Volcano Cauldron 1 RDA Review

Volcano Cauldron RDA
Volcano Cauldron RDA

Cauldron 1 Intro

The Cauldron 1 RDA by Volcanoecigs is a cloud chucker through and through for less, nowadays, than the cost of most drip tips. Want flavor? Might want to look elsewhere, although I am sure with the right Clapton-type set-up you’d be able to achieve good flavor with this RDA. But don’t get it twisted, this RDA was made to do one thing at an inexpensive price point: put out clouds! I wish the designers of this RDA would’ve stayed at the drawing board for just a few more minutes, but at this price point who can really be too choosy?

Let’s take a look!

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Cauldron 1 Specs and Features

Volcano Cauldron RDA Disassembled
Volcano Cauldron RDA Disassembled
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Easy twist airflow control
  • Deep juice well for over dripping
  • Snap on top cap
  • 5 mm in diameter
  • 303 Stainless steel
  • 6061 billet aluminum interchangeable sleeve
  • Three-post design
  • Set up for dual coils only


  • Incredibly inexpensive
  • Does what it was meant to do, blow clouds
  • Deep juice well
  • Copper center post for increased conductivity
  • Drip tip included
  • Customizable sleeves (10 different colors to choose)
  • Massive amount of airflow able to cool super-low builds
  • Good job of heat dissipation


  • Exposed copper post
  • Circular center post will eventually spin
  • Ungodly long screws and posts (I fail to see the rationale here for them)
  • Screws will clip wires unless really thick wire is used (it clipped my 24 gauge, but not Claptons)
  • No spare screws included
  • No spare o-rings
  • Non-adjustable center pin (it seems like it is adjustable, but if you adjust it your center post will wobble and compromise your connection)
  • Airflow controller should’ve been slanted instead of vertical as the air holes left open will hit horizontal coils perpendicularly (but only really an issue should you choose to go down to fewer than two rows of the air holes)


Volcano Cauldron RDA Airflow
Volcano Cauldron RDA Airflow

If your goal is to chuck clouds on the cheap with an authentic atty, here you go. And it’s really decent quality for the money. There are a few aspects to this device that I would never want on any of my atties, but the price pretty much nullifies any of my normal standards. The best thing I can say about this atty is that it will perform as it should for as little amount of money as you’ll likely pay for a non-clone RDA.

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*Some discounts are dependent on your geographical location.
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  • Steffan

    I like this rda alot but it’s a butch to drip so I prfer something like this http://ecigtests.com/2015/09/smok-tfv4/

    • Jeremy

      Good point and I failed to mention that it’s not easy to drip through that tip. But either which way, thanks for reading and commenting.