Wismec Inde Duo RDA Review

We review the Inde Duo RDA, another Wismec Jaybo collaboration.

Wismec Inde Duo RDA

Inde Duo RDA Intro

The Inde Duo is a dripping atomizer designed by JayBo and manufactured by Wismec that features a different style of deck from anything Vaping360 has seen before.  It’s similar to the Velocity-style deck with two major differences: there is a positive and negative-terminal on each side and a positive-terminal in center.  At first glance, it appears to be a more versatile version of the Velocity-style deck, but let’s take a closer look to find out.


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Inde Duo RDA Specs and Features

  • Inde Duo deck
  • 30mm glass atomizer tube
  • 22mm stainless steel sleeve
  • Glass top cap with built-in drip tip
  • Allen wrench
  • 4 spare o-rings
  • 3 spare post-screws
  • Warranty card
Wismec Inde Duo RDA Large
  • Dual mode design:
    • 30mm with an adjustable top-down airflow design
    • 22mm with JayBo’s signature triple air hole design
  • Detachable and washable structure
  • Vortex airflow design (30mm tube only)
  • PEEK insulator
  • Brass 510 connection


  • 22mm diameter in RDA mode
    • 75mm tall without the drip tip
    • 75mm tall with the drip tip
  • 30mm diameter with optional atomizer tube
    • 75mm tall without the drip tip
    • 75mm tall with the drip tip
  • 3mm deep juice well
  • 25mm post holes
  • 75mm bore on the drip tip

Notable Remarks

Machining/Fit and Finish

Wismec Inde Duo RDA Large

The machining isn’t too bad, there aren’t any defects that I could find and no machine oil either.  The tolerances however, is where it starts to go south.  On my version, the included glass drip tip o-rings are too loose, it comes out way too easily.  The deck o-rings require juice applied to them in order for the atomizer to sit flush with the deck.  Normally this isn’t required but since it’s an easy fix, it’s not a big deal.  Overall, I am little underwhelmed with the overall quality of the Inde Duo.  With atomizers out there like the Tsunami, I’ve come to expect better things from gear this price range.

Build Deck

Wismec Inde Duo RDA Deck

As stated in the intro, the deck is somewhat similar to the Velocity-style deck where you have two vertically-oriented terminals on each side, but that’s about where the similarities end.  There is a positive T-block in the center of the deck with three terminals in it, one on each side and one in the center.  The two negative-terminals are machined into deck and sit directly under the two side positive-terminals.  This creates a positive and negative-terminal on each side which to me, screams VERTICAL COILS!  With the way the terminals are laid out, it will also allow for dual coil builds like a Velocity-style deck and the centered positive-terminal will allow for old school 3-post builds.

Ease of Build

Wismec Inde Duo RDA Side On

Building this atomizer is very easy with no complications whatsoever.  I started off with quadruple vertical coils and it was a piece of cake to get the leads in and the post-screws hold a secure connection.  I was able to tear off all eight legs of excess wire without having to retighten any of them.  I fastened the leads very tightly and none of them were clipped in the process.  Along with the ability to easily build vertical coils, the design also allows for simple horizontal builds in the same way a Velocity-style deck does.  This is definitely one of the most versatile decks I’ve ever built on, kudos JayBo!  With that said, the deck can feel a little cramped and using the 30mm tube doesn’t increase the space like most larger diameter decks do.

Juice Well

Wismec Inde Duo RDA Walls

The juice well is only 3mm deep, so it may go without saying, it doesn’t hold a lot of juice.  The 30mm tube doesn’t increase capacity either since the glass lining doesn’t fit juice inside it (without causing a ton of spitback), it contains hollowed out channels to allow air to flow through it.  If you over-drip, you will get a mouthful of molten hot juice.  This definitely isn’t a drip-and-go atomizer like the NarDA or the Drifter.

Airflow and Controller

Wismec Inde Duo RDA Airflow

On the 30mm atomizer tube, you have an interesting airflow design that pulls air in from the side at the top, down through the sleeve and up at the coils.  It’s almost like having bottom airflow without the leaking issues.  I find the draw is smoother than most RDAs and provides a nice range of draws.  Wide open, it’s a very slightly restricted lung hit that will please the cloud chasers, but also can be closed down for mouth-to-lung hits.  Unfortunately, there is no single coil option.

However, on the 22mm sleeve, you simply have three 3mm air holes on each side that cannot be closed off.  That also means there isn’t a single coil option either which tells me that this was an afterthought.  JayBo wanted to design a 30mm atomizer but at the last minute decided to create an option for those who prefer a 22m diameter.


Wismec Inde Duo RDA Top Airflow

I think this RDA atomizer looks decent on a 30mm+ mod but on anything else, it looks pretty dumb.  Yes, there is the 22mm sleeve that it comes with it, but it doesn’t include the interesting top-down airflow design.  When condensation builds up, the drip tip will look foggy and more often than not, there will be visible droplets that appear.  I found the same thing also happens with the 30mm tube, which is primarily made of glass.  All in all, it’s a not a bad looking atomizer when using the 30mm tube on a 30mm+ mod.


Wismec Inde Duo RDA Pin

I was actually impressed with the way the Inde Duo performs.  It’s not the best atomizer in it’s price range but I was surprised with the amount of flavor this thing can produce.  Although I tend to love quad vertical coils for atomizers with a lot of airflow, I found a simple dual 24g Nichrome-80 build with 14.5 wraps around a 3.5mm screwdriver gave me a bit more flavor.  This build came to around 0.55 ohms which also makes it a great build for series boxes.  Wide open, it will produce massive clouds and closed 50-75% will produce great flavor.  With that said, all of this is with the 30mm tube.

With the 22mm sleeve, the performance was not on par.  It has to do with the simple three air hole on each side design.  The top-down airflow of 30mm tube creates more efficient airflow around the coil, providing better cooling and therefore better flavor.  Once again, it really seems like the 22mm sleeve was an afterthought.


  • Build deck may be the most versatile build deck to date
  • Great flavor on 30mm tube
  • Fantastic vapor production
  • Top-down airflow provides a very smooth draw and prevents leaking


  • 22mm sleeve is a complete afterthought:
    • Doesn’t include the top-down airflow design
    • Doesn’t have adjustable airflow
    • Can leak out of the air holes
  • O-ring tolerances are a little off
  • Juice well is pretty shallow
  • No single coil option
  • Glass drip tip (and 30mm tube) looks bad after condensation builds up


This atomizer is hard to recommend for several reasons: the 30mm tube is exceptionally better than 22mm sleeve, not many people own 30mm+ mods and the tolerances are subpar, even for an atomizer in this price range.  I’m not sure why it had to be a 30mm design either since the Hastur RDA has a very similar top-down airflow style with a 22mm diameter.  I’m led to believe it was meant to be paired with Wismec’s new Presa TC100W mod, although it will work well with just about any other 26650 mod as well.  If you own a 30mm+ mod and are looking for something affordable with a unique build deck and an interesting airflow style, I recommend checking this out.  If you don’t, you may want to pass on this one, unless you don’t mind goofy aesthetics.


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*Some discounts are dependent on your geographical location.
Kyle Formeck
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