Vaporesso Nalu RDA Preview

Vaporesso diversifies its lineup with the Nalu RDA, a dripper with a see-through top-cap.

Vaporesso Nalu RDA colors
Vaporesso Nalu RDA colors

Vaporesso Gets Dripping With the Nalu

Vaporesso is best known for its ceramic-coil tanks and box mods. The company aims to diversify its vaping lineup with the Nalu RDA, a user-friendly dripper with a unique see-through top-cap. In some ways, the Nalu borrows from the designs of popular atomizers like the Kennedy and Velocity, blending them into one unit designed to appeal to a broad variety of vapers. Here’s a closer look.

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Vaporesso Nalu Features

Vaporesso Nalu
Vaporesso Nalu

Before I get into my thoughts on the Nalu, here’s the official feature list.

  • Massive drip reserve
  • 2 giant posts supporting wide gauge builds
  • Velocity style deck
  • Chamber window prevents dry hits
  • Extra positive pin provided compatible with bottom-feeders
  • Removable matching/ colored drip tip (510 adaptable)
  • Easy dripping
  • Leak-free design for a cleaner vaping experience
  • Bottom airflow ports
  • Available in black and stainless steel

Familiar Deck, Groovy Top Cap

Vaporesso Nalu RDA deck
Vaporesso Nalu RDA deck

The Nalu RDA features a Velocity-style deck, which is one of the most popular designs these days. It does have some differences though. The post holes are large rectangles and can accommodate thick wire. The deck can be configured for single- or dual-coil use.

Similarly, the airflow scheme borrows from the popular Kennedy RDA’s design. Air comes from the bottom cap onto the coils. Airflow is adjustable and can be configured for one or two slots open.

The Vaporesso Nalu RDA has great features, a cool design, and a low price.

The top cap is where the Nalu is unique. It’s a combination of glass and metal. Flavor purists will like that more glass than metal comes into contact with their e-liquids, but there’ a practical side to it as well. The see-through cap allows you to easily monitor your coils, so you can see when they’re getting dry or full of buildup. Plus, it’s just flat-out fun watching your vapor through a glass chamber. For those of you concerned about the glass being glued onto the metal and the danger of hot glue getting into your e-liquid, I was told that the Nalu’s glass is riveted and not glued on.

As an added bonus, the Nalu RDA comes with two positive pins. The standard pin is installed by default, while users can change to an optional bottom-feeder pin for squonk mods. And yes, let the speculation begin as to whether Vaporesso is working on a squonk box.

Great Features, Low Price

The Vaporesso Nalu RDA has great features, a cool design, and a low price. Most online stores list it for less than $30. On paper, it looks like a strong RDA with plenty of versatility. Any of you interested in this dripper? Please leave a comment and let me know.

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  • Duy Le

    Tsunami deck + Nipple top cap. Looking good!!

    • Mirza

      Quite. You just took my words. It’s almost the same like Tsunami.

    • Let’s call it a Velocity deck, in order to give credit to the originator. 🙂

    • Dick

      Looks great unless you already have a Tsunami. I adore mine so I can’t justify buying something so similar unfortunately.

  • Donna Kleinfeldt-Rolls

    I like mine better than I do my Tsunami. Had problems getting to top of my Tsunami pushed down all the way so…leaky.