Kangertech Dripbox Review

We review the Kanger Dripbox, an affordable squonk mod.

Kangertech DripBox
Kangertech DripBox

Kanger Dripbox Intro

Update: We can no longer recommend this mod in this particular kit. Today (8 May 2016), the Kanger Dripbox I reviewed began to auto-fire.  Auto-firing is unacceptable.

The Kanger Dripbox Starter Kit is an all-in-one squonk box.

What’s a squonk box, you ask? That’s vaping enthusiast slang for a bottom-feeder mod that uses a special RDA with an open channel in the shaft of the 510 connection. Rather than dripping eliquid onto the RDA’s coils from the top, liquid is held in a plastic bottle inside the mod, which has a cutout on the side to allow pressing the bottle, which then forces eliquid up into the RDA to saturate the coils. Basically, it’s dripping without the hassle.

Bottom feeders have a long history in vaping. They were very popular back in the days before high-wattage, sub-ohm vaping. I’ve used many squonkers over the years — REOs,  Phids, Vapages, etc. I still own nine bottom feeders, and I have many bottom-fed RDAs in storage.

Now Kanger is running an old idea up the flagpole to see who salutes. The Dripbox is Kanger’s first foray into bottom-fed mods. It’s an all-in-one kit that comes in black, red, or white and contains everything a vaper needs in a squonker —  the battery mod, two eliquid bottles, a bottom-fed RDA with two pre-built decks, plus a parts bag with extra post screws, two more coils, and the ubiquitous blue-handled screwdriver.


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Kanger Dripbox Specs and Features

Kangertech DripBox Package Content
Kangertech DripBox Package Content
  • Dimensions: 4-1/2″ x 1-3/4″ x 7/8″ (Including Subdrip RDA)
  • Includes the Subdrip RDA and Dripmod
  • 22mm Diameter
  • Bottom Feeding Design
  • Juice Delivery System
  • May also be Top-Filled
  • Wattage Output: 60W
  • Voltage Output: 3.7V
  • Minimum Resistance: 0.2ohm
  • 7ml eliquid Capacity
  • Use pre-built 0.2ohm drip coils or build your own
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Subdrip RDA – Stainless Steel Casing
  • Dripmod – Aluminum Casing
  • Requires (1) 18650 High Amp Battery (Sold Separately)
  • Micro USB Charging Port
  • Low Resistance Protection
  • Reverse Battery Protection
  • Low Battery Warning Indicator

Notable Remarks


Kangertech DripBox Bottle
Kangertech DripBox Bottle

The mod itself takes a single 18650 that fits into a cylindrical slot inside the case and secures with a screw-on bottom cap. The cap is a smart design, with outer metal threads to secure the cap, but with another finger screw adjustment inside the cap to extend the contact and prevent battery rattle. Nice.

The box itself is simple, with a rudimentary internal chip that provides low resistance and reverse battery protection, and a single button for firing and five-click on and off. Kanger claims a 60-watt output, but my pass-through voltmeter indicated that the output was unregulated, with voltage under load dependent on the resistance of the atomizer coils.

An innovative feature is that the included RDA has a removable deck that screws into the base. Kanger includes two pre-built decks with installed coils and cotton wicking. The dual-coil setup came in at 0.23 ohms. In addition, pre-built decks will be available separately (about $6 for three coiled/wicked decks) for those who can’t or don’t want to build their own coils. Smart, and great for beginners.

The bottom-fed RDA is for a dual-coil build with a two-post design. Since the deck is designed as a replacement part, it’s not heavy-duty, but it’s adequate and can be reused for the vaper’s own builds. Holes in the posts are fairly small, however, so I’d guess that the largest diameter wire that could be used is 26-gauge, with roughly 2.5mm diameter coils. That’s what the pre-installed coils on both included decks looked like to my eye.

The eliquid uptake holes are on floor of the deck inside the RDA, so care must be taken that the wicks don’t block the holes. If eliquid is over-squonked — which I guarantee will happen — the excess won’t stay in the reservoir and flood the coils. Instead, as soon as the bottle is no longer pumped, any excess liquid not absorbed by the wicks will be sucked back down into the bottle. That’s a very nice feature not found on most bottom-fed RDAs, even very expensive ones.

One thing I’d advise is removing the RDA’s top cap when squonking. Seeing the liquid flowing onto the deck is helpful to make sure the wicks get saturated. That’s not required, but it’s good insurance against inadvertent dry hits.

Clearly, low cost and simplicity were high on Kanger’s design considerations for this kit. By its nature, squonking carries the inherent risk of wicks drying out, with dry hits and burned cotton as a result. Experienced vapers who squonk or drip learn to recognize when dry hits are imminent, but beginners may not. One would think that a temp control chip would be perfect for a bottom-fed setup. If this simple starter kit sells well, perhaps Kanger will come out with a more deluxe version built with higher-quality parts, variable wattage, and temperature control. As it is, however, the Dripbox is more than adequate for its price and design.


Kangertech DripBox Handcheck Open Deck
Kangertech DripBox Handcheck Open Deck

The Dripbox provides a high quality vaping experience with no fuss, muss, or fiddling. Just put in a battery, fill the bottle, squonk some eliquid, and vape.

Performance is surprising, almost shockingly good. While not up to the best dripping atomizers or tanks, this little box holds its own with no apologies. Flavor is on a par with any simple dual-coil RDA, which is to say, very good. Vapor production at 60 watts is more than ample. All in all, the Dripbox is a satisfying vaping setup.

Be aware, however, that — as with all unregulated mods — performance will degrade as the battery provides less voltage. Chain-vaping will drain an 18650 high-drain 20-amp battery relatively fast. When the vape starts to get anemic, which will occur when the battery reaches 3.7 volts — only half a volt down from the full 4.2 volt charge — either charge it via USB or, better yet, swap it out for a fresh battery. The difference will be immediately noticeable.

Kangertech DripBox Wick-Deck


  • simple, effective design with good ergonomics
  • surprisingly good vaping performance
  • the perfect squonker for those who don’t want to build coils
  • ample bottle size (7ml)
  • easy bottle removal and refill
  • no leaking
  • relatively inexpensive


  • not really designed for mouth-to-lung vaping
  • bottle latch held on with magnets; should be hinged
  • no cap for spare squonking bottle
  • rough threads on the battery cap
  • unregulated voltage (vape quality goes down as battery drains)
  • no variable power or temp control
  • no overheating protection


Update: We can no longer recommend this mod in this particular kit. Today (8 May 2016), the Kanger Dripbox I reviewed began to auto-fire.  Auto-firing is unacceptable.

Throughout vaping’s first decade, bottom-fed mods were essentially an American product. Europe produced some nice high-end squonkers, but China didn’t offer any until the last couple of years, and those tended to be badly made, cheap imitations. Kanger has taken a step in the right direction by providing a bottom-feeder kit that is well-designed and inexpensive, very simple, with performance so good that it far outweighs all the minor negatives.

As an old hand at squonking, I’m impressed. The Dripbox is perfect for beginning or intermediate vapers who’ve never tried a bottom-feeder and want to see what squonking is all about, and do so without spending a bundle.

The Kanger Dripbox won’t set the world on fire, but it’s a nice kit.

Recommended. [See the blue message box above.]


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Bill Herbst

My name is Bill. I’ve been a dedicated vaper for five and a half years, having ended a 35-year addiction to tobacco cold-turkey on my first day of vaping. I live on the Oregon coast, in the tiny town of Florence, one huge sand dune away from the Pacific Ocean.

  • My Reo’s Mod gives the Drip Box a dirty look. Ha! I’m still waiting for a regulated squonker from China that uses a decent chip. A squonking Reuleaux would be all kinds of cool — trade out one of the battery slots for a bottle and I’m sold!

    • Bill Herbst


      I’m so with you on this! (Great minds think alike… LOL) My REOs and Phids are in storage boxes at this point, but I guarantee that they’re sneering at the Dripbox, if not outright laughing their heads off.

      A regulated bottom-feeder mod with a high-quality bottom-fed RDA is definitely what the squonking subset of the vaping community needs. As you say, a Reuleaux-type triple 18650 box with one battery slot reserved for the eliquid bottle would do the trick nicely. About 120 watts would be adequate for a killer setup.

      When I first began testing the Dripbox before writing the review, I thought it might make it into my huge stable of daily-vape thoroughbreds, but a single day of use quickly convinced me that the Dripbox Starter Kit just isn’t suited to experienced vaping enthusiasts. An unregulated single-18650 simply can’t provide adequate power long enough to make it attractive. A fully-charged 18650 powering a 0.2 ohm dual-coil build provides only 3.6 volts under load, and 60 watts just won’t cut it. More critically, it takes only half an hour of steady vaping to drain the battery to the point where it needs to be swapped out for a fresh 18650.

      I’d like to think that Kanger is testing the market waters with the kindergarten-ish Dripbox and will later come out with a more sophisticated Kit along the lines we’re discussing, but I fear that’s probably giving them too much credit. Perhaps its time for the REOnauts to apply some social pressure to the powers-that-be at REOSmods to come up with a more contemporary unit, maybe with the help of someone like JayBo (since he designed the Reuleaux). They’d be pricey, of course, so maybe the Chinese will beat them to the punch.

      Lord knows the set-up we envision would be easy enough to make. A Velocity V2 RDA already comes with a bottom-feed 510 connector, and clones are available for a pittance. I can think of any number of Chinese vaping hardware manufacturers that could make our squonk box in a heartbeat.

    • letskeepthisshort

      there is its the dripbox 160 its what the dripbox should have been in the first place

      • Bill Herbst


  • IDJ

    Great review this! Answered so many of my questions. Is the lack of variable wattage/voltage a major problem? I do like to tweak the power so I’m wondering if this’ll be a problem for me.

    • Bill Herbst


      My hunch is that the Dripbox might prove disappointing to you. I’ve been using the it occasionally for some days now, and I find myself longing for higher voltage than a single unregulated 18650 can provide, especially since the drain from 4.2 down to 3.8 volts doesn’t take long.

      Everyone’s different, of course, and it’s pretty obvious that Kanger was focusing on both simplicity and price, but it seems to me that Kanger might have chosen to pair a user-replaceable 18650 with an eGo-Twist or Spinner-type voltage-boosting chip. No doubt they had their reasons for not choosing that, but I would prefer more voltage oomph. I’m not an engineer, but it seems to me that the chip they used (to provide on-off, and the usual protections wouldn’t be much if any smaller than a voltage-boosting chip. As I speculated, perhaps the Dripbox is the first release of a line of squonkers, where Kanger will move up in power and sophistication in future releases. If Kanger doesn’t, someone should.

      With relatively inexpensive pre-coiled-and-wicked replacement decks, the bottom-fed RDA is clearly designed for beginners. It’s not a high-quality RDA, though. A clone Velocity V2, which comes in a bottom-feeder format, isn’t expensive and would be far superior. Again, I probably shouldn’t second-guess Kanger, but I doubt we’ll see this particular kit offered after a year or so.

      • IDJ

        Thanks Bill, that’s really helpful. I don’t imagine squonking is something I’ll get into a big way – I’m very much a tank man. But I’d like to give it a go, for curiosity’s sake, so this looks like an affordable way in. Excellent review though, I’m a big fan of your writing on here!

  • Cai Marsh

    what mg liquid should i use for it

    • Bill Herbst

      Whatever suits you, more or less.

  • Bill Herbst

    Kanger is coming out with a new, upgraded Dripbox Kit — 160W regulated VW with Temp Control, dual-18650. The case is much larger than the 60W Dripbox, of course, and hexagonally shaped (similar to the Wismec RX200). That hexagonal shape is ergonomically about as good as it gets to hold two 18650s and a squonk bottle and still feel comfortable in the hand.

    The premise of the new Dripbox (and a promise yet to be confirmed) is to provide the full, saturated vape of a good RDA with a sub-ohm build and high power, but to offer bangin’ flavor and big clouds in a moderately-priced squonking kit. The devil will be in the details — build quality? decent RDA? good TC? We’ll see.

  • Felix Peak

    hi my vape dosent work the batery powers it and everything but nothing happens
    what can i do to fix it

    • Bill Herbst

      Sorry. That’s not enough information to troubleshoot the problem.

  • Memeteam

    You can fix the autofiring issue by not overtightening the battery cover plate, fyi.

    • Bill Herbst


      Yes, I’ve now seen that solution posted on numerous forum threads. The key seems to be to stop tightening the inner contact adjustment AS SOON AS the firing button flashes three times, indicating that the Dripbox is powered up and turned on. I tried that myself and haven’t had another episode of auto-firing.

      Still, the fact that the Dripbox CAN autofire if the electrical contact adjuster on the battery cap is overtightened is unacceptable, especially given the number of users who have experienced the potentially dangerous autofiring glitch. Anyone who doesn’t know that the contact adjusting screw should be snugged up ONLY enough to make contact with the negative pole on the battery will probably tend to over-tighten it, thus risking a serious malfunction.

      In a perfect world, Kanger would change the design, then offer recall and replacement of all units liable to fail. Yeah, I know — fat chance of that. At the very minimum, however, Kanger should include in the package a note warning about the possible autofiring glitch and showing plainly how to screw on the battery cap to insure safe operation.

      • Ted Green

        Thanks for the tip on preventing the auto-fire. That is a totally unacceptable condition!

  • ct

    Long time Vaper – 7 or so years – Just received Kanger Dripbox. So far I cannot get proper hit out of it. Makes me cough bad with barely inhaled. I have adjusted the air slot to max air, was more unbearable with it barely opened as I typically run atomizers. Can only imagine to return this thing as I have much better. Reccommended this Kanger crap to Friend who has never vaped…skeptical so I do not think this is going to win him over from Marlboro. Ideas of what I am not doing right? The instructions are worthless of course.

  • Nicole

    i have a Kangertech 160w i dropped it and the plastic tip broke does a 60w tip fit the 160w kangertech?

    • Dennis

      Yes it does.

  • Jessie-Mermaid David

    My husband is experiencing a popping when he hits it. This is our first bottom feeder and we don’t know why it’s doing that. When it pops, some of the juice comes up and hurts his lip. Do any of you know why it’s doing this and what we can do to stop it?

    • letskeepthisshort

      I have experienced this as well with the 160 mine was a combination my coils were not firing together and I had to wicking which caused there to be to much juice on the coils

    • Nik

      Cut the cotton to make it shorter, the popping will stop

  • Heather

    DO NOT GET THIS PRODUCT. Woke up in middle of night to this thing on fire, room filled with smoke because I guess it auto fired and caught on fire. Literally an inch to the right the whole bed in flames. Flames shooting out the top. Please beware and take battery out of unit when sleeping. Be careful leaving unattended in car or anywhere you would not like accidently burned down. Just purchased this last week so brand new unit and this happened.

  • Nice, vaporsolo.com has it at good price.

  • kristoffer Mebus

    Hi. Can you tell me if i can use other rda’s on the dripbox starter kit i have seen some vids on the velocity clone with the squank function but is it possible to use rda’s without the squank function in it?

  • Luke

    How do you know when it is fully charged

  • parker stamos

    con you put a herb atomizer ontop of this mod