Trinity Glass Tanks US1 Mod & RDA Preview & Interview

Vaping360 chats with Trinity Glass Tanks' Fabian Turcutto about the company's US1 Mod and US1 Atomizer, designed for competition use and safety.


From Glass to Competition-Level Vaping

Trinity Glass Tanks is getting into the competition-level (and vape tricks) vaping game with the US1 Mod and US1 RDA. The company is know for its beautiful and functional pyrex glass vaping accessories (I’m a huge of its Sub X tank for the Kanger Subtank Mini), so competition-level mods and atomizers is a bold direction for Trinity Glass Tanks. At VPX Las Vegas, I chatted with sales manager Fabian Turcutto to learn more about the US1 Mod and US1 RDA.

Built For Performance and Safety

Trinity Glass Tanks US1 Mod Brass
Trinity Glass Tanks US1 Mod Brass

The US1 Mod is a hybrid vaping device with a curvy design. When I first saw the copper model, I thought that it unscrewed at the bottom, similar to many mechanical mods. I was surprised to learn that the seam is in the middle of the mod. Unless you’re looking for it, the seam on the brass and copper models is unnoticeable, which is a testament to the US1 Mod’s machining. With its tight machining and hybrid connection, the US1 Mod should be a strong performer.

Additionally, there are a number of safety features behind the US1 Mod. Turcutto outlines them during the interview. While I love and appreciate the numerous competition-level mechs on the market, I wish more of them would emphasize safety, like the US1 Mod and Rogue USA mods.

The US1 Mod will initially be available in brass, copper, and stainless steel. Expect colored models in the future.

A Touch of Glass

Trinity Glass Tanks US1 RDA
Trinity Glass Tanks US1 RDA

On the atomizer side, Trinity Glass Tanks has the US1 RDA on tap. In addition to being the company’s first atomizer, it’s the first RDA with a hybrid metal/pyrex top cap that I’ve seen (please let me know if you’ve seen others).

The US1 RDA features a two-post design with large holes to accommodate thick wire. It has ample gold plating as well. The top cap was designed so that vapor touches as much glass as possible, making the flavor as pure and clean as possible. While Trinity Glass Tanks has offered excellent caps for many popular atomizers, the caps lacked adjustable airflow. Going hybrid allows the US1 to offer the purity of pyrex and adjustable airflow.

US1 Mod and US1 RDA For You?

Check out my chat with Fabian above to learn more about the US1 Mod and US1 RDA, as well as to see closeups of both products. After you’ve done so, please let me know how you feel about both vaping products in the comments section. While I’m excited for both, I’d love hear your thoughts on them as well.

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