TVL Colt45 Mechanical Mod Interview

TVL owner Marlow Younan talks to Vaping360 about the Colt45 mechanical mod and TVL atomizer caps for the Kennedy RDA.


TVL Colt45: It Works Every Time

While I was disappointed that the TVL Colt45 wasn’t named after the malt liquor beverage endorsed by Lando Calrissian, I was very impressed by the mods. These made-in-the-USA mechanical mods feature quality metals, great craftsmanship, and competition-level performance. At SoCal Vape Convention, company owner Marlow Younan told me about the TVL Colt45 mechanical mods and the company’s third-party caps for the Kennedy RDA.

High Performance and Sleek Aesthetics

TVL Colt45 Black Brass Edition
TVL Colt45 Black Brass Edition

Younan’s unique design combined with quality metals are why the TVL Colt45 hits so hard. As with many competition-level mods, this mech features a hybrid 510 connection for direct contact with the battery. The mods also have a self-adjusting button so vapers will never experience battery rattle. The TVL Colt45 launched with 464 naval brass and C145 tellurium copper models.

At the show, Younan showed off the new black-copper, aluminum, and black-aluminum versions of the TVL Colt45. The new black copper finish looks fantastic; it’s a great choice for vapers that want the metal with the highest conductivity in a finish that’s flashier than naked copper. The aluminum models also offer great performance, but in a body that’s super light.

Lastly, Younan showed me his after-market cap for the Kennedy RDA. Younan mad a cap that gives the Kennedy RDA a matching look with the various TVL Colt45 mods available. He equated the caps to ties that complement suits, in this case the TVL Colt45 mods, perfectly.

Future Products From TVL

While vapers are enjoying the TVL Colt45 now, they have a bunch of upcoming products to look forward to by early 2017. Younan is working hard on a new atomizer and box mod. If they’re anything like his tube mods, they should be a real treat for enthusiast vapers. While we’re all waiting for those, let me know what you think of the current TVL lineup in the comments section.

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