Kanger Subtank Nano Review

Kanger Subtank Nano
Kanger Subtank Nano

Kanger Subtank Nano Intro

In this article we take a look at the smallest tank in the Kangertech Subtank family. The Subtank Nano is just 18.5mm in diameter/width and holds 3ml of e-liquid making it the world’s smallest tank capable of sub ohm vaping.

The Subtank Nano comes with two OCC coils: a 0.5ohm and a 1.2ohm one. These are the same ones as with the other subtanks and they can be interchanged. The big difference with the Subtank Nano is that because of its tiny size, it doesn’t come with the RBA that features in the subtank mini and the larger subtank.


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Kanger Subtank Nano Specs and Features

Kanger Subtank Nano Kit Content
Kanger Subtank Nano Kit Content
  • 1 x Subtank Nano
  • 1 x OCC Sub Ohm 0.5/Range 15-30W
  • 1 x OCC 1.2/ Range 12-25W
  • 1 x Manual
  • Organic Cotton made in Japan
  • 510 Connection
  • Pyrex Glass
  • 3ml Capacity Tank
  • Durable Structure
  • Enhanced airflow system
  • Smaller and more compact design
  • 5mm width
  • Height w/o Drip Tip: 47mm
  • Height with Drip Tip: 60mm
  • 510 compatible. Should only be used with devices that can produce at least 25 watts of power

Notable Remarks


Kanger Subtank Nano and Aspire Atlantis
Kanger Subtank Nano and Aspire Atlantis

The first thing that strikes you with the Subtank Nano is its tiny size. It is a lot smaller in height and width compared with both the Subtank Mini and the Aspire Atlantis. The Subtank Nano will fit on most larger 510 batteries as well as on mini box mods. It looks a bit silly on a mech as the tank will be smaller in width than the battery. It is by far and away the smallest sub ohm tank on the market at this time, which makes it ideal for those who don’t want a 22mm device as is standard with the majority of sub ohm tanks.

Functionality and Performance


We were tremendously impressed with the performance of this tank with both the 1.2ohm and 0.5ohm coils. The 0.5ohm OOC coil obviously produces more vapor, but that is to expected from the sub ohm coil. The 1.2ohm OCC coil still produces great amounts vapor and is a great option for those who don’t have the right equipment for sub ohm vaping. Overall the vapor production and flavor on the 0.5ohm coil is right up there with the other Subtanks and in my opinion tops the flavor on the other sub ohm tanks.

The coils screw easily into the tank as they do on any of the other Subtanks. As mentioned above the Subtank Nano doesn’t come with the RBA as the Mini and normal one do. The Nano is purely for use with either the 1.2 or 0.5ohm OCC coils. The RBA will not fit into this tank, so don’t try and do so!

The Subtank Nano has a 3ml e-liquid capacity which is more than that of the Aspire Atlantis. It is also a lot smaller than the Atlantis in both height and width.

The airflow has been improved upon from the largest Subtank model. The airflow options give you a larger widest setting and also a setting for easier mouth to lung inhales, which you couldn’t do on the largest model. I would still like to see a slightly tighter setting on this tank for an even tighter mouth to lung inhale, as for me it is still slightly to airy.

Kit Accessories

Kanger Subtank Nano Kit Content
Kanger Subtank Nano Kit Content

The Subtank Nano comes with a lot less accessories compared with the other Subtanks. This is because it doesn’t feature the RBA, which means you won’t be needing the extra Japanese cotton and coils etc for rebuilding coils. The Subtank Nano is therefore a little cheaper than the Subtank Mini (roughly $6-7).

Why would you purchase the Kanger Subtank Nano over the other Kanger Subtanks?

Kanger Subtank Nano and Aspire Atlantis
Kanger Subtank Nano and Aspire Atlantis

I think the main reason you would buy the Subtank Nano is if you are looking for a small glassomizer style tank with awesome flavor that also has the capability of sub ohm vaping. If you are not fussed about using an RBA, then there is not much point spending the extra 6-7 dollars on the Subtank mini. The Subtank Nano comes with the normal 1.2ohm OCC coil which can be used on most 510 style batteries (recommended range 12-25W). This is great for people who don’t want to sub ohm vape who also want to enjoy the amazing flavor and vapor production that the Kanger Subtank Nano offers. Those who want to sub ohm can also use the 0.5ohm OCC coil.

If you want to vape your Subtank on your Mech mod, I wouldn’t recommend getting the Nano. The Nano will look a little silly on a mech, as it is less wide than most mech batteries (see pic above). The Subtank Nano does however look great on mini box mods, as you can see in the pic. A great combo would be something like the iStick 30W and the Nano.

If e-liquid capacity is a concern for you then I would opt for the Subtank Mini or larger Subtank.

Overall I think those who are looking for a smaller tank and aren’t interested in using the RBA, will be very happy using the Nano. Also those less experienced vapers will be able to use the 1.2ohm coil on the Subtank Nano on their 510 style batteries like the Vision Spinner or eleaf 20W (ideal range is 12-25W).

Updates and important tips after vaping on the Nano for a couple of weeks now

Kanger Subtank Nano Handcheck with the VOX
Kanger Subtank Nano Handcheck with the VOX
  • The wattage sweet spot for us seems to be around 12-15W. Anything higher than 20W led to the Nano getting very hot and the odd burnt hit. I don’t think it can handle the higher wattages, so recommend using it at 12-15W.
  • The vapor production is on the warmer side, so if you don’t like warm vapes the nano probably isn’t for you. Vaping it with the airflow wide open keeps the vape cooler, but when closing the airflow to mouth to lung inhale the vapor gets quite a bit warmer.
  • For people who are using the subtank for the first time please note, because it produces so much vapor, you will get through a lot more e-juice than you usually would on normal tanks (Nautilus, Aerotank etc.). Please make sure to therefore use an e-juice with less nicotine then your current juice. We use 0.3mg e-liquid with the Nano as that is enough for us. For a premium e-liquid that tastes awesome check out the Vaporfi Artisan e-liquids.


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*Some discounts are dependent on your geographical location.
Chris Kendell
Chris Kendell is the co-founder of Vaping360. He started the website with his brother and co-founder Alex in 2014, after Alex introduced him to vaping. Chris was immediately won over by the revolutionary and potentially lifesaving impacts that vaping can have on our society. In his minuscule spare time, you can find Chris travelling and exploring new places from his base in Germany, eating delicious food and enjoying a range of different sports.
  • tim

    Been using the .5 ohm coil on my itaste 30w and anytime I use it over 20w it taste burnt after the first hit. What am i doing wrong?

    • Alex at TBEC Review

      Hi Tim. Are you letting the new coil soak in e-juice for a minute or two before vaping it? I would also drip some e-juice directly onto the cotton through the head of the coil before you put it in the tank – this helps it soak in quickly. If not you might get a burnt hit from the coil.

  • tim

    Yes coil was primed. I think my juice vg is too low. Also seems like ifi blow the first hit thru, i don’t get the burnt taste.

    • Alex at TBEC Review

      The VG ratio being too low shouldn’t really have an effect I don’t think. I’d blow through it a few times and then let it prime. If it is still having issues try another coil and if its still the same, perhaps the coils are faulty, in which case I would contact Kanger or the shop you bought it from directly.

      Hope it works for you! Let me know how it goes.

  • Ryan

    I’ve been using the eleaf istick 20w want to start using the kanger sub tank nano, want to make sure that this will be gd enough for the eleaf ?

    • tim

      I keep getting burnt taste no matter start juice or watt in vaping at. But only about every third or forth hit. Probably go back to my atlantis

      • Alex at TBEC Review

        Tim, give it a go at 15W and see if that works alright. We got one or two burnt hits when we used it over 20W. Even though it says it can go over 20W, I would recommend using at 15W. Apologies I should have memtioned this in my earlier comment, but for some reason I was thinking of the “subtank mini” opposed to the Nano. Let me know how it goes at 12-15W.

        • Tim Sean Halcomb

          Works good at that wattage if I’m using the 1.5 ohm coil

    • Alex at TBEC Review

      Hey Ryan,

      If you would like to go sub-ohm and use the 0.5 coil, you would need to get the newer version of the iStick (30W). But, you can use the 1.5 ohm coil on the iStick 20W. I totally forgot that they did not upgrade the 20Wversion of the iStick. Instead they brought out the newer 30 watt version that can go under 1.0 ohms. Sorry about that!

      • tim

        Are you using the 1.5ohm or the. 5 ohm coil in that nano?

        • Alex at TBEC Review

          Hi Tim,

          We use the 0.5 coil in the Vine and we are currently vaping on the 0.5. we did use the 1.5 at the start, but we wanted a tad more vapor so we like to use the 0.5 coil. Vape on! A

          • tim

            I was also using the.5 but kept getting burnt his every third or fourth time. Switch to 1.5 and now is doing the same thing

      • FYI my brother got mixed up, the non sub ohm coil is a 1.2ohm one not 1.5ohm!

  • Ryan

    That’s good then yes have the new one brought it couple weeks ago what coil do u suggest be best to put in ?

  • Ryan

    Thats fine yeah I wish I brought the 30 watt one instead but the 20 watt for be still does a good vape. So the 1.5 ohm would be the one for the 20 watt

    • Alex at TBEC Review

      Yes the 1.5ohm occ coil will work on the 20W version, but not the 0.5ohm and RBA. Its a shame the 20W isn’t capable of going below 1ohm but that is why they quickly launched the 30W which is capable of doing so. The 20W version is still really great and the 1.5ohm coil will work well, you just wont get as much vapor as you would with the 0.5ohm coil or rba, but it should still be very decent! Enjoy!

  • Ryan

    Just another question I’m already using the atlas mini by jwell on my eleaf I stick would I get a better vape on the nano than the atlas ?

    • Tim Sean Halcomb

      I prefer my atlantis. But that’s me

    • I have never used the Atlas Mini, but the subtank is one of the best sub-ohm tanks on the market. They are two totally different types of tanks. The vapor production should be significantly more than on the Atlas Mini. The subtank has a much larger coil than the atlas therefor it can produce much more vapour and the taste is more pronounced. The subtank nano is currently on offer on No.1 E-Juice (see link in text above). Vape on!

  • Ryan

    With the kanger sub tank nano is it right when about to vaper it making a loud hissy noise which makes it a very strong vape ?

    • Hi Ryan, what do you mean by strong vape? The loud hissing noise comes from the coil that is being heated up. On the subtanks the hissing noise can be louder than on normal tanks due to the coil/wick size. What wattage/voltage are you vaping it at and what coil are you using? Vape on! A

      • Ryan

        That’s ok then about the noise of it thought I done something wrong lol
        With the strong vape I mean before on the atlas mini I could do a drag about 5 to 6 seconds and with nano it take 3 seconds before it gets little hot and a full vape I’m using the 1.2 ohms did have it at 15 watts gone down to 10 watts

        • Ryan, yea the nano is a bit loud. Do remember that if you use high nicotine liquids, it is going to be very intense compared to standard clearomizers due to the vapour production. I normally use 1.2mg on clearos and I only use 0.3mg on the subtank nano. If you are using the nano at a hight wattage it does get warm very quickly, but nothing you should be worried about (just let it cool down every now-and-then and use the highest airflow setting).

          • Ryan

            Now I think I know y I’m getting that problem I put wrong juice in I’m using an 18 mg

          • Ryan

            We’re can I get a 1.2 mg juice from ?

          • Wow, yeah 1.8mg is a crazy amount for the subtank. Also try using some higher VG liquids to get more clouds, if you have not got any and you do not know what type of liquid to use, we really recommend DripTonic liquids for the Subtanks as they taste amazing and have a high ration of VG.

  • Hardy

    Hi, i wonder why the coil only last for like 4-5 days, i mean the cotton didnt absorb the juice as normal on the 1-3 days.. It just stuck there and i have to close the air hole so that i could suck up, then the ejuice absorb again..

    • On what wattage have you been using the Nano on? Also, what VG/PG ratio are you using? Those are the only two things I could think of, otherwise change out the coil, and try a new one.

  • max

    Hi Alex I’m wonder to know if i can use it with my rebel 2 ?thank you

    • Hi Max. The Rebel II doesn’t fire below 1.2ohm. This means you will not be able to use the 0.5ohm sub ohm coil. You will only be able to use the 1.2ohm occ coil with the Nano and Rebel II, which will work fine. However just so you know the Nano is not as wide as the Rebel II battery, so will look a bit silly on top of it. The Subtank Mini is the same width as the Rebel II battery, but again you will only be able to use the 1.2ohm coil with it. The 1.2ohm is still really good and the flavor is fantastic. The vapor production will just be slightly less than the 0.5ohm coil and the RBA and perhaps slightly less flavor.

      To make the most from the sutbank mini I would recommend using it with a mini box mod such as the Eleaf 30W or Cloupor Mini.

      Other tanks that will work well with the Rebel II: Aspire Nautilus & the Kanger Aerotank

      I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

      • max

        Hi Chris thank you for answer so quickly.
        Actually i was more thinking about the mini and not the nano because as you said is not wide as the rebel2.
        And is it better to use the kanger mini than the rebel tank?how different would it be?
        Did you try it with the rebel 2?maybe a video ? 🙂
        do you prefer the nautilus to the subtank mini?
        otherwise what would be the best configuration for the wattage and voltage using one of those tank with the rebel 2?

        I was also thinking get a box for maybe start doing some rba but too many options and just getting lost !

        thanks a lot to take time for answering to noobies 🙂

        • The subtank will produce way more vapor and the flavor will be better, even with the 1.2ohm coil. However as you get much more vapor you get through more e-juice and therefore more nicotine. You will therefore need to get an e-juice with less nicotine. We use 0.3mg when we vape the subtanks and sometimes even no nic. The subtanks are also more of a lung inhale compared to a mouth to lung as with the rebel tank. The airflow options are quite wide on the mini subtank. Even with the airflow on the lowest option I find it still isn’t a great mouth to lung inhale.

          Me and my brother find that as the subtanks get through so much juice and nicotine, it isn’t really an all day vape for us. For that we go back to the Rebel or Eleaf Nautilus Mini/rebel tank combo.If we want a change and some more clouds and flavor, we will vape the subtanks, but I can’t and don’t want to vape the subtank all day. That’s just us though and some vapers will happily vape the subtanks all day, its just personal choice and how used you are to the nicotine.

          The Nautilus is very similar to the rebel tank so I wouldn’t bother getting a Nautilus, unless you get a mini box mod, in which case I would recommend either the Nautilus mini, Aerotank mini or the subtank.

          Hope that helps!

  • tonton

    im a beginner , sorry for being noob… can i use kanger tank mini in mechanical wood mod? is there any disadvantages? thank you

    • Hi Tonton, no problem, beginners are very welcome. Yes you can, providing you have the appropriate battery to use. I use a 35A Efest battery for my mech mod, you do not really need that much output but I like to be on the safer side of things. I have the Kanger Subtank mini on a nemesis mech mod, and as you can see on the pictures on the Kanger Subtank Mini review, it looks very nice.

  • griswald

    Got the istick 20 with subtank nano yesterday. I’m running 1.2 ohm coil. I was wondering what the optimal wattage range.

    • The sweetspot for me is around 13-15W on the 1.2ohm coil!

      • Brad

        i have been dicking around with this tank for over a week trying to get the right vape. had some wicking issues at first, which i sorted. but thanks to this post i tried it at 14W and think i have finally foind my happy place. cheers

  • PC Nvidia

    hi guys, is that ok if I use VG/PG 80/20 ratio on subtank nano?

    • Will work fine. We use a 75VG without any wicking issues. Enjoy!

      • PC Nvidia

        thanks for the reply, Chris 🙂

        • No probs at all!

          • Alexandre Thibault

            can we use around 70 VG on the 1.2 ohm coil as well or only on the 0.5 ohm one?

          • 70VG will work fine on the 1.2ohm head as well!

  • Jose Jr

    Id have to disagree with the wattage range, I vape the 1.2ohm coils at 20-25 watts, and when I go lower the flavor is dulled to much for my liking. No burnt taste at all on a 2 week old coil. Everyone has their preference tho.

    • Interesting Jose. We got the odd burnt hit at that range and the vapor got a little too warm for our liking. Perhaps it was the coil we were using, who knows. As you say though everyone has their own preference, so thanks for pointing out your preferred wattage.

      • joe

        as jose stated i agree with him when i use my nano with the 1.2 ohm coil the sweet spot for me depending on the juice is anyiwhere between 18 to 25 watts i have had the nano for about two weeks and have yet to have one dry hit…i actually did not get a good vape or vape production taste tryhing to run it under 14 watts,,,,do you think it could be possable that the juice you were using could have been a bad batch or the coil …..i know those are 2 common reasons that you can get that dry hit…other then the coil just not being able to handle the heat

  • Chelsea

    I’m using the istick 20w with subtank nano and loved it until I realized I wanted to start rebuilding my base. Can I get away with the subtank mini on my 20w. No one has said otherwise and I tend to stay under 10w. Semi new to the game and getting sucked in quickly. No pun intended.

    • Hi Chelsea. You will only be able to use the 1.2ohm coil for the subtank Mini on the iStick 20W. You won’t be able to use the 0.5ohm coils or the RBA (unless you build your own coils that are over 1.0ohm as the iStick 20W won’t fire below 1.0ohm). I’d recommend getting the iStick 30W or 50W as the Subtank mini fires best for me around 25W with the 0.5ohm coil. If you get the iStick 50W it will future proof your vaping a little, in case you decide on purchasing other tanks and RDAs that require more power. Check out our review on it as we were very impressed with it: http://vaping360.com/eleaf-istick-50w-review/

      Probably not the answer you were hoping for, but hope that helps!

    • Christopher Adam Kunkel

      I had the exact same setup and it worked for about 3 days before I started getting “atomizer short” errors. I was using the 1.2 ohm coil. The errors could be resolved by slightly un-screwing the tank from the mod, but I was highly disappointed because I had just purchased the iStick 20w just about a week prior. I took it back to my local vape shop and was told that it was a common problem they have seen with this setup. They offered to replace the mod, but couldn’t guarantee that it wouldn’t happen again. I opted to use the purchase price and upgrade to the 50w for $20. I have to say it was the best decision and I love the new setup. Just wanted to warn you of what could happen.

      • I agree Christopher the 50W is a great device. The 20W did seem to have a few little issues, which I think Eleaf have addressed with the new 50W and 30W devices.

  • Christopher Adam Kunkel

    Just a warning, DO NOT use this tank on a iStick 20w. Mine worked for 3 days before I started getting “atomizer short” errors. I was using the 1.2 ohm coil and the error could be cleared by slightly unscrewing the tank from the mod. I tried the tank on a few other mods and it worked just fine. I took the 20w back to my local vape shop and was told that this was a common issue they were seeing. Because I had just purchased the mod a week before, they offered to replace it. The could not guarantee it wouldn’t happen again. Just wanted to share my experience. I upgraded to the iStick 50w and it’s working flawlessly. I LOVE THIS TANK!!!

    • Hey Chris, thanks for the heads up! Much appreciated! We have had a few issues with the 20W, but not the issue you had. I have been using the Subtank Mini and Nano with the 1.2ohm coils on the iStick 20W and it worked fine, but I heard on reddit that this was a common problem. The iStick 50W was a wise choice, we love it aswell. Perfect combo you have there, enjoy your vape and vape on!

    • rash

      Thats a faulty 20w istick. i had the same problem after i dropped mine and the connector at the top got damaged. upgraded to the 30w as it has a more solid top piece

      • The 30W is a lot more solid, no wobbly buttons either. Wise choice to upgrade! Vape on!

    • sherrillface

      Same here 2nd day with nano on istick 20 and it jamms down the nickel firing plate inside the I stick it has no spring under it the solution was to use a 510 connector cause the nano pushes to deep in the I stick and the connecter doesn’t but works great with the connector between the nano and istick I bought the 50 w istick cause its plate is more durable with a spring under it .still use a 510 connector with the 50w istick just to be safe …and this is with the 1.2 ohm coil on the nano its actually more of an istick 20 issue because of no spring

  • Santiago

    I just bought this tank and have an I taste mvp20 watt. I want to use the 1.2 ohm coil of course. What watts/volt settings should I use?

    • Hi Santiago, I was using the 1.2 ohm coil at around 10-25W. Try and find the Sweet spot that you like to vape it at.

      • Santiago

        Cool thank u! Would it be a bad idea to try the sub ohm coil on the mvp 20 watt?

        • Santiago, sorry for the late reply. No it will be fine, it sadly will cut out the battery so you are not going to get any power from it. The MVP 2 does not run under 1.0 ohm. Vape on!

  • babyblue1977

    I cant find any 1.5 OCC coils. The highest is 1.2 Do they even make them? or are you using a different coil?

    • Sorry my brother meant the 1.2ohm coils! You are correct, atm there are only the 1.2ohm coils and no 1.5ohm ones, sorry. I’ll update that now!

  • Ketchie

    Hi guys. I purchased kanger nano with cloupor mini today and running a 0.5 ohm with AWT 3.7V 2,600 mah battery. I found my sweet taste at 14w. ^U^

    • Thats a great combo, 14W is a great wattage for the nano. Enjoy the Nano and vape on!

  • Andrew McElroy

    I just purchased the Nano and vaping with the KBox. This is the first Mod I have used, previously used the Kanger Protank2 and Vision Spinner Battery. The Vape experience is completely different and not sure if I will stick with the Mod. I dont like the taste, the Nano is hissing a lot and the mouthpiece of the Nano is heating very rapidly after a few seconds. I am using the 0.2 ohm on the lowest setting of the Kbox and not much vape is getting produced either. Am very disappointed with the Nano after reading such promising reviews of the product.

    • Hi Andrew. Sub ohm vaping won’t be for everyone, as it will be more of a direct lung inhale as opposed to the mouth to lung on a Kanger protank. What wattage are you using? I would recommend using the 1.2ohm coil around 14W as nearer 20W it gets too warm for my liking. You should get plenty of vapor at this wattage as well. Let me know how you get on at this wattage or perhaps have a go with the 0.5ohm coil.

      • Andrew McElroy

        Hi Chris, I am using the 0.5ohm coil and vaping at 8 watts with the Nano tank fully open. Any higher with the wattage and the drip-tip is far too hot to want to inhale. I am now using my Protank2 on the Kbox and enjoying the vape a lot better.

        • Hi Andrew. The Nano shouldn’t get that hot at that wattage. We vape it around 14W and it is a warm vape, but not unbearably hot at all. Some people on here have been vaping around 20W with no issues. Perhaps try the 1.2ohm coil and see how that one works, as it sounds like the other coil is perhaps broken.

    • John Montgomery

      My experience has been much the same. There seems to be no happy medium with the Nano and an 0.5 coil with the KBox. The 8 and 13 watts are not enough and 20 is pushing it. 25 watts is definitely too much. I was using an Aspire CF Mod with it prior with satisfactory enough results and have since gone back to it. Going to give the Subox kit a try next and see how that goes as I love Kanger’s tanks, but their first mod? Not so much.

      • Thanks for your comment John! The Subox looks good, we will be reviewing it soon!

  • Dickson

    Hi there, I’m actually using aspire esp 30w together with the subtank mini, however when I tried to fire at 25 watt it gets a burnt taste and dry , but its pretty good at 15-15watt , may I know what happen with the tank? As I’m running on 0.6ohms coil on my subtank

    • Hi Dickson, running it at 25W is a bit too much for the Nano. We run it at 10 to 15W and it runs just fine. Try to keep it below the 20W range and you will be fine! Vape on!

  • Ryan

    Hey, I know this is an older post but hopefully someone will see this. I have the MVP 20W and the sub tank nano, I understand that I can’t use the 0.5ohm coil but will it work with the 1.2ohm? Any known issues with this?

    • Hi Ryan. Sorry for the late reply, we were on holiday the last week. You can’t use the 0.5ohm coil but anything over 1ohm on the MVP 20W will work fine. So the 1.2 ohm coil should work without any issues. Let me know how you get on!

      Best regards

  • Emily

    Hi I am very curious about this tank being used with an eGo one battery and have heard reviews about it and seem quite a few actually using it. I am wondering how this tank works with that battery since you can not control the voltage on that one.

    • Hi Emily, the Ego one will act like a mech mod. It actually works quite well with the Nano, but I am not a fan of not being able to adjust the wattage. That will come down to your personal preference. It is however a nice tiny set up that looks great!

    • Shane Tedson

      Is it ok to use the subtank nano on the ego one battery 1100 mAh using the 0.5 ohm coil ? Thanks!!

      • That should work, the eGo One tank also has a 0.5 ohm coil. I would suggest to get a box mod with a higher output wattage to get the most out of your Subtank Nano!

        • Shane Tedson

          I already have the eleaf Istick tc40w. Just wanted to add something stealth to my repetoire! Thanks for the response.

          • Oh okay, well in that case it should work. You will not be getting the same amount of vapor like you do on the iStick 40W TC but it will work! Enjoy and vape on!

  • Ian

    hi. I just bought myself a “mini jedi50” box mod and using the subtank mini with a 1.2ohms occ coil. can you tel me what wattage setting I should use as I have it set @ 14w and the mouth piece is burning my lips and not getting much vapour when I inhale! im also using a samsung INR18650-25R Battery which I was informed is the correct battery to use. look forward to your reply 🙂

    • Hi Ian. Maybe your jedi50 is over firing slightly at the lower wattages.Crank it down slightly and see what happens. The 1.2ohm coil should however work pretty well at 14w. Do you have the air flow open? If closed it can get very hot quickly!

      • Ian

        hi chris,i lowered the wattage down to 10w and its stopped burning my lips but im getting no vapour after ive inhaled now 🙁 yes I have got airflow open on middle setting as I dont like the feel of it open on full.

        • The more open you have the air flow, the less hot it will get. Having said that it shouldn’t be getting unbearably hot at 14W with the airflow on the middle setting. I’d give it a go on another device to see what happens then. Also open up the air flow fully and vape it at 14W and see how hot it is then. Perhaps you have a bad coil!

          • Ian

            tried it on fully open and its not much better 🙁 ive tried the 1.2 and 0.5ohms coil and both the same problem. ive tried it on my vamo v5 mod but it wont work as it comes up with “low ohms” . I know my vamo v5 is working as my areotank2″ works fine on the vamo mod. I haven’t anyother mod to try it on so I may just give up with it and sell the subtank mini and just stick to my areotank as thats working fine on my jedi mini50 mod box unless you have any other suggestions??

          • hmmm. I am not sure what else to say Ian. I tried just ours again at 14W on the middle airflow and its isn’t getting too hot at all and the vapor is ok. Perhaps your tank or coil is faulty and would recommend taking it back or selling it!

          • Ian

            ok ive just contacted company I bought it from and waiting on reply back and explained what advice uve given me.

            thanks for your advice and replying back 🙂

          • No worries, good luck!

          • Frosty T Snowman

            Why on earth would you advise Ian to sell what might be a faulty and possibly dangerous tank? Maybe you should be selling second-hand cars and leave the reviews to others better able to offer safe/helpful advice.

          • You are quite right Frosty, absolutely no idea what I was thinking there. I would never usually recommend selling on a faulty device at all, ever. I meant just take back to the store he got it from, which is what Ian did anyway. Thanks for pointing that out and apologies for the lapse!

          • Frosty T Snowman

            Good on you Chris, easy mistake to make and I know you’re not irresponsible brother.

  • Jonathan Lafleur

    I just ordered an eLeaf iStick 50w with this tank, I’m pretty sure it’s sub ohm capable. My only concern, is about you experience after a couple of week where you say that’s best suited between 12w-15w. Does it mean that if I run it at 30-50w it will be weaker flavour ? I would appreciate to create big cloud with it.

    P.S. I’m really new in this world of vape, I was cigarette smoker since nearly 15years, quit two years ago, and started back 6 month ago… I decided to quit again smoking but will vape instead and reduce to 0 nicotine smoothly. I used to have an Aspire Spinner, changing now for something more robust with more cloud and flavour.

    Thank you

    • It means that if you run it over 20W you are probably going to get a burnt hit. The nano is very sensitive and cannot handle high wattages. I would recommend going for a larger sub ohm tank for the istick 50w.

      • Jonathan Lafleur

        Which you advise me?

  • Mark Webb

    I’m having problems with my au tank nano, I primed the coil and using a 20w istick eleaf when firing it seems to make a load pop and then it hisses throat when taking into throat burns and that’s on the lowest setting can you help,?

    • What E-Liquid are you using? The pop at the start is normal, but you should not be getting any burnt hits. Maybe you are using a dud-coil?

      • Mark Webb

        I’m using 6mg at 60/40 it’s got a very bit hit to it and a burning feel when drawn from its on 12w I have ordered online 3mg see if that help also don’t get a lot of vape

        Would it be better if I got the istick 30w and use to 0.5 coil?, would that be smoother as well

        • Depends on what you are using it for. If you would like to use it for mouth-to-lung then I would suggest using the 1.2 ohm coil and a high PG/Nicotine e-liquid. If you want more clouds and a smoother vape then try using the 3mg e-liquid (high VG) on the 0.5 ohm coil with a wide airflow and higher wattage. Hope that helps! Try a new coil as well. It might be that you are using a dud.

  • Ashton Shahin

    My husband has this and loves it I was wondering if there are any larger tnaks bigger then 3ml that you can use with this?

  • Ameer Joshua Langston

    Hello my name is ameer , and I have a important questions to ask a professional, I bought some kangertech occ coils that were suppose to be 0.5 ohms , but it shows on my Istick mod 0.7 ohms can the coils handle that much power at 23.5 -25.0 watts? And can my mod blow up in my mouth also ? Keep in mind my mod is a Istick 60 watt and the kangertech subtank mini thank you so much

    • Hi Ameer. I have never seen or come across an iStick 60W, do you mean iStick 50W? If you are using the 0.5ohm coils in the Subtank Mini, then you shouldn’t have any issues at that specified wattage, just make sure not to go over the recommended wattage on the coils.

  • DeNote

    HI, I was wondering if anyone has tried the Subtank Nano with the OCC Vertical 1.5 ohm coils that are available?

    The reason I ask is that I purchased the Nano and I’m not fond of it at all. I really don’t use it. The vapor is very warm/hot – warmer than I prefer. I feel like I can’t even taste the juice. I was wondering if the 1.5 ohm coil would vape cooler.

    I’ve stayed away from sub-ohm tanks because I don’t care about vapor production, but thought I’d try the Nano because I’ve heard good things regarding flavor with sub-ohms. Also, I think I prefer mouth to lung hits, so the sub-ohm world may not be for me.

    Thx – Cathy

    • Hi Cathy we haven’t tried the new vertical coils in the Nano, but we do prefer the new vertical coils over the old horizontal coils based on our experience with the new Kanger Subox.

      If you like mouth to lung, then the Nano might not be the best option for you, as the draw doesn’t get quite tight enough imo. I would take a look at the new Triton on its 1.8ohm coil which has now become my brothers all day vape for mouth to lung vaping! Flavor is outstanding and the draw is nice and tight.

  • Eric

    I just picked the nano up and its has not been to hot for me using an istick 30w. I have it set between 22-25w and put the airflow setting at 2 holes as that seems to have the best flavor for me. I have opened it up to 30w with airflow wide open and its still been fine not hot nor burnt at all. I run 50/50 juice at 6-9 mg nic. I love the settings,for it can produce a decent cloud wide open. At the small pin hole setting you can mouth to lung it as well even with the .5 coil in

    • Thanks for the feedback Eric! Opinions variate on the nano, we had quite a few issues using it on anything higher than 20W but then again I have heard a lot of people vape it at 25W with no problems. I think it then comes down to what juice you are vaping, a steady 50/50 could do the trick in terms of vaping it at 25W without getting a burnt hit.

  • Mariya Harries
  • Jeff

    I have a iStick20 with the Kanger Nano tank. I am using 1.5ohm coils. The coil read 10-20watts.
    Does this mean run it at 10 to 20 watts power? Tried it at 11w and it produces good flavor and plenty of vape.

  • Jeff

    Sorry, I meant the 1.5occ coil

  • Anthony Mastroianni

    I have the istick 30w with the kanger tech subtank nano.. I’ve been using the 1.3 occ coil, but would like to switch to the .5 occ. I have tried to hit once so far and it made a loud cracking noise.. It’s currently at 25.8 watts. Just wondering if there is something going wrong, and what wattage u should run it at. If you can’t tell I’m new to this.. Lol

    • Hi Anthony. The Kanger Sub tank nano tends to crackle a bit, so don’t worry about that. I’d start vaping the 0.5ohm around 15W and work your way up to something you enjoy. Our tank got quite hot above 20W on that coil, so find what suits your preference best. Good luck!

      • Anthony Mastroianni

        I meant there is a loud crack, as soon as i start to draw. and I usually stop hitting it when that happens.

  • Lauren G

    Hey, I have a Kangertech Sub tanks plus and use the 0.5 ohm vertical coils, I just switched from a Tesla 2 battery (don’t get me started on that POS) to an eleaf I stick 50w which I had before and loved. Problem is the coils seem to be burning out for no reason, I’ve changed them and turned it all the way down to 20-24 watts and it still tastes burnt and dry. My question is would switching to a 0.2 vertical coil help? I don’t enjoy vaping this low, but the coils shouldn’t be burning out but are – does anyone have any suggestions? Halp!

    • Hi Lauren. Make sure you are priming the coils properly before using them. They shouldn’t then be burning at the 20-24W level. Perhaps its a bad batch of coils. Give the 0.2ohm coil a go and see if you are having the same issue.

  • Wayne Boulton

    I have just purchased a subox nano and I was wondering which juice combination is suitable. I have some 60/40. Would a different ratio be better?
    I am pretty new to this… Thanks!

    • 60/40 VG to PG will be good with this tank Wayne. We personally use around 70-75% on ours.

  • James Brown

    High I just bought an Eleaf Ijust two and was woundering if my girlfriend could use one of my subox nano tanks safely on it

  • Frosty T Snowman

    I love Kanger Nano’s, they might be small but they can hold their own against many bandwagon tanks. Even better now you can get an RBA for them, you need to open up the juice slits (they don’t have holes like the SubTank Mini RBA) or better still, drill 2 x holes on line with the coil, (copy the SubTank Mini RBA) Once either of these is done, they work very well with your own 0.5Ω to 1.0Ω coil pancaked over your new holes.
    I am using SS316 wire and it raises what is already a high bar to another level.
    $3 each and fitted with a 0.5Ω coil @ https://www.fasttech.com/products/3806801 save yourself a small fortune laying out for expensive pre-made Kanger coils and you get to use your favorite wire.

  • Roscoe Cordivan Weiss

    hey, i’m interested in the nano, but i have two of the Athena 20-t boxes, which i really like for their design, features, and pocket-ability. according to their site they go down to .8 sub ohm. if i stuck with the 1.5 coils and kept it in your recommended 15 to 20 watt zone, as i do now w an older kanger tank, do you think that the athena model i already own would be suitable? i’m just now learning all of the electrical engineering factors with this stuff. any advice is helpful. thanks. here is the info for the athena model: http://www.athenaecig.com/product-detail-308.html

    • Yes, it will suit it perfectly. I would suggest getting a higher wattage device seeming as a lot of the newer tanks use higher wattages.

  • Niki

    I just bought one and when I changed the coil it says low load every time. I browsed the web and can’t find anything that explains this do you know why it’s saying this? It was fine before I changed it

    • Hey Niki, could you check to see if there is any e-liquid in or under the pin of the tank? Is the coil screwed it tight enough? Also, check to see if the spring loaded pin is stuck in someway.

  • ~Mitra Lallo~

    Hey I have a kangertech subox nano system that comes with the .5 and 1.5 ohm coils… Can I safely put a .2 ohm coil in… I plan to run it at around 35watts..

    • Depends what battery you are using in the Subox Nano kit. If using a 30A battery you should be fine.

  • Rob

    Hi. I have a SubVod with a Subtank Nano and it keeps failing. My wife has one as well and she has no issues. The problem seems to be the air flow control section. I have changed around the batteries and coils and the flow control section is the culprit every time. Any ideas?

  • Faith Ellis

    Hey ..i really love my nano kit…it fits perfect in my hand. Ive been wanting to venture into dripping..mainly for chilling at night…is there and RDA i can use with the kbox nano? Inexpensive good beginners RDA?

  • Anette Olsson

    IF you use kangertechs subvod you can buy atomizer NI 200 that goes down to 0.15 ohm.

  • Nathan

    I just grabbed a kanger.2 ohm for my subvod tc should I run it on the temp control?

  • Rey

    It will fit and match with joyetech ego one 2200 mah?