JUUL Coupon Code: Save $20 on Your Order


    JUUL discount code

    You’ve probably tried to find JUUL promo codes on the internet… here’s one that actually works! This is an exclusive JUUL coupon code for our readers that gives you the largest discount available for the JUUL. To learn more about our top-rated vape, see our full JUUL review.

    Here’s how it works:

  • Click on the Buy Now button.
  • You’ll get a box that says “Vaping360 Special” on top.
  • Enter your e-mail address and date of birth to register with JUUL Labs.
  • Add the JUUL to your cart and then proceed to checkout.
  • Your order will now automatically be reduced by $20! Enjoy.
  • 5 reasons to use JUUL's auto-ship program

    1. 15 % savings on every order
    2. Free shipping
    3. Can advance/postpone order
    4. Never search for pods again
    5. No extra fees to join or cancel

    If you already own a JUUL and it’s helping to keep you off cigarettes, the auto-ship makes sense. There’s no reason to be without the pods, especially when you think about the alternative. The cheapest price is actually available through JUUL’s website when you take advantage of auto-shipping.

    There’s no fee or anything, just savings from what you would already buy. You’re entitled to free shipping, plus 15% off every order. Start by selecting your flavors and quantity. Each month, they’ll be automatically shipped to your door. If you’re running low, you can always advance the order, or postpone it if you’re fully stocked up.

    You’ll be notified 7 days prior to shipping and can modify your order up to 24 hours in advance. If you want to cancel your membership, you can do so at any point without any additional fees.

    If you’re a regular user of the JUUL, why not have a regular supply of pods on hand? Avoid those last-minute runs from store to store trying to find mango pods. You can get JUUL pods to your door.

    Average savings with auto-shipping

    Per pod pack: $2.40
    Per year: $115

    *Information courtesy of juul.com

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