Kanger Subtank Review

Kanger Subtank
Kanger Subtank

Kanger Subtank Intro

In this review we will be taking a look at the much hyped Kanger Subtank. Kangertech are very well known for their range of tanks and clearomizers. The Kanger aero tank and Pro tank 2 have been two of our favourite tanks so far, so we were really excited to get our hands on the new subtank.

The subtank, for those who don’t already know, is a tank that is capable of subohming (sub ohm vaping). This means it can be vaped at less than 1 ohm. The Kanger subtank comes with two coils and an RBA. One coil can be used for subohming (0.5ohm) and the other normal one can be vaped on any battery at 1.2ohms, as you would with the other Kanger tanks I mentioned above. This means you can use the subtank on pretty much any set up you have at home. It is perfect for those who just want a glassomizer style tank and also for those who want to rebuild the coil and use the RBA for a slightly different experience.


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Kanger Subtank Specs and Features

Kanger Subtank Kit Content
Kanger Subtank Kit Content
  • 1 x SUBTANK
  • 1 x BPDC: 0.5 Sub Ohm / Range 15 – 30 W
  • 1 x BPDC: 1.2 Ohm / Range 7 – 25 W2 x RBA Coil (Organic Cotton made in Japan)
  • 1 x RBA Tip Connector
  • 1 x RBA Base
  • 1 x Screw Driver
  • 2 X Screws
  • 1 x Manual
  • 1 x Beauty Ring (From Φ25 to Φ22mm)
Kanger Subtank Disassembled
Kanger Subtank Disassembled
  • Thread: 510
  • BPDC: 6.0ML
  • RBA: 4.2ML
  • Size: Φ25mm * 55mm(without drip tip)
  • Available resistance:0.5Ω(15W-30W),1.2Ω(7W-25W)

Notable Remarks

Aesthetics, Size and Weight

Kanger Subtank
Kanger Subtank

The Subtank for me looks gorgeous. I love the red and stainless steel colour combo and think the whole tank looks stunning. It also feels and looks really sturdy and well built. It feels like a really high quality product, as we have come to expect from Kanger.

The subtank is, however, quite big and heavy. It is almost twice as heavy as the Aspire Atlantis subohm tank and much taller and wider. This means it will be slightly top heavy on most mini box mods and mech mods. It is also slightly wider than most mech mods, so it won’t sit perfectly on those. The provided beauty ring helps make it look nicer on mech mods, but it is still larger on top. The big up side to this, is that you get a larger tank with the capacity to hold up to 6ml of e-liquid with the coils! With the RBA you get slightly less capacity, as the RBA is quite large and the tank holds just 4.2ml with the RBA inside. I say “just”, but this is still double the capacity of the 2ml Aspire Atlantis tank!


Kanger Subtank RBA/1.2 OCC/0.5 OCC
Kanger Subtank RBA/1.2 OCC/0.5 OCC

The Kanger subtank can be taken apart fully fairly easily. Installing the standard 0.5ohm coil and 1.2ohm coil is very easy to do and filling the tank is simple. The air flow comes with four different settings and twists and clicks into place without issues.

One great feature is that you can actually use other Kanger coils, that you might have lying around, as they can be inserted into the bottom of the tank. This is great for those who want to use their old Kanger coils they may have lying around the house. Kanger are making a conscious effort to standardise their product range so that you can mix and match across products. This is a really good thing in my opinion as it will help people save some money by allowing them to use older gear on newer products (unlike Apple!).

Things start to get a little more complicated when using the RBA. The top ring with the tip coming down into the tank needs to be replaced with the other one in the box. This one has a slightly shorter tip to cater for the RBA as the RBA itself is larger than the normal coil (don’t try and use the RBA with the other top). The top needs to be unscrewed using the supplied mini screwdriver. There are good instructions in the manual on how you should wick the RBA coils with the provided organic Japanese cotton. We aren’t big builders (yet), but it wasn’t too difficult to do and it’s a great first step towards RBAs and RDAs. The flavour on the RBA is also more pronounced than that of the normal coil and it is a different vaping experience using the RBA.

The Subtank has a big golden spring loaded coil, with a 510 connection. For the recessed 510 connections Kanger have included a beauty ring, which you can see in the pictures. The beauty ring is a good addition to the kit and doesn’t add too much size or weight to the subtank.

Ease of Use

Kanger Subtank on a Nemesis Mech
Kanger Subtank on a Nemesis Mech

If you want to use the Subtank like other tanks and glassomizers, it is just as simple to use as the other Kanger tanks. When using the 0.5 subohm coil you will obviously need a vape mod or mech mod that can subohm. You cannot use the 0.5ohm coil on any old battery, so be careful with this (if you have any questions about this, drop us a comment below). The 1.2ohm is fine to use on any battery you have, like with the older Kanger tanks.

Using the RBA is a little more complicated, but once in place is just as easy to use as the other coils. Please note that the coils will need to be replaced once they are burnt out. The subtank kit comes with two replacement rebuildable coils. If you use the Subtank as an RBA it will therefore need a lot more maintenance and upkeep than if you use it as a normal glassomizer tank, so bear this in mind.

Overall using the Kanger subtank was fairly easy and even using the RBA as an RBA noob, wasn’t difficult at all. The instruction leaflet is actually well written and helpful, unlike countless Chinese manuals.

Vapor Production and Flavor

The vapor production even on the 1.2ohm coil was crazy. You get RDA style clouds with a normal clearomizer style tank – amazing! When you subohm the 0.5ohm coil the vapour is even more impressive. It really does match up to the Aspire Atlantis is this respect and perhaps even produces a little more vapour. When compared to the Kayfun v4 and the Eleaf Lemo RBAs, the Subtank RBA produces a lot more clouds, so this is a big positive! Overall it produces way more vapor than older Kanger tanks like the aero mega, matches if not outperforms the Atlantis and produces more vapour than other RBA style tanks. Overall the Subtank is a one of a kind when it comes to clouds and flavour.

The flavour for me was one of the best things about the subtank when compared with previous kanger tanks. The organic Japanese cotton ensures you get the most out of your e-liquid and the flavours were delicious. I guess you have three stages of flavour: the normal 1.2ohm coil, the 0.5ohm coil and finally the RBA. When using the 1.2ohm coil the flavour was still great, but using the 0.5ohm was a lot tastier. The RBA is another step up in flavour and was just different experience to using the 0.5ohm coil.

The Bottom Line

Aspire Atlantis vs Kanger Subtank
Aspire Atlantis vs Kanger Subtank

The subtank is pretty awesome and the flavours and clouds were exceptional. It has really set the bar high for the tank and clearomizer world. Its greatest selling point is its versatility; being able to switch between a 0.5ohm coil, a 1.2ohm coil and the RBA is great. You get all three of these included in the kit as well as extra organic Japanese cotton, extra coils, a mini screw driver and a beauty ring all for around $40, which is amazing value for money. It is a tiny bit more expensive than the Atlantis, but you get so much more for your money.

The only thing that I personally didn’t like is the size and weight of it. It is just too big and heavy for me to take out and about and this is where I prefer the smaller Aspire Atlantis. Kanger have obviously been listening to their customer base and have released the Kanger subtank mini and nano, two smaller versions of the original Subtank. We will be looking at these shortly, so stay tuned!


If you like big tanks and want a lot of e-liquid capacity then the subtank is definitely for you. If you’re after something similar in size to the Atlantis then I would get the Kanger nano or mini subtanks.

If you like RBA style tanks like the Kayfun V4 and Lemo, then the Kanger is well worth trying – you won’t be disappointed at all!

If you have been using the Kanger aero tank mega or the aero tank, then it is well worth trying the subtank, as you’ll have that added versatility in being able to try out the RBA. It’s a great tank for those who want to try using an RBA for the first time. If the RBA isn’t for you, you always have the normal coils to fall back on!


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*Some discounts are dependent on your geographical location.
Chris Kendell
Chris Kendell is the co-founder of Vaping360. He started the website with his brother and co-founder Alex in 2014, after Alex introduced him to vaping. Chris was immediately won over by the revolutionary and potentially lifesaving impacts that vaping can have on our society. In his minuscule spare time, you can find Chris travelling and exploring new places from his base in Germany, eating delicious food and enjoying a range of different sports.
  • fred

    vapes great, but vent leaks and for me stained clothes and furniture from leaking fluid sucks. seriously its a tank if a tank leaks it sucks. kangerteck claims some of their coils are light on cotton and we should repack them.

    • Your not wrong and leaking sucks. We have been lucky with our Kanger Subtanks and haven’t had any leaking (fingers crossed), but as you say it seems to be a common problem. I’m hoping the newer batches are fixed and do not leak! I’ll add a line in the review and mention the leaks, as it seems to be quite a common problem.

      Fred check out our most recent review on the Freemax Starre Sub Ohm tank: http://vaping360.com/freemax-starre-sub-ohm-tank-review/

      No leaking and the flavor was to die for. My brother and I were really impressed with this tank!

  • Steve Clites

    I used a trustfire 18350 with a .5 ohm coil. I was unaware that this was dangerous, cause it worked. Would using a 18650 be safe?

  • James

    What is the gauge of the factory RBA wire supplied with the Subtank? It appears to be somewhere around 30 – 32? I am having a difficult time replacing the dual coil wire with my 28 gauge. It seems to large. Please advise.

  • MrJim Holewka

    It’s a great tank when it doesn’t leak, unfortunately it leaks most of the time with the thickest e juice in it. It can not be tilted at all or it will leak. The mini subtank is much better. It leaks even more with the 1.5 ohm coils, after having it for more than a year I’d give it a 3-10.

  • Nick

    Worst tank ever get anything else

  • Nick

    If you Vape it upside down no matter what you get juice in your mouth… Also the coils are sub par to smok coils, aspire coils, and pretty much any other coils I’ve tried. 2/10