Kanger Aerotank Mini Review

Kanger Aerotank Mini
Kanger Aerotank Mini

Kanger Aerotank Mini Intro

In this article we take a look at the Aerotank Mini by Kanger. The Aerotank Mini is part of the Aerotank family by Kanger, which includes the Aerotank 2, Aerotank Mega and the Aerotank Mini. All three tanks feature adjustable airflow. The Aerotanks are a big improvement on the older very popular Kanger Protanks.


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Kanger Aerotank Mini Specs and Features

Kanger Aerotank Mini Kit Content
Kanger Aerotank Mini Kit Content
  • 1 x Kanger Aerotank Mini with Airflow Control (Glass tank, top cap, bottom cap and 510 base)
  • 1 x 510 Drip tip
  • 1 x Stainless Replacement Tube
  • 2 x Dual Coil Atomizer Heads (1.5ohm)
  • Improved Adjustable Airflow Control
  • Glass tank is replaceable
  • Glue Free: All parts are replaceable
  • Replaceable Dual Coil Atomizer Heads
  • Bottom Coil
  • Glass Tank and Stainless SteelTank
  • 5ml tank capacity
  • Ego Threaded
  • Dimensions: 2-1/8″L x 9/16″D (without drip tip)
  • Atomizers/coils available: 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.5 and 1.8ohm dual coils
  • Aerotank coils can also be used in the following Kanger tanks: Kanger Aerotank Mega, Aerotank, Protank 3, Mini Protank 3, EVOD2, T3D, EVOD Glass, Aerotank v2, Aerotank Giant, Aerotank Turbo, Genitanks

Notable Remarks

Kanger Aerotank Mini vs the Kanger Mini Protank 3

The Protank Mini 3 is basically a slightly older and less advanced version of the Aerotank mini. They look very similar, but the two big differences are the airflow options and price. The Aerotank mini comes with adjustable airflow, which is a big improvement, as this allows you to set up the draw to the setting that suits you best. The Mini Protank 3 doesn’t have that airflow option, but is therefore around $10 cheaper than the Aerotank mini. I also think the flavor and vapor production is far superior on the Aerotank mini, making it a no brainer if deciding between the two.

If you can afford the extra $10 I would definitely 100% recommend going with the much improved Aerotank Mini. I would never use a Protank Mini again after using the Aerotank Mini!


Kanger Aerotank Mini
Kanger Aerotank Mini

The first thing you should note is that the Mini Aerotank is not 510 threaded, but instead is Ego threaded. This means it will fit on Ego batteries like the Vision spinner etc. To use the Aerotank Mini on a box mod you will need an ego adapter. Some box mods come with an ego adapter and if not, you will need to purchase one to use your Aerotank Mini. I think looks wise, the Mini is more suited to an ego battery. It looks really good on top of an ego battery, as you can see in the pic below.

Steel Outer Casing

Kanger Aerotank Mini Steel Cover
Kanger Aerotank Mini Steel Cover

The Kanger Aerotank Mini comes with an extra steel casing option. If you are prone to dropping things, this could be a good option. It is very easy to put on. Just remove the glass tank and replace it with the steel casing. Voila, now you have a virtually indestructible tank!

New Dual Coils

Kanger Dual Coil
Kanger Dual Coil

The Aerotank Mini features the new Kanger dual coils. These are a much improved version of the older Kanger coils. They feature a wider base and the wicking material is no longer visible. The coils come in a wide variety of different resistances. You can choose from 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.5 and 1.8ohm coils. The 1.5ohm coil that comes with kit has fantastic flavour and produces great amounts of vapor. Have a play around with some different resistance coils to find the perfect vape for you. I tried the 0.8ohm coil, which produced a warmer vape and less flavour than the normal 1.5ohm coil one. Note if you want to use the 0.8ohm coil you will need a device that is capable of firing below 1ohm (sub ohm vaping). Most egos will not be able to do this and you will probably need a mini box mod.

One coil lasted us around 1 and a half to 2 weeks, of on and off daily use, which isn’t bad at all around 4V.

The wicking on the coil is pretty impressive and can even vape a 70% VG e-liquid if you want. It does however perform better with slightly lower VG e-liquids, as it will wick quicker.

Flavour and Vapor Production


Kanger Aerotank Mini on the iStick Mini (10W)

The flavour on the Aerotank Mini is fantastic. It is much better than the older protanks and compares with the K1 and Nautilus mini from Aspire (some will argue the bvc coils from Aspire are better, but there isn’t much in it in my opinion).

Vapour production because of the airflow will vary depending what setting you have it on. On the widest setting the vapor production is really good. It’s actually very similar to the Aerotank V2 (bigger version) and the Aerotank Mega! The vapor is slightly warmer (not uncomfortably so)than the larger Aerotank and Aerotank Mega, but this depends what voltage you run it at.

The airflow system works great, but the one thing I would say, is that if you like to direct lung inhale you will find the draw a little tight, even on the widest airflow setting. For mouth inhales the Aerotank is perfect. A mouth inhale, for those who aren’t sure, is what you would do on a normal cigarette, so this type of draw mimics that feeling. A lung inhale requires more airflow and you inhale directly into your lungs as opposed to first inhaling into your mouth.

Ease of Use

The Aerotank Mini is very easy to use and can be taken apart with ease. Filling the tank is very straight forward and there is a decent amount of space to pour the e-liquid into the tank. The tank can be cleaned out and disassembled extremely easily.


I can’t really find many negatives with the Aerotank Mini. The only thing that might bother some people is that the tank capacity is only 1.5ml. If you vape a lot, you might need to fill your tank up once or twice a day, as it gets through the e-juice quite quickly. However you therefore get a very small tank that fits nicely on ego batteries, making it very portable and easy to take out.


This tank is a very good high quality performer and perfect for putting on an ego battery or mini box mod. This tank will be suited to those who want something small that will fit on their ego batteries. Despite its size the Aerotank Mini performs very well and just as well as the larger Aerotanks (great flavor and vapor production for such a tiny tank). The only difference between this tank and the other Aerotanks is its size, making it a more portable option. It’s a perfect tank for beginners and for those looking for a portable high performance tank that is great for mouth inhales. This isn’t a tank for those who want to lung inhale.Overall the Aerotank Mini is a fantastic little vape tank, which has become our go-to tank for taking out and about with us. We use it on a nice variable voltage ego battery and it looks great!

TIP 1: Don’t screw the glass in too much when putting in back in. If you screw it in too much you will end up breaking the pyrex glass!

TIP 2: For best flavor and vapor we like to use the Aerotank Mini around 4-4.6V depending on the device we use.


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*Some discounts are dependent on your geographical location.
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