Skyfall RDTA Review

Skyfall RDTA
Skyfall RDTA

Focusecig Skyfall RDTA Intro

Forget everything you know about squonking. Oh, you don’t even know what that is? Perfect. What is the Skyfall? What isn’t it? This device can be used in a squonk mod, or as a regular dripping atomizer, but the most interesting part is that you can use it as an RDTA. That means a rebuildable dripping tank atomizer, essentially a dripper sitting on top of a tank. The juice is fed to the coils through a center-rod when the user presses a spring-loaded squonk-ring. It is a very interesting device, and although there are other RDTA’s out, I have never seen one quite like this.

Price – $39.99


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Focusecig Skyfall RDTA Specs and Features

Skyfall RDTA Disassembled
Skyfall RDTA Disassembled
  • Skyfall RDTA by Focusecig
  • Additional O-Rings, Positive Pin, Screws
  • Japanese Organic Cotton
Skyfall RDTA Manual
Skyfall RDTA Manual
  • 22mm Diameter
  • 5ml Tank Capacity
  • RDA Functionality
    • Two Post Design
    • 2.5mm Diameter
    • PEEK Insulators
    • 7mm x 1mm Slotted Side Airflow
    • 5mm x 2mm Top Airflow
    • Fully Adjustable
    • Single and Dual Airflow Capability
    • Reversable Barrel for Airflow Selection
    • Widebore Drip Top Compatible with Side Airflow
  • Spring Loaded ‘Squonk’ Action
  • Refillable through ‘Squonk’ Top
  • 316 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Glass Tank Section

Notable Remarks


Skyfall RDTA
Skyfall RDTA

The flavor is on-point with any good rebuildable atomizer such as the Plume Veil or Tugboat only that it is bottom-fed, no dripping necessary. Take your favorite RDA, and imagine it over a 5ml tank of juice. The best part about rebuilding is getting to use whatever type of cotton you want!


The vapor production on this badboy is off the charts. With only a dual-coil, 28-gauge kanthal, I was getting huge, thick clouds of vapor! The best way to get maximum cloudage out of this atty is to line up your coils with the airflow slots so that they are just “peaking out” with the top-cap on. (You want to be able to see your coils right in the center of your airflow slots.) I didn’t use the competition style drip-tip but you could throw that on and some twisted build and that would chuck harder than a major league pitcher on crack. (I was gonna say steroids but crack was funnier.)


The machining itself is good, the device is well constructed and worth the price, however it is a good idea to give it a quick rinse much like any device you purchase, there was some oil on it. The top cap doesn’t come off in one piece unfortunately due to the parts fitting so tightly. Last but not least do not take apart the squonk ring unless you happen to be free all day because you will need that time getting it back together, trust me. Getting those screws and springs back in was not fun.


Skyfall RDTA Customizable Options
Skyfall RDTA Customizable Options

My first reaction to seeing a picture of this thing was “huh!?” It looks like a Plume Veil and a Sub Tank got drunk one night and had a lovechild. Is it a tank or is it an RDA? A little bit of both. I am not a big fan of the red O-rings, but the black ones look “sick as tits”, as Rip would say. I am not a fan of competition drip-tips either but overall it is nice-looking and is actually not too tall. I love the way the Skyfall logo is engraved on the squonk-ring and on the competition drip-tip. Looks fancy.


The airflow is good, wide open gives a nice, airy draw. In single coil mode, the draw is a little more restrictive due to the fact that you are only using one slot. Overall, it reminds me of the Plume Veil, minus the whole post-airflow system. I also used the top-airflow option but it didn’t line up with my coils since you can’t put them too high or else the top cap will be touching. The Skyfall provides a nice amount of airflow the way any good dripper should.

Build deck

Skyfall RDTA RDA Deck
Skyfall RDTA RDA Deck

Sort of a good news bad news situation. This has a two-post design, so dual-coiling takes a bit of finagling, but the post holes are fat. The best part is that you have some nice, big, beefy screws. This makes a big difference, especially when building with thick wire. The deck uses Peek insulation which works great and the juice wells are nice and work well with the squonk system. For the most part, building on this atty was not bad at all.


  • Original concept
  • Nice big post holes
  • Chucks huge, dense clouds
  • Holds 5ml of e-liquid
  • Good flavor
  • Good value


  • Need a screwdriver and syringe to fill tank
  • Must adjust center pin to use in RDTA mode
  • Spins when trying to fasten to your device
  • No instructional manual, just a diagram
  • Tends to give false readings on ohm meter
  • Top cap is extremely difficult to pull off


In conclusion, I feel the Skyfall is worth the money. If you are interested in squonking instead of going the Sub Ohm Tank route then this is for you. No need to buy an expensive squonk mod! There were certainly some issues but for the most part this device is a one-of-a-kind and works the way it should once everything is set up. I would not buy this to use as an RDA but as an RDTA, it is perfect for the squonker on a budget. This product, when taken apart, contains a ton of small little pieces and screws, but if you were into Legos and puzzles like I was growing up, then you’re gonna love it!

Update: Some people were having an issue with the 510 pin, so Focusecig has posted on their Facebook page that they have provided a new, longer pin in the pack. If anybody is having that issue and does not have the updated piece, then contact Focusecig and they will hook that up for you.


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*Some discounts are dependent on your geographical location.
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