Sniper RDA Review

The Sniper RDA
The Sniper RDA

Focusecig Sniper RDA Intro

The Sniper by Focusecig is an inexpensive 22 mm RDA capable of taking either single or dual coils with a quad-post build deck utilizing a single, and a single-chambered bottom-fed airflow—also with the capability to be converted to 20×1 threaded hybrid atomizer. So there’s a couple cool features here for an RDA for under $30. But is it any good?

Let’s take a look…

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Focusecig Sniper RDA Specs and Features

In a thin, janky, logo-branded cardboard box, you get two extra o-rings, a few inches of wire (unknown gauge), one extra screw, one extra silicon chimney and one extra contact insulator. Also included is one pad of Japanese OC.

The Sniper RDA Disassembled
The Sniper RDA Disassembled
  • Made of food-grade 304 stainless steel
  • 22mm mod M20x1 hybrid system for direct conductivity and flush look
  • Four post design featuring two positive posts and two negative posts
  • Single and Dual coil configuration that sits center right above the airflow
  • Innovative dual bottom adjustable airflow control
  • Adjustable center pin adaptor
  • Innovative Design at an ultra affordable price tag
  • Original & Affordable

Note 1: The Sniper also comes with a silicon chimney piece that is supposed to sit over the coils, thus channeling the center chimney further to concentrate the bottom-fed airflow for more of a saturated flavor, but it sits too closely to the coils and I used it once and now refuse to use it! The flavor is not affected at all, in my estimation, with it on. It feels wrong! Leave it off.

Note 2: The quad-post deck has two high and two low posts (for having stacked dual-coils), so know that the two tall posts go together and the two low posts go together. One insulated post per coil.

Notable Remarks

Build Quality/Machining of The Sniper

The Sniper RDA Deck Low
The Sniper RDA Deck Low

It’s okay. The threaded parts are a little rough, but not too bad. The food grade 304 SS is nice and beefy, and the overall machining looks fairly nice. But the overall construction is just bordering on decent. I don’t have any parts that spin freely or don’t work, but a couple of my posts in my build deck are slanted. That irks me. But it doesn’t affect the vape.

Performance of the Sniper RDA

The Sniper RDA Hybrid Mode
The Sniper RDA Hybrid Mode

Overall, this RDA performs fairly well for the price. There are better options out there, even for the cost of this atty, but while vaping on the Sniper for this review I quickly found myself reaching for it with no trepidation or sense of obligation—just for vape’s sake!

The flavor isn’t exactly top-notch, but I was able to get respectable flavor and vapor out of it with little to no hassle.

Ease of build

Due to where the post holes are, you’ll have to snake you leads around the posts. Or, what’s even easier is to just trap under the screws.

Doing a single coil or even a dual coil is relatively easy and doesn’t require any type of advanced level of building skills, but it does have its quirks.

The post holes will accommodate relatively thick wire like 22 or 24 gauge and I am able to fit my Clatpon wire in it, but this RDA doesn’t have enough airflow to want to use any extreme coils.


It’s not got a lot, but it’s around what you can get out of a Magma from Paradigm Mods. One thing I dislike about the airflow in the Sniper is there seems to be something inhibiting the flow of air. I am not sure what causes this, but it’s like it’s not smooth and it feels like a gurgle but it’s not actually gurgling.

The airflow comes in from two points on either side of the base going into one channel that will sit directly underneath your coil(s) and directly in line with the drip tip opening. In theory this should give a nice flavorful vape. Sometimes things work out a bit better on paper than in reality.

Special Features

The Sniper RDA Deck High
The Sniper RDA Deck High

Telescoping, bottom-fed airflow chimney

  • I am not sure if this is an actual feature or not or just how the atty is built. I have not seen anyone talk about it, but it is there nonetheless. The airflow channel can be ticked up or down a few mm. If I am running dual coils, I keep it low; if I run a single coil with the taller posts, I adjust it up a bit. [Don’t go too far up or you’ll just unscrew it out.]

20×1 hybrid conversion [Insert hybrid mode]

  • At a time when people are unfortunately making headlines for using the wrong atomizers with direct-connection mods, this atty lets you take any 20×1 threaded mod and turn it into a real hybrid RDA without having to worry about if your center pin protrudes enough. I commend Focusecig for this addition. It’s a great way to get that super-conductive experience with your set-up, but in a safe and confident manner.

[Photographed on top of my favorite mech mod, the Jon Kuroyama “JKuro Customs” Mod]


  • Inexpensive
  • Decent performance
  • 20×1 hybrid conversion
  • Telescoping bottom-fed airflow channel
  • Made out of beefy steel


  • Construction is just okay
  • Airflow feels clogged
  • Build deck is a bit wonky


I can’t say that I would actually recommend this atty, but if one were interested in buying it I would not necessarily discourage it. This atty can perform decently for flavor and vapor and should be viewed totally in the context of the money it costs to buy it. But, considering how the “clone” game is so prevalent now, I would recommend this before going down that road should any reader be pressed for cash. I received this for free, and while I wouldn’t buy it again if I lost it, I will occasionally use it. That says something.


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*Some discounts are dependent on your geographical location.
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