Vaporesso Transformer RDA Preview

The Vaporesso Transformer is a rebuildable dripping atomizer with crazy versatility. It can be built in 10 different ways.

Vaporesso Transformer RDA colors
Vaporesso Transformer RDA colors

More Than Meets the Eye

The Vaporesso Transformer is one of the most versatile rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDAs) that I’ve ever seen. It’s the answer for any vaper that has wished, “Boy, I wish I had an RDA that I could build in 10 different ways.” It’s true. Vaporesso’s latest RDA features two sleeves, two styles of posts, and two distinct drip tips. Using the various permutations, vapers can experience this dripper in 10 ways. Here’s a closer look.

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Vaporesso Transformer RDA Features and Specs

Vaporesso Transformer RDA disassembled

Here’s the specs and features list for the Vaporesso Transformer RDA.

  • Massive drip well
  • 510 thread for maximum compatibility
  • Delrin or SS drip-tip
  • Available in different colors
  • Velocity or postless deck style
  • Replaceable sleeves (short/long) to fit your intended build or style

Versatility, Thy Name is Vaporesso Transformer

Vaporesso Transformer RDA twinsies

The Vaporesso Transformer can be built using two deck styles — Velocity-style and post-less. The former is arguably the most popular type today, while the latter offers all sorts of creative possibilities. Velocity-style decks are also one of the easiest to work with, making the atomizer accessible to beginning and intermediate vapers. Advanced vapers can go crazy with coil art on the post-less deck.

The Transformer RDA comes with two sleeves — a short sleeve and a long sleeve. In addition to accommodating different types of builds, the sleeves also accommodate different vaping styles. The shorter sleeve creates a more concentrated vape, making it ideal for flavor builds. The longer sleeve has more room (duh), making it better for cloud-chasing builds.

The Vaporesso Transformer RDA offers an impressive amount of versatility.

Aesthetically, the Transformer RDA offers a variety of looks. In terms of both style and performance, I prefer the shorter sleeve with the stainless steel drip tip. That combination offers a smooth and minimalistic look. Mixing and matching the two sleeves and drip tips allows you to find the style that’s right for you.

While I’m not a fan of post-less decks, I appreciate that the Vaporesso Transformer comes with two types of decks to build on. I also appreciate the two sleeves and two drip tips. All things considered, the Vaporesso Transformer offers an impressive amount of versatility. Considering the company’s relatively low price, vapers will be getting a lot for their money with this RDA.

What do you think of this atomizer? Which deck would you use? How about sleeve/drip tip combination? Kindly leave a comment below and let me know.

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  • Paul

    looks great good colours easy to build can i get one in the uk

  • George

    Hey Nice article Raymondo!

    BTW: Looks like the big twinsie image and the five paragraphs below it have been repeated in this article.

    This RDA looks wicked, love the colour choices, definitely gonna try and grab that rainbow metallic one when it’s available in UK.