Pegasus Vapor Academy Batteries Interview

Pegasus Vapor Academy batteries feature honest power and capacity specs. Learn more about them from Pegasus himself.


Batteries With Honest Ratings

Pegasus Vapor Academy batteries feature honest specs about their power and capacity. Many battery companies that target vapers grossly exaggerate their capabilities. For instance, it’s common to see 60-amp 18650 batteries online or in vape shops. The problem is there’s currently no such thing as an 18650 battery that delivers 60 amps of continuous current. Pegasus Vapor Academies come in five different types that work for five different types of vaping. Learn more about them in the interview above, with additional details below.

Five Types of Batteries For Five Different Vapers

Pegasus Vapor Academy Battery Chart
Pegasus Vapor Academy Battery Chart

Pegasus Vapor Academy batteries currently come in five varieties, listed as Type A through Type E. Type A has the highest capacity (mAh) and lowest power (amps), while Type E has the lowest capacity and highest power. The other three versions’ capacities and powers ascend or descend accordingly.

In addition to having accurate information on the batteries, Pegasus Vapor Academy batteries answer five different vaping needs. For example, a mouth-to-lung vaper that prefers vaping under 30 watts can happily use Type A. On the other end of the spectrum, vapers that want competition-level clouds on a mechanical mod sporting a super-low-ohm build are much better off with Type E. Pegasus has convenient charts on his website to help you find the right battery for your vaping setup.

Having honest and accurate specs helps keep vapers safe, while the five varieties of Pegasus Vapor Academy batteries helps vapers find the best battery for their needs. It’s a smart and refreshing approach to vaping batteries, especially considering how dishonest many battery companies are about their wares. I applaud Pegasus for educating vapers about battery needs and helping to keep vapers safe.

What do you think of Pegasus Vaper Academy batteries? Which type would suit you best? Please leave a comment and let me know.

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