What Happened to MTL (Mouth-to-Lung) Vaping?

I take a look at the current state of the MTL market and what has been happening over the past 2 years. If you are waiting for a new mouth-to-lung product like I am then this is the article for you.



Just to sum up what people have been asking me on a daily basis: “Do you even sub ohm bro? “Or “Why don’t you go low, that thing doesn’t chuck at all”. Yes I know I am using an MTL (mouth-to-lung) device, so what? Not everyone vapes on sub ohm tanks or RDAs/RTAs. It has gotten to a stage where nearly every vaper needs to have the newest and lowest build with the highest wattage box mod.

In my opinion this isn’t what vaping is meant to be. It doesn’t matter what vape setup you have, as long as you are not smoking!

That is why we at Vaping360 try to avoid any form of vape snobbery. We want people to vape and if they are happy with a cig-a-like or ego, then that’s fantastic. Let’s not make fun of people who are happy vaping something that isn’t a cloud chucking device. That is not how we operate here at Vaping360 and the website was set-up with the intention to help beginner vapers, so we need to make sure we carry on doing so.

If you are a MTL vaper like me, you’re probably in the same situation as I am. You see these fancy new sub ohm tanks flying out of China every week, and yet there is nothing new on the MTL front.

I am beginning to ask myself, “Has the market forgotten us? Why didn’t Aspire release the Nautilus 2? Why are all of the companies concentrating on sub ohm tanks and RTAs?”. Well that is what I am going to talk about in this article.

My Vaping Roots

Vision Vivi Nova on an eGo Battery
Vision Vivi Nova on an eGo Battery

When I started vaping back in the good old Vivi Nova/CE4 days, there wasn’t much else on the market apart from a few cartos, clearos and RDAs. I started off using a trusty eGo battery from Joyetech (didn’t we all?), with a whopping 450mAh battery capacity that could even fire up to 3V!! On that bad boy I was firing the (at the time) brand new Vivi Nova from Vision (the one where you had to tip it upside down every 3-4 puffs).

I thought to myself wow, this thing is good. The flavor, the clouds, the capacity and of course the leaking…but man was I in love with that beauty. I had used a few cartomizers before and they were not for me. It was all about these brand spanking new “clearomizers”. From that point on I was in a relationship with MTL devices, and I have not stopped since. However, I have been slightly disappointed as of late. After Aspire brought out the Nautilus Mini and HorizonTech the Spartan BTC, the MTL market just vanished into thin air. Nothing, literally nothing came out that is easy to use and that provides a great MTL vape. For the past year it has been all about the sub ohm tanks. Whilst I enjoy vaping on sub ohm tanks from time to time, I am more than happy with my MTL vape. It keeps the amount of e-liquid I vape to a minimum and gives me the nicotine hit I crave.

Rise of the Sub Ohm Tank

Horizontech Arctic V8 Mini Airflow
Horizontech Arctic V8 Mini Airflow

I have probably seen about 50 new sub ohm tanks released over the last few months and have tested with my brother over 45 different tanks in the past year. Since Aspire brought out the Atlantis back in 2014, the market has been making nothing else but sub ohm tanks. I am not even joking by saying that companies started to bring out a new sub ohm tank every few weeks. As a consumer this starts to get very frustrating. You purchase the first version of a tank only to find that a few weeks later a version 2 is released. Your tank is literally outdated as soon as you purchase it.

In my opinion this is mainly down to the vaping manufacturers in China not testing their products properly. I tested a few tanks that still had massive flaws that shouldn’t have been on the market. I get the feeling that we as customers are being used as product testers. We are test-dummies for companies that won’t take the time to properly test their products. They read the complaints and reviews on Reddit, Youtube and Facebook and then promptly release the version 2 a few weeks later. It’s a convenient solution for them and a way to generate more revenue. This was not the case a few years ago when standard MTL clearomizers were being released. The market back then moved at a much slower pace. In the end it is all about the money and generating more revenue.  I mean its business right? As Chinese manufacturers saw how lucrative the vaping industry was, more and more manufacturers began entering the market and flooding the shelves with new products. For consumers this has some major benefits. The competition has led to lower prices and a far greater choice for vapers, especially if you enjoy sub ohm tanks, RTAs and RDAs. The market moves so quickly these days. Last year it was the year of the sub ohm tank and this year looks like it’s going to be the year of the RTA.

Everything is moving so quickly, but what happened to MTL devices? Are beginners meant to be starting on sub ohm tanks? I don’t think they should be and it irks me when people recommend beginners start with a high powered box mod and sub ohm tank set-up.  Most smokers are looking for something that replicates the feeling you get from smoking and this is why I think MTL tanks are a good place for them to start.

Note: I have tried many sub ohm tanks and I enjoy vaping them. I have nothing against them at all and I too enjoy the clouds and the amazing flavor they produce. I just prefer using MTL devices on a day-to-day basis. It seems I may well be in the minority with my preferences.

Sub Ohm Tanks Capable of MTL?

Aspire Triton
Aspire Triton

I have tried the Joyetech eGo One MTL coils and the Kanger Subtank Nano on the 1.5 ohm coil, but the air flow for me doesn’t quite cut it. I get that they are sub ohm tanks that are meant to do both MTL and direct lung, but let’s be honest they are more geared towards direct lung vaping than anything else. These dual function sub ohm tanks often have too much airflow, even on the lowest airflow setting. The eGo One 1 ohm and Aspire Triton 1.8 ohm coils probably came closest to what I enjoy from a MTL device. Just because a sub ohm tank also fits a 1-2 ohm coil doesn’t mean that the tank is automatically a MTL device. The majority of the time you still have way too much airflow as the coils are not restrictive enough. I personally want something that is created purely to be a MTL beast that has the flavor of a sub ohm tank with a nice restrictive airflow like on the Aspire Nautilus.

Update: After reading through some of the comments on Facebook and on the article itself I would like to ad something that is based on the comments I have read. The Joyetech Cubis is meant to be a great MTL tank, I sadly cannot comment on this due to the fact that I have not tried it yet. I shall be ordering one today.

Aspire Nautilus 2?

Aspire Nautlius Mini
Aspire Nautlius Mini

The Nautilus and Nautilus Mini tanks from Aspire were for many people the ultimate MTL clearomizers and a lot of vapers started off on these tanks. I have personally been eagerly awaiting a Nautilus 2. From what I knew at the time, Aspire were actually working on a Nautilus 2 concept until they put it on hold because of the Atlantis 2. Why? Well because they knew the Atlantis 2 would make more money than the Nautilus 2. What have they done with the plans for the Nautilus 2? I wrote to Aspire asking this exact question and I got this reply: ”Yes we are working on the Nautilus 2 now. I am not sure about the release date“– Kiki from Aspire. I am sure we will see it soon, as they just released the Aspire K2 and K3 kit, which is definitely a step in the right direction for us MTL vapers. Fingers crossed we see something soon!


Is the MTL Market Making a Comeback?

Innokin Endura T18 Aesthetics
Innokin Endura T18 Aesthetics

To a certain extent yes, the MTL market is back. I am starting to see a slow but steady move back to MTL devices. Perhaps people are tired of draining through 30ml a day on their SMOK TFV4?! Innokin recently released a really nice and well-built MTL device: The Innokin Endura T18 /T22 with its Prism Tank. It is one hell of a MTL device and exactly what I enjoy vaping on a daily basis. I can now happily recommend this device to friends and family who are looking for a small vape set-up that mimics the experience you would get from smoking. Other smaller companies are also attempting to capture the MTL market. Manufacturers such as Fumytech with their “Kit Purely” and Freemax with their eGo tank called the “iFree 20”. Some of the bigger companies also seem to be re-focusing their efforts on MTL devices. Aspire have released a flurry of MTL devices in the past few weeks. There is the new AIO Plato kit for instance, that comes with a great MTL function (using the Nautilus BVCs). There is also Aspire’s new K2 and K3 MTL kits, which look promising (reviews coming soon). Joyetech have also released their AIO kit which focuses both on a direct lung and MTL draw. It seems like the AIO is the new big thing right now, which is great for us MTL vapers. I hope to see more MTL devices being manufactured soon as these are the devices most smokers will be turning to when they try vaping for the first time.

Current MTL Devices We Recommend

Aspire Plato Front
Aspire Plato Front

There are a few MTL devices that I have mentioned above, but I have a sneaky suspicion that there are going to be a few great devices coming out soon. Here are a few MTL devices that are worth looking at right now:


Not everyone needs the highest wattage devices with the lowest cloud chucking builds. For me personally that is not what vaping is about, but I understand many enjoy this, which is absolutely fine. For me vaping is about one thing and one thing only: to quit smoking. Use whatever device you need to accomplish that, but let’s make sure not be vape snobs and look down at anyone because they are not using a sub ohm or high-end set up. I also would like to mention Phil Busardos rant on Facebook. He literally took the words right out of my mouth. I could not have said it any better, well done Phil!

For us forgotten MTL vapers, I hope we see more great MTL devices coming to the market this year. We too need awesome new devices, so China please don’t forget us!

Alex Kendell
Hi I am Alex, vaping enthusiast and co-founder of Vaping360. I started smoking 8 years ago and have quit the analogs since 2011, and have been a vaper since. I had problems trying to find the device that suited me the best. This is something we at Vaping360 wanted to change and make it easier for beginners and enthusiasts to find the best device on the market. My hobbies are vaping, traveling, cars and the casual gaming session. Vape on!