Myvapors Myjet By Wismec Preview

The Myvapors Myjet is a semi-closed pod vaping device that was designed for the company by Wismec. Vapers can use their own e-liquid or pre-filled pods from top brands.

MyVapors MyJet By Wismec front view
MyVapors MyJet By Wismec front view

A Cig-Alike With Advanced Features

The Myvapors Myjet is a semi-closed pod-vaping device produced by Wismec. While pod vapes are hitting the market hard and heavy (thanks to FDA deeming regulations, TPD, etc.), the MyJet has several interesting features that make it stand out. In addition to a charging option that’s great for experienced vapers, the company has partnered with several great e-liquid manufacturers on flavor pods. While the device offers the simplicity and ease-of-use of a cig-alike, it’s a bit more interesting than its competitors. Here’s a closer look at the Myvapors and Wismec Myjet.

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Myvapors Myjet Specs and E-Liquid Partners

MyVapors MyJet By Wismec pod cartridge

Here are the specs for the Myvapors Myjet.

  • Dimensions: 11.5 x 1.5 x 0.7 centimeters
  • E-Liquid Capacity: 1.2 milliliters
  • Battery Capacity: 350mAh
  • Estimated Output: 20 watts
  • Estimated Run Time: Four to six hours of continuous vaping
  • Material: Aluminum alloy

As I mentioned in the intro, the device is a semi-closed system. Vapers can buy empty cartridges for $2.99 and fill them up with the e-liquid of their choice. The company will also have pre-filled cartridges available from several popular companies. While the flavors may be familiar, the e-liquids have been reformulated to work optimally with the device. Here’s a list of Myvapors Myjet e-liquid launch partners.

  • Cuttwood
  • Fresh
  • CRFT
  • Mango Me
  • ANML
  • Drip Club
  • Mad Hatter
  • One Hit Wonder
  • Peel
  • Beyond Vape
  • NKTR

Configurations and Closing Thoughts

MyVapors MyJet By Wismec battery and charger

The Myvapors Myjet will be available in two configurations. The “Express Kit” comes with the device, an express charger, and two flavor pods. The “Full Kit” comes with the device, two flavor pods, and a “Personal Carrying Charger” (PCC). The former retails for $24.99, while the latter costs $39.99.

The PCC is an interesting accessory that’s perfect for enthusiast vapers. It’s a portable charger that runs on an 18650 battery and made from zinc alloy. When the device isn’t being used, you can pop it into the PCC and let it charge. It’s small enough to keep in your pocket while charging. While portable chargers for cig-alikes have been around for years, this is the first one that I know of that uses an 18650 battery.

The Myvapors Myjet is a sharp-looking pod vape with great e-liquid options and a clever charging accessory.

The Myvapors Myjet has a lot of compelling features that should help it stand out in what’s quickly becoming a competitive market. It has the convenience of cig-alikes and other pod-vaping devices. The list of e-liquid launch partners offering flavors pods is strong. Lastly, the PCC looks like a smart accessory that extends the product’s functionality. Add it all up and the Myvapors Myjet is a sharp-looking pod vape with great e-liquid options and a clever charging accessory.

What do you think of the product? Any of you interested in giving it a go? Does Wismec’s involvement make it more appealing to you? Please leave a comment and share your thoughts on this pod-vaping device.

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  • excalibrate

    great looking device ..i like the idea of being able to carry in pocket easily ..and the battery charging idea sounds like a winner .i will be curious to try this device ..thank you for a good review on a sweet product

    • Just to be clear, this was a preview. 🙂

  • loony2nz

    I got a sample in the store. It’s a nice compact device. You definitely need a higher nic level in the pod. 3mg or 6mg was almost imperceptible that there was any nic in the pod. Change it to as 12mg and you feel something. I normally vape 3mg so, for me needing a 12mg to feel anything is going to push people to buy higher nic. The problem with this, is that many companies aren’t creating flavors greater than 6mg. But, overall, nice compact device and great for on the go. 350mah battery isn’t going to get you through the day for those needing to puff all day, but for the casual user? perfect.

  • Robert G. Ingersoll

    If only it had a rebuildable pod…