Raven’s Moon RTA Interview

Raven's Moon Vapor president Brandon Nelson talks about his luxurious rebuildable tank atomizer.


Luxurious Vaping

The Raven’s Moon RTA is an exquisitely made rebuildable tank atomizer (RTA) that was crafted as a labor of love by Raven’s Moon Vapor president Brandon Nelson. While some vapers will be shocked by its sticker price, others will find the cost of admission worth it. For $300, vapers get a beautiful and impeccably made RTA that uses expensive materials and offers nice versatility. In the video interview above, company president Brandon Nelson talks about the features of the Raven’s Moon RTA.

All That Glitters

Ravensmoon RTA

The Raven’s Moon RTA can be used in three ways. The kit comes with a 7ml tank for maximum e-liquid capacity, a 4ml tank for something a bit stealthier, and a dripper cap for the purest flavor. Everything comes in a wooden collector’s box that looks handsome on a desk and will make you feel like Ron Burgundy.

One of the reasons for the Raven’s Moon RTA’s high price is its liberal use of gold. While many atomizers feature a gold-plated post or two, the entire build deck of the Raven’s Moon RTA is plated with gold — posts and all! Another reason for the price is that this atomizer has a very limited run; only 500 of them were made and Nelson said that he isn’t making any more.

While I was impressed by the aesthetics and workmanship of the Raven’s Moon RTA, what surprised me was how it vapes. The airflow holes are ample, so I was expecting an overly airy draw (which I find unsatisfying). Instead, I was delighted by the substantial draw this atomizer offers. In the clip above, Nelson talked about how he was able to achieve this type of draw in the Raven’s Moon RTA. He also noted that his atomizer can handle super-low-ohm coils and high wattages.

Rarified Air

Similar to how a Bentley Mulsanne isn’t for every driver, the Raven’s Moon RTA isn’t for every vaper. It’s a luxury item for vapers that appreciate fine craftsmanship and enjoy owning rare items. For what it offers, how it’s made, and the materials it uses, I believe that it’s worth the money, for certain vapers.

To learn more about the Raven’s Moon RTA, kindly listen to the words of its creator in the interview above. After that, please let me know in the comments section if you can see yourself buying this type of atomizer.

(Also, if you know what Bentley Mulsanne is and can easily afford one, you ought to consider donating a Tesla Model X to me so that I can provide you with even more vape coverage in an environmentally-friendly manner. *joke*)

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