Kanger Subtank Mini vs the Aspire Atlantis

Kanger Subtank Mini vs. Aspire Atlantis
Kanger Subtank Mini vs. Aspire Atlantis

Kanger Subtank Mini vs Aspire Atlantis Intro

In this article we take a look at the Kanger Subtank Mini vs the Aspire Atlantis and the key differences between the two tanks. We previously compared the larger Kanger Subtank to the Aspire Atlantis, but it wasn’t really a fair comparison, as the Subtank was a lot larger. The new Subtank Mini is similar in size and weight to the Atlantis, so it makes for a much more interesting head to head and comparison.


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Subtank Mini and Atlantis Specs

Aspire Atlantis Disassembled
Aspire Atlantis Disassembled
  • 1 x Atlantis Tank
  • 1 x Replacement Glass Tube
  • 1 x Replacement Atomizer – 0.5ohm
Kanger Subtank Mini Kit Content
Kanger Subtank Mini Kit Content
  • 1 x Subtank Mini
  • 1 x OCC Sub Ohm 0.5
  • 1 x OCC 1.2ohm
  • 4 x RBA Coil (Japanese Organic Cotton)
  • 1 x RBA Base
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 2 x Screws
  • 1 x Manual

Notable Remarks

About the Kanger Subtank Mini

Kanger Subtank Mini
Kanger Subtank Mini

The Kanger Subtank mini is the middle sized subtank of the Kanger Subtank family. It was released alongside the Kanger Nano, a couple of months after the original larger Subtank was launched. It has a 4.5ml e-liquid capacity and features an RBA, and two OCC coils (1.2ohm & 0.5ohm).

About the Aspire Atlantis

Aspire Atlantis
Aspire Atlantis

The Aspire Atlantis was the first sub ohm tank to be launched onto the market and has completely revolutionised the glassomizer/clearomizer market. It features a 0.5ohm vertical coil and a 2.5ml tank. Aspire have since launched a 5ml tank extension and there is also a 7.5ml extension available (albeit not by Aspire themselves).


The Atlantis costs around $20 and you don’t exactly get that much apart from a replacement glass and coil.

The Subtank Mini costs around $26 and it does cost around $5-7 more than the Atlantis, but as you can see it comes with so much more. You get two OCC coils (1x 0.5ohm & 1 x 1.2ohm) and an RBA, alongside all the gear you need to rebuild the RBA. If you are interested in using the RBA or think you might want to have a go in the future, then the Subtank Mini is definitely worth spending the extra $5-7 on.

Wattage Sweet Spots

So the Kanger produces a slightly warmer vape than the Atlantis. It isn’t uncomfortable at all, but noticeably warmer than the Atlantis. My sweet spot on the 0.5ohm coils on the Kanger subtank mini is around 20-25W. Anything higher and it starts getting a bit warm for my liking. The Atlantis sweetspot for me was slightly higher at around 25-30W. This is just my personal preference and some will want to use both at slightly higher or lower wattages. Both devices are ideally suited to being used with any 30W mini box you may have. If you want to go higher on the Atlantis a 50W mod will be a better choice.

Vapor Production: Atlantis


Vapor Production: Subtank Mini


I think the Aspire Atlantis edges this one, but only just. As you can see both produced ridiculous amounts of vapor! The vapor from the Subtank was slightly warmer than that of the Atlantis, but not enough for it to be uncomfortable in my opinion. Both airflow options are easy to use and allow for plenty of air to reach the coils. In my opinion the vertical coil build of the Atlantis, allows for more airflow and hence it produces slightly more vapor than the horizontal coil build of the Kanger Mini.

Flavor: Atlantis

The Atlantis uses a silica wicking material wrapped in cotton unlike the Kanger Mini which uses 100% Organic Japanese cotton. The Atlantis seem to last a bit longer, but have come under fire recently because of their safety and concerns that you could be inhaling loose silica particles (make of it what you will). Rumour has it, Aspire are launching newer coils that will be using 100% organic Japanese cotton. Despite this the flavor is very tasty and pronounced on the Atlantis and it wicks exceedingly well even with heavy VG e-liquids.

Flavor: Subtank Mini

The Subtank mini uses organic Japanese cotton for their OCC coils. The flavour is exquisite and I think it beats the Atlantis by a tiny margin.

Aesthetics: Atlantis

Aspire Atlantis
Aspire Atlantis

Aesthetics: Subtank Mini

Kanger Subtank Mini
Kanger Subtank Mini

Not much to choose between them on looks. This comes down to personal preference. Both tanks sit very well on any mini box mod or mech mod. Kanger are launching multi colored o-rings for the mini subtank, which I think will look really cool. This puts the Subtank mini ahead here in my opinion as otherwise there is nothing to choose between them.

Ease of Use

Both tanks are incredibly easy to use. The coils are easy to screw in and the tanks are easy to refill and clean. There is nothing to separate them on this front.

Tank Capacity

Kanger Subtank Mini vs. Aspire Atlantis
Kanger Subtank Mini vs. Aspire Atlantis

The Aspire Atlantis only has the 2.5ml tank (you can get a 5ml extension but will cost extra). The Kanger Subtank Mini has an amazing 4.5ml tank capacity on both the RBA and the OCC coils.


Kanger Subtank Mini Kit Content
Kanger Subtank Mini Kit Content

The Subtank wins this one hands down. It has the two different OCC coils as well as the RBA, which means every type of vaper is catered for. The Atlantis only has the 0.5ohm coils for sub ohm vaping. You can however rebuild the coils, but it isn’t the same as having a seperate dedicated RBA, as you have with the subtank mini. If you want versatility and different vaping options the subtank mini should be your choice.


In my opinion the Kanger Subtank Mini, comes out on top of this head to head. It’s greater versatility having those different vaping options, as well as the larger 4.5ml tank, means that it wins this battle hands down.

In most cases I would go for the Kanger Subtank Mini over the Aspire Atlantis, but some people will feel differently to me. The one time I would go with the Atlantis, is if price is a big issue for you and you don’t want to use an RBA. If this is the case and you want to use the 0.5ohm coils only and are short on money, I would recommend going for the Aspire Atlantis because it is cheaper. If you can afford it, spend the extra $5-7 and get the Kanger Subtank mini as you will get the extra coils and RBA alongside a host of accessories to help you rebuild your coils for the RBA.


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Chris Kendell
Chris Kendell is the co-founder of Vaping360. He started the website with his brother and co-founder Alex in 2014, after Alex introduced him to vaping. Chris was immediately won over by the revolutionary and potentially lifesaving impacts that vaping can have on our society. In his minuscule spare time, you can find Chris travelling and exploring new places from his base in Germany, eating delicious food and enjoying a range of different sports.
  • sandi reed

    When and where can u buy the colored ‘O’ rings for the Kanger Mini sub tank at?

    • Alex at TBEC Review

      Hi Sandi,
      They aren’t out yet. I’m not exactly sure when they will be released, but I think it should be soon. I’ve emailed Kanger to ask and will let you know what they respond!

      • Paul

        http://www.kangertechus.com/coils–accessories-and-parts.html has the colored o ring kits. look cool. I have a sub tank but don’t like it in RTA mode as it is to restrictive. Anyone know if the mini is any better in rta mode? in the sub tank you change out the center tube with a thinner one which seems to be the issue IMHO

        • Hi Paul, thanks for the link, those o-rings looks awesome! I might have to get myself some. What do you mean by restrictive? Do you mean air flow wise or juice wise?

    • Alex at TBEC Review

      Sandi Kanger got back to me and said they will start selling most likely after Chinese New Year (which is on the 19th of this month I think). Hope that helps.

  • Sir Fanta

    What wattage is needed to vape the subtank mini? I have an MVP2 does that have enough power to use these? Also, do these work with High VG juices? Sorry if they are stupid questions, I am still somewhat new to this.

    • There is no such thing as a stupid question, newbie questions are perfectly welcome. So the MVP2 runs at a max of 11 watts, and it cannot go under 1 ohm, so you sadly cannot use the RBA or the 0.5 OCC Coil, but you can use the 1.2 ohm OCC coil on it with no problems. I just checked it out on the MVP 3 running at 11 watts and it was fine! Yes all of the subtanks work very well with VG juices, thanks to the big juice holes. Hope I could help, and happy vaping!

  • abedabun dawn

    I am going to order a Kanger subtank mini. I noticed they offer coils. Should I go ahead and buy extra coils and if so, which ones do I get? the .5 OHM or the 1.2 OHM? This Mini will be used on an eleaf istick 50. I do not know the difference. Thank you.

    • Hi Abedabun. Maybe try out the two different coils that come with the kit first before you buy five of one type. Both the 0.5ohm and 1.2ohm will work nicely with the iStick 50W. The 0.5ohm coil, being a sub ohm coil, will produce more vapor and have a bit more flavor than the 1.2ohm one. The 0.5ohm coil will be able to fire at a higher wattage than the 1.2ohm and therefore will also produce slightly warmer vapor. It’s personal preference as to what you prefer, so I would recommend trying both coils first and then purchasing some replacement coils after. I hope that helps and enjoy your Subtank and iStick (a great combo)!

      • abedabun dawn

        That was a lightening fast response!!! Thank you! One more question. Is it this coil that can be rebuilt?

        • So the mini comes with the 0.5ohm and 1.2ohm coils, as well as the RBA deck. The RBA comes with a pre-built coil already installed. The RBA is meant for rebuilding and there are plenty of videos on Youtube showing different builds. You can also rebuild, the 0.5ohm and 1.2ohm coils, but it wont be anywhere near as easy as rebuilding RBA deck (Vid on rebuilding the 0.5ohm coil: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6w2p09Iu11U). I have attached a pic showing the difference between the 1.2ohm coil and the RBA.

          • abedabun dawn

            That is just what I needed!!!! Thank you so much!!! I appreciate all your help!

          • No worries at all, glad we could help! Enjoy your vape.

          • abedabun dawn

            Woohooo! I ordered my Kanger subtank mini and went ahead and ordered the .5’s. I figure if I dont like them, I can always gift them to someone and order the other ones. I really do appreciate your help.

          • I am sure you’ll enjoy them. Enjoy the Subtank!

  • Nick Jennings

    Very nice head to head. Being an Aspire lover here myself I would normally disagree with some things but not this. I started vaping just over 4 months ago, quit smoking after 16 years! Anyhow this is what I had:
    Kanger 650mah EVOD 1 battery and tank- starter
    Kanger 650mah battery EVOD 2 series- additional battery
    Aspire Maxi- 2 tanks
    Aspire Vivi Nova mini
    Aspire Nautilius
    Smoka X.2 mini
    Vision Spinner II 1650mah battery- Add on to Nautilius tank
    Kanger Protank2
    Kanger Protank 3 mini
    Then I realized………..not what I needed so:
    MVP 2.0 i30 kit
    MVP 2.0 spare battery
    This was good for a few weeks but then:
    MVP 20W
    Nautilius mini
    Now I was gettting what I needed! But wait, an upgrade to get what I wanted to try:
    iStick 50W
    Aspire Atlantis
    YES! Awesome clouds and flovor, very nice! Exactly what I wanted. But wait, one more thing:
    iStick 30W
    Nautilius mini
    Yes, this is what I did. I went to the Nautilius mini because the orginal big Nautilius had that burnt no good flavor. I know it was the coils but still, just didn’t sit well with me. Enter, Nautilius mini…….perfection. Now, all I run is:
    iStick 50W with Aspire Atlantis
    iStick 30W with Aspire Nautilius mini
    All others that I had are gone, sold. I wish that I would have found this setup from the start as I have spent alot of money to get where I am. Although going this route was a smatert option I do tell people that they should get a VV battery and a Nautilius mini do to it’s such a great combination to start vaping on.
    I don’t really want to try another kanger tank as they all have leaked on me except the EVOD 1 tank. I tried all the tricks to get my PT2 and PT3 mini to stop leaking and gurggling but none worked. I tried several PT2 and 3’s to no avail. Again, lots of money wasted.The Kanger Sub Tank mini on the other hand seems as though the issues kanger had in past tanks are gone. I just might be picking myself up a Kanger sub tank mini. Past repeated badexperience with kanger have lead me to this frustrating decision. Do I get one or don’t I get one?

    • Seems like you have been through the same journey most vapers go through! Honestly the two set ups you have now are pretty sweet. Personally both myself and my brother prefer the Kanger subtank mini over the Atlantis. Bigger tank, better flavor, 100% Japanese cotton, and a selection of different heads to choose from. I think any leaking issues have been sorted with newer o-rings (newer colors coming out soon I believe). Also having that RBA, even if you don’t intend to use it, might come in handy when you finally decide you want to try and make your own coils. The subtank is a slightly warmer vape in my opinion compared with the Atlantis, but if money isn’t an issue I would certainly give the subtank mini a go. I thinks its $29 with our coupon code from Mt Baker Vapor which is an awesome price considering what you get in the kit. Hope that helps and let us know what you decide on!

      • I can only say the same as Chris, I would definitely go for the Subtank mini, but in the end in comes down to personal opinion. I am not sure if it was just mine but I did not like the spit-back my Atlantis had. I mean I wanted flavour, but having actual liquid in my mouth was a bit too much. That is one of the main factors why I did not like my Aspire Atlantis. Not to mention the mystery ceramic material they used on the outer side of the cotton, I am staying at with 100% organic cotton on this one. Having an RBA deck is a huge perk in my opinion, especially if you just came from clearos and went on to subtanks, it’s there if you ever want to start building your own coils, although we have been finding it a bit hard to use.

      • Charles Graham

        My subtank kept leaking through the air intake

        • Boweevil

          I have been strictly a Kanger user for the last 3 years, however, I think the Subtank Mini is the worst investment I have made bar none! Even on the lowest wattage (Clouper Mini 30 watt) it spits, e-liquid into your mouth, the drip tip gets so hot you can’t vape and it leaks so badly I’m afraid to use it on the Clouper because the e-liquid was getting down through the contact screw and was constantly shorting.

          I tried both coils and then and then RBA. No change. Really disappointed for the €39 investment. I know they have updated o-rings, but I can’t get my hands on any in Ireland or the UK so far. They’re always out of stock.

          If I could do things over again I wouldn’t go near this thing. I notice on the sites with classifieds the Subtank is the overwhelming number one item for sale. This should tell you something!

      • Nick Jennings

        I bought the Ksub mini about 2 weeks ago and I love it! Hard to put it down. My Atlantis sees the drawer more than my mouth, lol! Still though….the Atlantis is a great tank and it’s my home tank, or nightly tank for just relaxing around the house. I acquired an RDA just yesterday…..Mutation X V2 and been loving it.

  • Charles Graham

    I preordered the subtank mini, it was amazing for the first 3 days, then I needed to change the coil. Then it was grest for another 3 days and it leaked. Changing the coil stopped the leak. Basically I’ve had it 1 month and used 8 coils. My mate had the Atlantis he’s changed his coil once and it hasn’t leaked once. We use the same liquids normally 50-50 or 60-40, we both use eleaf istick at around 22/23 watts. I’ve received my Atlantis today and have to say the flavour is much better! I held out when replacing my nautilus for the subtank mini because of the tank size but now you can get a 5ml tank for Atlantis I have to say it’s amazing.

    • Sorry to hear yours has been leaking Charles. Ours hasn’t had any issues so far, so I can’t complain. I have had a read around the forums and it looks like other people are also getting a leakage through the air vents. It seems either the o-rings are not tight enough or there isn’t enough cotton in the coils. Apparently this has helped many people fix the leak: http://www.myvaporstore.com/Kanger-Subtank-Leak-Troubleshooting-s/331.htm

      Thanks for the heads up on this! I will add a note about the leak on this article and the Subtank reviews, so people know about it. Definitely looks like something Kanger need to sort out.

  • vapor from thailand

    I’m not proficient for english. After reading for all comments. I have some doubt.
    I want to know about subtank and atlantis. Who is the best for vapor , flavor and not leaked
    I understand subtank has leak that right?

    • Some people have had issues with the subtank leaking through the air flow holes. We haven’t had this issue and I think the newer mini tanks have better o-rings which I think has helped solve this problem. The Subtank in my opinion has better flavor and the Atlantis has better vapor. The Subtank would be my pick of the two, as it comes with different types of coils (0.5 and 1.2ohm) and also comes with an RBA in case you want to rebuild your own coils. I hope that helps!

  • dan

    Hi can you tell me if the kanger subtank mini will work on a 30w eleaf with using 10-12 mg nicotine eliquid

    • Hey Dan, yes that is a fantastic combo. I am actually vaping on that
      exact setup right now! Coming to the 10-12mg e-liquid, that might be too
      harsh. Do not forget that allot of vapor is produced on the subtank
      mini, and therefor having 10-12mg on a subtank will be the equivalent of
      having 24mg on a standard clearomizer. We normally use 0.3mg to max
      0.6mg (for me too heavy but it is vapable). Hope I could help and vape
      on! 🙂

      • dan

        Thankyou, great help

      • Nick Jennings

        I use 6mg nicotine in my Atlantis and Ksub mini. Any higher and it’s really harsh.

      • zach

        I use various amounts of mg & mix of all four together; I have 12mg 9mg and two 6mg’s. I stay under 20w on my eleaf istick 30w with .5 ohm coils; works great & not harsh at all… BUT when you start vaping at 20-30 watts it’s way too strong and thick of a vapor to enjoy. I originally started at 25w until a buddy told me his same kanger subtank mini with .5 ohm coils is always under 20 watts and that the coils last forever. Back then I was swapping coils weekly due to flooding or shoving a q-tip down the driptip to dry up the inside tube which would ruin the coils. Now these .5 ohm coils are lasting weeks under 20 watts and I’m having no leakage/flooding issues!

  • Fakh

    hello alex.. may i ask you something, im subtank mini user.. how to prevent liquid from getting into my mouth

    • Hi Fakh, what wattage are you vaping the subtank mini on? Shouldn’t really have any spitback. If you lower the wattage a bit it should work out. If not you may have to put in a new coil. Vape on!

  • Declan

    Very stupid question but can I put the Kanger on a Kamry K1000 pipe?

    • Sara

      It has a 510 connection, so the tanks would fit. It does, however, use stacked 18350 batteries, so I’m reluctant to recommend sub-ohm atomizers. It is mechanical, no circuit protection, so you’d need to make sure to do your battery safety homework.

  • paradoxstorm

    I have 3 Atlantis tanks and 2 Subtank minis. I personally prefer the Atlantis. The reason being I tend to get a lot of dry hits on the Subtank (something that’s been an issue with every Kanger tank I’ve owned) and I get a lot of leakage (again, this seems to be a problem with all Kanger tanks). I have yet to have a dry hit on the Atlantis and the 0.5 ohm coils have a long life. The Atlantis isn’t without its faults though. The coils do tend to pop and spatter at times and it hurts. I’m not a big fan of the tank capacity either. If Kanger ever fixes their design issues it’ll be great.

    • Thanks for the comment. Yes the leakage seems to be a big issue on the Kanger Subtanks and I wish Kanger would sort that out. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the original Atlantis coils, but the new cotton ones are pretty impressive. We were really impressed with the Atlantis 2 and its new air flow, drip tip and coils and in my opinion better than the Subtanks. Another couple that are definitely worth checking out are the Herakles, Crown by Uwell and Freemax Starre. We were really impressed with these three as well as the Atlantis 2. Check out our reviews here:vaping360.com/best-vape-tank-clearomizer-and-glassomizer-reviews/

  • I got the Subtank Mini a week ago. My first day with it was miserable. The OCC tanks both produced extremely weak vapor and the flavor wasn’t there. Huge disappointment. I was ready to chuck the thing, but then decided to give the RBA a shot. Bingo! It made such a huge difference, I went from hate to love in one exhale. Great clouds, incredible flavor and I haven’t had a single leak or gurgle. I believe I may have been a victim of some bad OCC heads because those things were terrible. I may pick up some new ones and give it another go, but in the meantime, this tank is just perfect for my needs. I’d been using the Kayfun Monster, which I loved, but the Kanger Sub Mini is now my daily. Excellent review.

    • Hi Mark. Give the new Vertical OCC coils a go, as they are better in my opinion. Glad the RBA works well for you!