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United Chaos
United Chaos

United Chaos RDA Intro

The United Chaos RDA is made in the USA by a high-end machining company called United Machining LLC. It’s a 24.7mm cloud chasing RDA with unique airflow and some interesting deck features, one would be surprised to know that this is the first vape product they’ve ever produced.

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PRODUCT Specs and Features

United Chaos Pen
United Chaos Pen
  • United Chaos RDA
  • Smaller black top cap without indirect airflow
  • 1 Allen key
  • 4 extra post screws
  • 1 extra set of deck o-rings
  • 1 extra drip tip o-ring
  • 1 extra 510 pin

I would like to point out the quality of the allen key provided; it’s made of 303 stainless steel, feels awesome in the hand and can be used to adjust everything on the atomizer including the rotation of the center post.

  • 100% Made in USA
  • 100% Gold Plated Deck and Electrical Connections
  • .097″ (2.5mm) Post Holes
  • Hardcoated Top Cap and Drip Tip for ultimate durability
  • 360° Adjustable Airflow
  • Adjustable Airflow at Drip Tip
  • Airflow through Center Post
  • No airflow ports at bottom of Deck to minimize/eliminate leaking
  • Efficient Airflow Design reduces noise while vaping
  • Adjustable 5-10 Connection
  • Ultem 1000 Plastic Insert separates positive/ negative charge
  • Built in Spit Back Protection in Proprietary Drip Tip that does not inhibit flow
  • Removable Center Post for creative builds
  • Deep Juice Well (.250″/ 6.35mm enclosed well below airflow holes)
  • All components undergo Two Stage Ultrasonic Cleaning prior to assembling
  • A teardrop sized of e-liquid (0 mg) is used during the assembly of the drip tip into the top cap to lubricate the o-ring
  • .975″ (24.7mm) x 2.250″ (57.15mm) “We know, we know, it’s not 22mm in diameter! The world is going to end! No, no it is not. We simply couldn’t fit this design into a 22mm package.” – United Machining, LLC

Notable Remarks

Machining/Fit and Finish

The build quality of this atomizer is really stunning. Everything fits together very nicely and has a very ‘high-end’ feel to it. The top caps are made of very thin 6061 aluminum with a scratch resistant finish; as thin as they are, they don’t feel flimsy at all. The o-rings are a bit tight but not too tight; it’s loose enough to allow pulling the top cap off with ease but tight enough to prevent leaking from the sides. I was surprised at how light it is given its 24.7mm diameter; I believe this has to do with the decks 6061 aluminum construction. The 510 pin is adjustable which is a nice feature for those who like to use hybrid mechanical mods.

Build Deck

United Chaos Deck
United Chaos Deck

The deck is made out of gold plated 6061 aluminum which is supposed to improve the overall conductivity. The deck is quite spacious given the larger diameter and the post holes are large enough to satisfy even the most creative of builders. The positive post can be rotated by loosening the screws located between the two o-rings on the side of the deck which can allow for some interesting builds.

Ease of Build

United Chaos Side Deck
United Chaos Side Deck

Building on this atomizer is an absolute pleasure. At first I thought that it was just ‘another split positive-post deck’. After taking a closer look I noticed that the two outermost air holes on each side aren’t actually holes; they’re cutouts designed to hold a screwdriver. This makes positioning your coils a breeze; it’s almost like the Marquis’ deck divots except for horizontal coils. Combine that with the larger diameter and huge post holes and you have an atomizer that is super easy to build and will take just about any build you want to put in it.

After a few builds and some experimentation, I’ve found the coil placement the screwdriver slots give you is just perfect; high enough to allow air to get underneath the coil and centered (between the posts and the top cap) enough to allow air to hit it evenly from the post side and the top cap side.

Juice well

The juice well is extremely large; one of the largest I’ve ever experienced with an RDA. This is great to have because this atomizer burns through juice like no other. I was able to get a whopping 40 drops of 70VG juice in there with dry wicks which is enough for me to drive 50 minutes without needing to re-drip. 6.35mm is not unheard of when it comes to juice well height, but having a smaller positive post (the block is large but the section that connects the 510 pin to the block is smaller in diameter) and 24.7mm diameter increases the area of the well considerably.

Airflow and Controller

United Chaos Display
United Chaos Display

The airflow here is interesting; there are five medium sized air holes on each side as well as air that travels through the posts and hits the coils from behind (related to the Plume Veil). The airflow controller only suits dual coils; this is fine because you wouldn’t want to vape a single coil in here because of how weak it would be. The amount of airflow is crazy; there’s little to no resistance to the draw. It’s not quite like taking a breath, but it’s very close. The draw is pretty smooth but closing off the airflow even slightly will ruin the draw; it’s like it’s meant to be left wide open. You can close off the airflow enough so you have primarily center-post airflow with a just a touch of side airflow but to fully utilize that option, you want to build coils specifically for it. Using it wide open requires a hot build to get a good vape, but that same build would be too hot using primarily center-post airflow. Overall, the airflow on this atomizer brings something a little different to table which is always nice to see.

United Chaos Top Caps

United Chaos Black
United Chaos Black

There are two different top caps provided: a tall red cap that has adjustable indirect airflow–housing a threaded drip tip with spitback protection like on the Aromamizer–and a smaller black cap without indirect airflow. The taller red cap will allow greater vapor production as where the shorter black cap will allow for more intense flavor. However, with the red cap, you can close off all of the indirect airflow holes which also reduces the chamber a bit making the vape almost identical to the black cap. That makes the red cap more versatile than the black cap. Personally, I enjoy using the black top cap more; it puts out better flavor, it’s shorter and it’s simpler.


At first I didn’t really know what to think about an atomizer larger than 24mm (that’s not specifically designed for 26650 mods) but when paired with my Snow Wolf, it looks pretty nice and fits perfectly. The red top cap is so tall that it looks like a tank but the black top cap has a nice width-to-height ratio. Personally, I like the way the gold deck shows through the black top cap more than the red; it has a classy look to it.


Overall, I was pretty impressed with the performance of this atomizer. It is more designed for throwing huge clouds than it is for producing intense flavor but the flavor is still there. I started off with dual staged-heating fused claptons using 36g Nichrome-80 over 2×26 Kanthal-A1 for the fused claptons and 6 strands of tightly twisted 32g Kanthal-A1 for the heater; it came out to around 0.12 ohms. Firing that build at 150 watts provided a medium to slightly warm vape. I was shocked because this same build is scorching hot in my Aeolus v2 Pro using the competition cap, air flow set to 75% open and firing at 112 watts. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great. The next build was a dual zipper coil using 6 strands of 28g Nichrome-80 that also came out to around 0.12 ohms. This is a fantastic build! The resistance is the same as the first build but the amount of wire mass was increased and the ramp up time wasn’t affected. This is an atomizer designed for super hot builds paired with high power regulated mods and parallel unregulated box mods.

One interesting thing I noticed while using this is due to the amount of airflow, the flavor can be controlled by the intensity of your draw; pull harder and you’ll get less flavor and larger clouds, pull lighter and you’ll get more flavor and smaller yet denser clouds. I know this is true for most atomizers but it’s exceptionally true for this one.



  • Pretty versatile
  • Screwdriver slots make positioning coils simple
  • Two top caps provided
  • Beautiful craftsmanship
  • Scratch resistant finish
  • Huge post holes allow for wide variety of builds
  • Huge juice well
  • Adjustable 510 pin
  • Extra parts included


  • Hits hard
  • Fantastic cloud production
  • Solid flavor



  • No standard drip tip adapter
  • Burns through juice quickly


  • Requires a lot of power to get a good vape
  • Too much airflow
  • Relatively large and won’t look nice on standard 18650 mods


Overall, I ended up liking this atomizer a lot more than expected. I’m a flavor chaser so when I see a 24.7mm RDA with an insane amount of air flow, I think that I won’t be able to get an enjoyable vape out of it. I was wrong. By simply building hotter coils and drawing slower, I was able to get a nice hot, milky, flavorful vape. Building on this was a pleasure; I like when I can build something in under 15 minutes and get it perfect every time.

Bottom line: If you are cloud chaser looking for an atomizer to take to competitions AND get some really solid flavor, this atomizer is for you. However, if you are a flavor chaser who enjoys the draw and flavor intensity of something like an Origen or a Marquis, I would recommend you look elsewhere.


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*Some discounts are dependent on your geographical location.
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