Smoant Mobula 25mm RTA Review

Today Bill takes a look at the Smoant Mobula to find out how this 25mm RTA compares to the many others out there...

Smoant Mobula RTA

Smoant Mobula RTA Intro

A Mobula is a Devil ray fish, similar to a Manta ray. Adult mobula have a wing span of up to 17 feet. They leap out of the water, then belly flop to attract potential mates. Courting should be so straightforward for other species, like us…

Smoant is a Chinese ecig manufacturer whose main market share up until recently has been in starter kits for beginning vapers, but they’re stepping up their game and moving into the arenas of mods and tanks for more advanced vapers. The Mobula is their first serious and sophisticated RTA.

Smoant Mobula RTA Gallery

PRODUCT Specs and Features

Kit Content

  • 1 RTA Atomizer Tank
  • 7 spare O-rings
  • 4 spare Hex Screws
  • 1 spare Glass Tank Section
  • 1 Allen Key
  • 1 Drip Tip Adapter for 510 Drip Tips
  • 1 Block to Allow Single-Coil Builds


  • Innovative RTA
  • 6 mL Super Large Volume
  • Airflow direct to coils from Top and Bottom
  • Juice flow control for high VG
  • Velocity RBA with 2mm post hole
  • 17.5 mm big built deck
  • super easy to rebuilt
  • Top refill juice with huge holes
  • Size : 25 mm * 59 mm
  • Adjustable 510 pin
  • Huge Vapor
  • Pure Taste
  • 304SS + Silica Glass
  • Available for Single and Dual Coil

Notable Remarks


As of the writing of this review (11 July 2016), the Smoant Mobula RTA is relatively new and available mainly from Chinese online vendors for prices that range from $23 to $29. American vendors will probably carry it in stock before long.


Smoant Mobula RTA Single Coil-Dual Coil

The Mobula is a large, tall RTA, holding 6 mL of eliquid. I like the fact that the deck enclosure inside the tank is engraved with Smoant on one side (with a cute ant head graphic) and Mobula RTA on the other side (with a picture of a flying Mobula ray). I have so many mod and tank setups on my desk, each with its own labeled eliquid flavor, that I appreciate knowing what tank I’ve just picked up to vape.

The Mobula is designed with both bottom and top air flow to the coils, in a manner that isn’t totally unique, but qualifies as innovative. The bottom air intake is standard — wide cyclonic slots with a control ring to cover or uncover the intakes. The top air flow is different and looks it. The air intake is hidden beneath the threaded top cap, which also functions as the removable top fill port. Tiny engravings on the top surface specify on (open air flow) or off (no air flow). When open, air is pulled in from the top, sent down an outer shell of the chimney, then directed to hit the coils on the deck from above. This means that the coils are aerated both from below and from above, giving the Mobula an airy draw that enhances vapor production. Like so many of the current generation RTAs, the Mobula is definitely not for mouth-to-lung vapers.


Smoant Mobula RTA Taken Apart

The Smoant Mobula 25 mm RTA is basically a slightly-modified GeekVape Griffin 25. The aesthetics are a little different, but the designs are similar. If you’re going to copy a design, or at least use one as a template, you could do a lot worse than the Griffin 25, which is among the most popular current-generation RTAs.

As some reviewers have already pointed out, the aesthetics of the Mobula look like a cross between a Griffin RTA and Aspire’s original Nautilus tank, with its domed glass tank and smaller domed top cap. The association is purely one of appearance, however, since the Mobula has cylindrical glass with straight sides and a rounded metal dome. Some vapers may object to the Mobula’s aesthetics; others won’t mind at all.

Build decks on the Mobula 25 and Griffin 25 are almost identical. Both are Velocity-style with dual posts and quad wire traps that secure with side-mounted hex screws. This deck design is becoming almost an industry standard. The Griffin deck is a spacious 17 mm in diameter; the Mobula is slightly larger at 17.5 mm. Both have eliquid channels covered by a retaining ring that makes accurate wicking a snap. Building coils on both decks is a pleasure.

In typical fashion for me, I built dual coils of 24-gauge SS316L (six wraps at 3.0 mm diameter) that came in at 0.17Ω and vaped like a champ. The Mobula should easily accommodate more exotic builds, using Clapton, Twisted, Alien, or Hive wire. I didn’t try using the included accessory for blocking off one side of the deck’s air intake to allow single-coil builds, but I have no reason to think that it wouldn’t work nicely.

Smoant Mobula RTA Airflow

With identical builds, performance is just about the same for the two tanks. I’d give a slight nod to the Griffin for flavor, while the Mobula produces a tad more vapor. That judgment is so subjective, however, that it hardly matters and may not even be true. My point is that here, as elsewhere, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Smoant has produced a tank that performs just as well as the Griffin, on which the Mobula seems to have been based.

The only issues I can identify are the tank’s size and aesthetics, and those will be pros for some vapers, while cons for others. Build quality and machining were excellent on the unit I was sent to review. Coil building was a pleasure. In short, what’s not to like?

2015 was the Year of the Sub-Ohm Clearomizer Tank. As good as many of those tanks were, however, they’ve been surpassed this year (sometimes like they were standing still) by the current generation of RTAs. Sure, sub-ohm clearo tanks are still very convenient, especially as tank-makers move into ceramic factory heads. But designers and manufacturers have finally worked out the bugs of RTAs, and they’re so great now! I still use my Crown and FreeMax sub-ohm clearo tanks, but they no longer impress me as much as they once did. 2016 is definitely the Year of the RTA.

(Yes, I understand that RDA fans will laugh at what I wrote above, since RDAs are still considered the pinnacle of advanced vaping, but that’s a different story altogether.)


The Smoant Mobula 25 mm RTA is yet another solid performer in what has become an increasingly crowded field of very impressive RTAs.


Bill Herbst
My name is Bill. I’ve been a dedicated vaper for five and a half years, having ended a 35-year addiction to tobacco cold-turkey on my first day of vaping. I live on the Oregon coast, in the tiny town of Florence, one huge sand dune away from the Pacific Ocean.
  • Mirza

    My beloved Crius Plus, Griffin 25 and now Mobula. Seems like GeekVape set up good standard to follow.

    • Darren Bentley

      I just need tbe mobula but tbink i will opt for something like the mod father since its rta im more into convenience rather than anything elae , an dam uts got 3 decks an 3 tank) galss an chim sizes , so why not

      • Darren Bentley

        I got obs crius plus 25mm Griffin , billow v3 olus 25mm its great rta , ud bellus x2 dam good for flavour that small chamber , ijoy limitless plus 25mm fantastic, x 2 ,an got the snail from china bringing my i joy tornado RDTA with both decks an 6 coiler 300w, all to run on my old rx 200 an S an my beautiful lost vapes triade dna200 , thought was time for a DNA,an dam this one just got right what jaybo an wismec did so wrong ,they even emphasis that by raising the 510 mount on a tiny platform dmsaying look at me im so much better than crappy shallow 510 on all wismecs devices , then slapped that premium leather backdoor on to rub it in , ha ha its just the better version of a great shape and design