a range of different sports.

  • JayQ330

    I tried one of my friend’s juul for a day, it had the yellow juice when he let me borrow it & as it says it’s perfect for beginner’s. I was looking to save money because $12.50 for a pack a day is just to much + cancer & taxes on top of the price… anyway the pull from juul felt just like a cigarette, it felt just like the cigarettes Im leaving for juul. The hardest I pulled the more it felt just like a cigarette. I have another one at home but I have to put the juice in& it’d make bubbly noises if pulled to hard. I’m deciding on juul or Bedford slim. Being from Williamsburg Bedford myself & seeing everyone smoking & remarking Bedford Slim’s as really good, I’ll try it before getting juul.

  • Michael Abrams

    Throat hit like a freight train, and stealth. No stink eye when I use it at work or on the go, unlike my sub ohm tanks. Miint is only flavor I like. Not a replacement for tanks or rebuildables, but provides the jolt and practicality to keep me on the right path.

    Will be interesting to see how the new pod systems play out in the us market, given the fda, and poor vaping qualities of earlier model cigalikes.

  • Attila

    The “Vaping360” coupon code doesn’t work on Juul vap. I’d like to buy one. Somebody now a coupon for that?

  • Victor

    I have own two of them for the last 5 months. They work great for awhile, know one is loose in its housing, the other one just stopped working. Both of them you have to move it around on its charging dock to get it to start charging. The charge doesn’t last every long and yes they do leak. They have a great Ideal, just poorly constructed device. After all of the negative items I have about this device, I love it. Hope they correct the issue with this device.