Virgin Vapor Complex Mixologist Preview & Interview

One of the oldest e-liquid companies in the businesses adds some new twists with the Complex Mixologist line.


New Additions From a Classic Brand

One of the oldest and most respected e-liquid companies in vaping, Virgin Vapor is adding new twists to its lineup with the Complex Mixologist line. Using delicious florals notes in a variety of flavors, this branch of Virgin Vapor is aimed at those¬†that enjoy¬†multilayered and complex e-liquids. At TPE2016, the company’s Asia Tankersley told me about the line, some of its flavors, and the safety behind them.

Organic Flavors, USDA Certified

Virgin Vapor Complex Mixologist Afterglow
Virgin Vapor Complex Mixologist Afterglow

Like Virgin Vapor’s other products, the Complex Mixologist line is made from certified organic products. Where this line differs is that it emphasizes herbal and floral flavors. With this style of e-liquid, floral in particular, there’s a fine line between vaping something enjoyable and vaping something that tastes like potpourri. The Complex Mixologist line is most definitely on the tasty side.

Of the three Complex Mixologist e-liquids I tried (briefly) at the show, The Bees Knees was my favorite. It’s a blend of honey, lemon, and wintergreen. Afterglow was the most striking of the three flavors; it’s a blend of lavender, pomegranate, and bergamot. The bergamot note gave this e-liquid a tea-like taste that was quite pleasant. Lastly, Midnight Magician is a mystery flavor that blends spicy, sweet, and floral notes. This was the flavor I liked the least, but probably because I distrust magicians.

In the interview above, Asia talks about the testing and certification that Virgin Vapor uses. In addition to using organic ingredients, the company is one of two e-liquid companies that (at the time of the interview) is certified by the USDA.

Are You Down With Complex Mixologist?

After you’ve checked out my chat with Asia on Virgin Vapor Complex Mixologist e-liquids, please leave a comment with your thoughts on the line. Which flavor interests you the most? What do you think of Virgin Vapor’s testing practices and USDA certification? Shout it out in the comments section!

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