What is a squonk mod?-Infographic

Most folks are familiar with rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDAs) and the performance they offer. The one disadvantage of using RDAs is the actual “dripping” part of the equation. Carrying around a bottle of e-liquid and constantly dripping into your atomizer can often be inconvenient and potentially messy. So, what if you could drip without dripping and still enjoy the inherent performance of a conventional RDA? Good news, you can!

Welcome to squonking! Below is a collection of the most recent and best bottom fed vape devices.

Best squonk mods 2018

  • Solid construction
  • Durable finish
  • Pocketable
  • Locking switch
  • Comfortable firing button
  • Includes two different 6.5 mL squonk bottles
  • Athena RDA provides great flavor
  • Attractive aesthetics
  • Fits any bottom-fed RDA up to 24 mm
  • Cons
  • Boxy edges
  • Non ergonomic
  • Noisy airflow on Athena RDA
  • Specifications

    • Drip tip height: 7 mm
    • Drip tip width: 18 mm
    • Material: aluminum + SS
    • Physical dimensions: 73 x 46 x 25 mm
    • Juice storage: reservoir / bottle
    • Refilling method: dripping / squonk
    • Battery type: single 18650

    Geekvape’s Athena Squonk Kit is compact and attractive. It comes with everything you need to start squonking today. The kit includes the mod, a bottom fed dripper and an extra squonk bottle. Power and portability in the palm of your hand. Its safety lock allows you to chuck it in your pocket.

    The included Athena RDA features a top airflow design, ideal for bottom feeding. It isn’t going to leak if you over-squonk, but still provides intense flavor. This box mod is fully mechanical, and runs on a single 18650. If you’re looking for your first squonker, this is it. A must-have for squonk enthusiasts.

  • UL-80-JX chipset
  • Stabwood body
  • 7 mL juice capacity
  • Comfortable firing button
  • Safety protection features
  • Compact
  • Cons
  • Can't remove bottle when it's full
  • Specifications

    • UL-80-JX chipset
    • Power output based on current battery state
    • 80 W maximum output
    • 27 A output current
    • 3.3 to 4.2 V output voltage
    • 0.1 to 3 ohm atomizer range
    • 6063 aluminum chassis
    • Stabilized wood body
    • Bottom feed bottle
    • 7 mL maximum Capacity
    • Magnetized bottom feed door
    • Single 18650 battery powered
    • Tool-less battery door cover
    • Battery sold separately
    • Single button control face
    • Oversized firing button
    • LED light indicator

    The Luna is truly one of its kind. It is a stabwood regulated squonk mod. Running on a single 18650, the mod promises 80 watts maximum output. The Luna has an oversized firing button and a battery door that’s easy to remove. Its internal squonk bottle holds up to 7 mL of juice.

    The Asmodus Luna has a frame made of solid aluminum. It uses the UL-80-JX chipset which provides full safety protection. If you’re looking for a durable stabwood regulated squonker, it’s hard to beat the Asmodus Luna. It looks like it would cost three times the price. Excellent value.

  • Quality machining
  • High-end look
  • Affordable
  • Built-in protections
  • 7.5 mL juice capacity
  • Compact
  • Cons
  • Stiff plastic bottle
  • Big Wismec logo
  • Specifications

    • Size: 43.2 x 25.1 x 76.7 mm
    • Weight: 124.6 g
    • Thread type: 510 spring loaded connector
    • Cell type: high-rate 18650 cell
    • Max output wattage: 100 W

    Want that high-end look but don’t want spend a fortune? Gotcha. The Wismec Luxotic is the perfect way to jump into squonking. Even if you’ve been squonking for a while and looking for an upgrade, the Luxotic is a fantastic option. The mod is unregulated with built-in safety features.

    It uses interchangeable plates that can be swapped out for a custom look. Its internal squonk bottle can hold up to 7.5 mL of juice. The Luxotic runs on a single 18650 battery and allows outputs up to 100 watts. It’s compact, sexy and performs the way a good squonker should.

  • Competitive price point
  • Locking safety switch
  • Uses either a 20700 or 18650 battery
  • Holds up to 8 mL of ejuice
  • Lightweight
  • Hard hitting
  • Intelligent firing button
  • Fits up to 25 mm squonk RDAs
  • Colored bottles and panels available (not included)
  • Ergonomic design
  • Cons
  • Slight voltage-drop due to locking switch
  • Specifications

    • Accepts 18650/20700 battery
    • Locking power switch
    • Spring-loaded 510
    • 8 mL food grade silicone bottle
    • Unregulated
    • Copper contacts (fully mechanical)
    • Replaceable front and back panels

    Looking for an affordable bottom feeder mod? The Pulse BF is a great option, especially for the price. It’s a hard-hitting mechanical box mod, designed to squonk. Utilizing a single 20700-battery, it’s also compatible with an 18650 using the provided adapter. Don’t let the price fool you, this thing chucks.

    The Pulse BF Squonk mod is compatible with all your favorite bottom fed attys. The body is made of a nylon material that makes it lightweight and durable at the same time. It has an oversized firing button and a locking switch for safety. An excellent “balling on a budget” choice for squonk lovers.

  • 7 mL capacity squonk bottle
  • Utilizes the DNA75C chip
  • Variety of attractive styles
  • Compatible with Lost Vape Drone squonk bottles
  • Fits atomizers up to 25 mm in diameter
  • Customizable interface
  • Cons
  • Insufficient battery venting
  • Gets warm when chain vaping
  • Difficult to remove battery
  • Removing squonk bottle can get messy
  • Specifications

    • Brand: Lost Vape
    • Model: Therion BF DNA75
    • Material: zinc alloy
    • Mod type: temperature control mod | VV/VW mod
    • APV mod wattage range: 51-100 W
    • APV mod wattage: 75 W
    • Temperature control range: 200 - 600F
    • Battery form factor: 18650
    • Battery quantity: 1pc (not included)
    • Battery cover type: magnetic
    • Connection threading of battery: 510
    • Atomizer Type: rebuildable atomizer | rebuildable drippers
    • Connection threading of atomizer: 510

    The Lost Vape Therion BF utilizes the latest DNA75C chipset. It provides a smooth and accurate vape, whether in wattage or temp control mode. The Therion BF also comes in a variety of unique designs and colors. It’s a luxurious device for hardcore squonkers, who don’t want to sacrifice performance.

    If you like to squonk in style, this is for you. The Therion BF has a full color TFT screen complete with theme designer software and a customizable interface. It is powered by a single 18650-cell and can support atomizers up to 25 mm. This is truly a pimped-out version of your traditional squonker mod.

  • Easy to pocket
  • Affordable
  • Ultem firing switch
  • Includes Druga 22 RDA
  • Black 5 mL squonk bottle
  • Simple yet sexy design
  • Cons
  • Only fits 22 mm RDAs
  • Plastic outer shell
  • Side panel requires battery to stay shut
  • Specifications

    • 5ml capacity squonk bottle
    • Powered by 1 x 18650 battery (not included)
    • Magnetic cover panel
    • Round corner design
    • Stainless steel construction
    • 510 threading connection
    • CNC engraved
    • 22 mm diameter
    • Two-post build deck
    • 24 K gold-plated deck
    • PEEK insulator
    • Clamp snag system
    • Convenient and secure assembly
    • Comes with gold-plated brass pin and SS squonk pin

    The Druga RDA has been well received by squonking fans. Augvape has capitalized on its success by turning it into a full squonking kit. The combo includes a 22-mm version of the popular Druga RDA. The mod is made of tough plastic, so it’s durable yet lightweight. Inside is a 5 mL squonk bottle.

    The Druga 22 squonker utilizes an attractive, square-shaped Ultem firing button. It has silver plated contacts to provide minimal voltage drop. It’s a fully mechanical device, with a simplistic design. The box mod has rounded edges for comfort and the signature Druga logo laser-engraved into the body.

  • Lavish design
  • Variety of panels available
  • Uses the DNA75 chipset
  • 8 mL e-liquid capacity
  • Accommodates up to 25 mm atomizers
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Cons
  • Squonk bottle is tough to squeeze
  • Side panels have a little play to them
  • Specifications

    • Brand: HCigar
    • Model: VT Inbox
    • Material: aluminum
    • APV mod wattage range: 51-100 W
    • APV mod wattage: 75 W
    • Adjustable voltage range: 0.2 – 6 V
    • Temperature control range: 100 - 300 Deg. C / 200 - 600 Deg. F
    • Battery form factor: 18650
    • Battery quantity: 1pc (not included)

    The HCigar VT Inbox isn’t just a regulated squonker. Powered by the DNA75 board, it provides accurate temperature control and wattage outputs. It runs on a single 18650-battery and holds 8 mL of e-juice. Using the Evolv software, this mod is fully customizable based on your specific needs.

    The device uses interchangeable magnetic battery doors. You can easily change the look of it to suit your style. On the power button, there is a battery indication light that tells you how much life you have. The VT Inbox accommodates all your favorite bottom fed drippers up to 25 mm in diameter.

  • Lightweight
  • Includes 3 squonk bottles
  • Strong locking magnetic panels
  • Colorful resin aesthetics
  • Affordable for a resin box mod
  • Locking mechanism for safety
  • Squonk bottle holds 7 mL of juice
  • Fits atomizers up to 24 mm
  • Cons
  • Takes a bit of effort to engage lock
  • No battery orientation indication
  • Some voltage-drop due to internal wiring
  • Specifications

    • Fire Button with safe lock
    • 1 PEEK with 510-adapter to prevent overheating
    • 24k gold material on metal parts to ensure the best electronic conductivity
    • 510 spring contact-pin to support all atomizers
    • 3pcs PET food grade bottles with 7 mL capacity
    • Noble padauk/resin material for mod body
    • Uses one 18650 battery (not included)

    Resin squonk mods are usually quite pricey. Not this one! Stentorian in collaboration with Wotofo has created a flashy resin squonker that won’t send you into poverty. It has that high-end box mod look, while costing a fraction of what you would expect to pay for one. Well it’s about damn time…

    The Stentorian RAM doesn’t just look nice, it performs well too. Running on a single 18650-battery, the RAM performs the way a mech mod should. Inside the mod is a 7 mL squonk bottle, protected by powerful magnetic doors. They also included a safe, locking switch feature for when it’s not in use.

  • Uses the Aegis chipset
  • High wattage output
  • Fires down to 0.05 ohms
  • Easy to operate
  • Comfortable to hold
  • No overhang with 25 mm atties
  • Cons
  • Chunky
  • Stiff plastic bottles
  • Specifications

    • Atomizer range: 0.05 ohms - 3.0 ohms
    • Atomizer resistance accuracy reading: 0.02 ohms
    • Output range: 5 W - 200 W
    • Voltage range: 0.1 V - 8 V
    • Maximum vaping duration: 10 seconds
    • Dimensions of the GBOX 200W: 114.9 mm - 5.7 mm - 46 mm
    • PCBA temperature warning: 85C
    • Detailed 0.96`` OLED display screen that includes a brightness control setting
    • Accepts two 18650 batteries (sold separately)

    Craving more power? The GeekVape Gbox 200 let’s you squonk harder for longer. It runs on two 18650s and uses the same chip that’s in the Aegis. The Gbox gives you the freedom to use any type of coils you want. It fires down to 0.05 ohms and its squonk bottle holds 8 mL of juice.

    The GeekVape Gbox is for the squonker who wants an affordable dual-battery bottom feeding setup. The device is firmware upgradeable and features temp control, bypass mode and variable power curves. The Gbox accommodates larger atomizers up to 25 mm in diameter.

  • Exquisite aesthetics
  • 12 mL capacity
  • Compatible with 18650 or 20700
  • Reasonably priced
  • Hard hitting
  • Low voltage drop
  • Cons
  • Doesn't include a spare bottle
  • Slight overhang with 24 mm atties
  • Soft fire button
  • Specifications

    • Powered by a single high amp 18650 or 20700 battery (sold separately)
    • Bottom feeding (squonk) design
    • 12 mL squonk bottle
    • Fully mechanical
    • Dual magnetic battery panels

    DotMod is already notorious for their luxurious hard-hitting mech mods. This one is their hardest hitter yet, and it’s a squonker! It has an enormous juice bottle with a 12 mL capacity. When used with the dotRDA24, you get the added bonus of being able to fill the bottle through the top cap.

    The DotSquonk has the same lavish look and feel that you would expect from DotMod. They have created a single battery squonker with a high-end feel. When you hold the mod in your hand, you can feel the elegance of its beveled edges. A must have for the DotMod enthusiast.

    How a squonker works

    Best Squonk Mod

    The operation of a squonk device is very simple, as shown in the diagram below. Simply press the e-liquid bottle via the bottle opening (squonk hole) in the mod and liquid is fed by pressure via a tube into your atomizer through the 510-connection, saturating the wicking material. Releasing the pressure will reclaim excess liquid back into the bottle.

    History of squonkers


    The origins of bottom feed mods date back to 2009. The person most often credited with creating the first commercially available squonker is “Carlos49”, at the time a member of the E-Cigarette Forum (ECF). His creation, the JuiceBox, featured an integrated atomizer.

    The JuiceBox never achieved commercial success due to the inability to service the integrated atomizer without sending it back to the modder coupled, and because of an inability to fulfill orders.

    The JuiceBox did, however, serve as the inspiration for what is likely the most popular and successful squonker of all time: The REO, created by Robert O’Neil, another ECF member. The REO is widely considered the gold standard in bottom feed mods and has introduced thousands of vapers to the joys of squonking.

    Rob introduced his first REOs to the world in early 2010 and has continued developing new models up to the recent REO P67, introduced earlier this year. The REO eschewed an integrated atomizer in favor of external atomizers such as 306/801/901 cartomizers and 510 atomizers.

    Modern squonkers


    In the years since the introduction of bottom feeder mods, many more have come to market as squonking is rapidly gaining in popularity among the vaping community. With the additional entrants to the market have come numerous improvements and innovations.

    Most notably are regulated squonk mods, both variable wattage and temperature control, and the ability to use 25 mm atomizers, whereas older models may have only accepted 22 mm atomizers.

    Regulated squonk boxes will typically be considerably larger than their mechanical counterparts due to the additional space required for the circuit board and associated components. Squonkers using YiHi SX350J and, especially, the Evolve DNA250 chipsets are going to be downright large.

    However, whether you prefer mechanical devices or regulated varieties, there is a bottom feeder mod out there for you. While still a niche market, the options available to current and potential users of bottomed mods is ever expanding. In the last year, we’ve seen a huge surge in bottom feeders.

    Squonk RDAs


    Let’s take a minute to discuss squonking atomizers. A squonking or bottom feed atomizer is nothing more than an RDA with some modifications to facilitate the feeding (squonking) and reclamation (draining) of juice. The 510-positive pin of the atomizer is hollow, allowing e-liquid to pass through.

    Be aware of the materials used in your squonking atomizers. Modifying copper and brass pins for squonking will allow your e-liquid to be in contact with those metals and potentially lead to elements leaching into your liquid. We recommend using only stainless steel 510 pins for squonking applications.

    Fortunately, these days, most modern RDAs come squonk-ready. (See Best RDAs for more options.)

    Which squonker is right for you?


    Now that we’ve covered the basics of squonking and atomizers, how about some mods? Historically, squonking has been an expensive endeavor. While there are still plenty of high dollar squonk rigs to choose from, a few recent entrants from China have hit the market at very reasonable price points.

    Some budget friendly squonkers include the Pulse BF, the Alexader X-Drip, and the Geek Vape Athena. Scroll up to find some more affordable, entry-level squonkers.

    From there your options are only limited by your wallet and, to some degree, availability. Many of the higher end squonk mods are produced in very limited numbers and are highly sought after, making securing some of them a daunting proposition. Acquiring a lot of the higher end mods often requires joining a waiting list or through various other mechanisms typically available only through the modder’s Facebook page or group. These budget squonks are giving them a run for their money!


    Is squonking for everyone? Absolutely not. However, with some of the inexpensive options available now, the cost of entry isn’t prohibitive, so many more folks may opt to see if squonking is right for them. Remember, don’t drip and drive kids! Squonk instead! What’s YOUR favorite squonk device?

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