Wismec Neutron RDA Preview (Jay-Bo)

The Wismec Neutron is Jay-Bo's newest rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) for Wismec. It features a unique modular deck for versatile building.

Wismec Jay-Bo Neutron RDA
Wismec Jay-Bo Neutron RDA

Doing the Neutron Dance

The Wismec Neutron RDA is the latest rebuildable dripping atomizer from Jay-Bo, a fine gentleman known for crafting excellent RDAs (Tobh, Bambino, Indestructible). His latest creation for Wismec looks like his most inventive yet. This atomizer features a unique modular deck that should allow for all sorts of building possibilities. It also has a vortex airflow system that’s atypical for a Jay-Bo RDA. Here’s a quick look.

[Also, ever since I heard the name of this atomizer, I’ve had that damn Pointer Sisters song stuck in my head. Please suffer with me.]

Wismec Neutron RDA Features and Specs

Wismec Jay-Bo Neutron disassembled
Wismec Jay-Bo Neutron disassembled

Here’s the specs and features list for the Wismec Neutron RDA.

  • Dimensions: 39 x 25 millimeters
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Optional Atomizer Base For Parallel or Series Coils
  • Conical Top Cap With Vortex Airflow

Modular, Conical Goodness

Wismec Jay-Bo Neutron RDA deck
Wismec Jay-Bo Neutron RDA deck

Let your eyes be dazzled by the animated GIF of the Wismec Neutron’s atomizer base above. It’s a pretty fascinating piece, don’t you agree? Working with it should be similar to the numerous Velocity-style decks out there. The chief difference is that the modular nature of the posts allows it to be used in parallel or series. The only other RDA, that I’m aware of, that offers the same possibilities is the Uwell Rafale X. Being able to choose between parallel and series gives vapers a broader range of builds to work with, which means a broader range of flavor and vapor possibilities.

The air holes of the Wismec Neutron RDA look unusually high. This is because the RDA uses a top-airflow system with a conical top cap. At the very least, it should help avoid leaking due to over-dripping. That said, I have no idea how it vapes, but I’m anxious to find out.

The Wismec Neutron RDA by Jay-Bo looks like a unique atomizer with great features. I love the versatility of the build deck and am intrigued by the vortex airflow. As a fan of Jay-Bo’s previous RDAs, I’m definitely looking forward to trying it out. How about you ladies and gents? Any interest in Jay-Bo’s latest RDA? Kindly leave a comment below and let me know.

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  • Drew Lawrence

    Very interested in this. I saw it first on Wismec website. Looking forward to your review.