Kryptonite Vapor 454 Big Block V2 RDA Review

454 Big Block V2
454 Big Block V2

Kryptonite Vapor 454 Big Block V2 Intro

The 454 Big Block RDA V2 by Kryptonite Vapor is a moderately priced, extremely well-machined little 22 mm RDA. It is capable of easily accepting single, dual or quad coils and is quite capable in the vapor and flavor departments! By most standards now, many may find this atty to not have enough airflow, but for me it provides a really nice, warm, flavorful vape with the perfect amount of airflow! Utilizing a unique build deck with a single post and a negative ring for trapping coils, the 454 Big Block RDA v2 is one versatile little atty.

Let’s take a look…

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Kryptonite Vapor 454 Big Block V2 Specs and Features

Only one *extra* screw was included. I would like to have seen a full set of extra screws because building on this atty *can* be a bit of a fumbling process until you get used to it. I lost one screw to a heating vent in my first day of using it, which means I can’t lose another! Be careful with these screws.

  • Single, Dual, or Quad coil builds
  • 32mm x 8.5 mm wide bore
  • Unique and innovative design with no negative posts, the entire outside of the atomizer is the negative “post”. Wires are secured by a removable stainless steel ring
  • Top heat fin design to disburse heat
  • Removable top cap for easy dripping
  • Conical top to increase flavor
  • Adjustable air control and direction flow outer cap. By lining up with different configurations, it can produce 1, 2 or 4 adjustable air holes based on your build
  • Deep juice well
  • Solid stainless steel center post contact for maximum conductivity
  • High-end at an affordable price!
  • Made in the USA

Notable Remarks


454 Big Block V2 Parts
454 Big Block V2 Parts

I love the way this atty performs. It has a conical cap, reduced chamber (much more than the v1) and the flavor and vapor you can get off this thing is top notch. It is a flavor chaser and can be a cloud chucker. Generally those two things are independent of each other unless using Clapton-like coils, but this things kicks ass with regular coils.

Note: Know that you can’t fit Clapton-like coils in the positive post, so it’s a good thing it does shine with regular coils. The lowest gauge number I think you can go is maybe 22 gauge for duals and I can use 24 gauge with quads.

The 454 Big Block V2 Build Deck

454 Big Block V2 Center Coils
454 Big Block V2 Center Coils

As it says in the description, the 454 Big Block V2’s deck has a “unique and innovative design with no negative posts” and “the entire outside of the atomizer is the negative ‘post’. Wires are secured by a removable stainless steel ring” held in place by four small screws. This way of securing your coils makes it so you will have a super-solid connection.

Also, new with this version, Kryptonite Vapor added a little notch inside of the well that makes it so you can get your vertical coils centered perfectly with the air holes—it gives you a spot to line up your coils when you insert your drill bit (or whatever you use to wrap the coils). That wasn’t on the first version of this atty and I do really appreciate it being here. It’s a simple addition to the deck, but it really does make a difference.

Ease of Build

454 Big Block V2 Build
454 Big Block V2 Build

Single or dual coils, both vertical or horizontal, are quite easy to install on this atty and you can even by-pass the negative ring and just trap under the negative screws (but you will have to still keep the ring on).

The quad-coil build on this atty is not difficult per se, but for beginners it could get a little maddening by having to handle all those leads and little screws. But, seeing as how you can do various builds with it, ranging for the simple to the moderately advanced, I do see this as an atty that a vaper could advance into.

Note: one important thing to now about building this is that if you are going to use the ring the way it was intended, you must make sure your wires under it are snipped flush or else your leads will be in contact with your cap.

Juice Well

A rather deep juice well, but if you are rockin’ the quad-vertical coils, you’ll likely need to re-drip often as four coils will run through the liquid. That’s one of the only drawbacks for me with using the quad coils—the frequency you have to drip.

Top Cap and Airflow ring

454 Big Block V2 Parts
454 Big Block V2 Parts

The top cap, with its heatsink fins and solid-state drip tip, fits snugly into the airflow ring and those two fit directly on the base/deck.

The top cap has four holes that correspond to holes in the airflow ring that can accommodate single, dual or quad coils. Adjusting the airflow for these different configurations is relatively easy, but I’ve seen easier. To adjust the airflow you have to hold the airflow ring in place and then turn the top cap by the tip. It’s a bit tight at first, but once you get liquid in the cap it will move smoothly.

Note: One con of the way the top cap and airflow ring work together is that you won’t be able to unscrew the whole atty off your mod unless you take off the top portion and unscrew it by the deck.

Airflow of the 454 Big Block V2

​The air holes seem to be about 2.8mm in diameter (but that may be off a bit). This thing doesn’t have lot of airflow, but it does have adequate airflow especially in quad coil mode with four holes fully open!

By some standards in today’s market, this may not seem like enough airflow for most people, and for them it may not be, but for others like me it’ll be just fine. In dual-coil mode it has a similar openness to the Petri and the Tugboat, but with all four holes open you get twice as much.

Heat Retention

Although this atty does have heat-sink fins on the top cap, the tip can get a bit hot with a quad-coil build around the .15Ω mark with kanthal, but as low as .2Ω in a dual-coil build, I experience no issue with a hot tip.
Speaking of the tip…

Solid-State Drip Tip

​I am normally not a fan of RDAs (or any type of atomizer) with a solid-state drip tip, but I really like this one. I find it to be the perfect size–32 x 8.5 mm–for vaping and to drip directly into and should you use a quad-coil and it gets too hot, you can just insert a 510 tip inside of the solid-state tip. Most solid-state tips do not give you the option to use your own tip. The aesthetics will not look as clean if you use another tip, but I saw Grimm Green use a drip tip from DOTMOD with his and it looked pretty good.


​Some may love the way it looks more than others, but you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone that says this atty is not machined really well. It really is well made and it arrived very clean! I have had zero issues with the atty’s construction and I love the way it looks. You can even find some cerakoted versions in white or black that look really slick!

Adjustable 510

I would not recommend using this on hybrid-style mods.


  • Affordably priced
  • Quality construction
  • Unique build deck
  • Super solid connection for coils (might be a good choice for temp sensing coils)
  • Versatile with how many coils it can accept
  • Reduced chamber
  • Conical cap
  • Fantastic flavor in any mode
  • Fantastic vapor in quad-coil
  • Solid-state tip that accepts 510 tips
  • Deep well
  • Short profile


  • Can get a bit hot
  • Could have a bit more airflow
  • Some may have trouble with using the ring to trap coils
  • Should’ve included more replacement screws
  • You have to take off the whole top section to unscrew the atty from the mod


Frankly, this is one of those atties that I recommend to people when they feel bored with all the run-of-the-mill three-post RDAs that may have a lot of airflow, but suffer from any real signature appeal. The 454 Big Block v2 form Krytponite Vpaor has its own flair and the performance of it is up there with some of the best. It has it quirks and cons (as most do), but it really is a high quality atomizer at an affordable price. If you know how to build relatively well, I strongly recommend this atty. I received it free of charge to do this review, but I would buy it if I lost this one. It is one of my favorite atties!


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*Some discounts are dependent on your geographical location.
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