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September 10, 2015

SMOK TFV4 Coils Overview and Review

SMOK TFV4 Coil Intro

We recently reviewed the SMOK TFV4 with its quad, triple coils and RBA sections. SMOK is now releasing a whole heap of new coils, so we thought it would be a good idea to try them all to give you the low down on them. I have no idea which vendors will be able to stock all of these, as there are just so many. We try them all below, to see which ones are worth trying and for vendors to work out which are worth stocking!

All the TFV4 coils are very expensive, compared to other vape atomizers, due to their size and multiple coils, so keep this in mind when making a purchase.

We can’t comment on the longevity of the coils, as unfortunately we just don’t have the time to vape each one until they are done. If you have used any for longer periods of time, please let us know below!

Please share your own experiences below as other opinions are always helpful and much appreciated. The comments below are based on the opinions of my brother and me.

Thanks to SMOK for sending these new coils over as well as the sexy new black X-Cube II and TFV4!

Notable Remarks

I won’t talk about the triple coils and RBA heads, as we spoke about those in the SMOK TFV4 review. I will, however, mention the quad coil again as it is really that good!

I couldn’t get the Titanium coil working as the app wanted me to purchase it as an addon and I was too stubborn to pay for it (I’ll get it later and add it on). “PAY FOR MORE FUN” they said on their site.

Not sure what SMOK are playing at here making us pay to use a feature that comes with the box mod?! Come on SMOK that’s just silly! (this wasn’t the case when I did the original review on the X-cube II, so I will have to update that). Can others confirm that they are being charged to use Temp control mode for Titanium and Stainless Steel?

Overview of the SMOK coils we know about

SMOK TFV4 Coil Testing Set-Up
SMOK TFV4 Coil Testing Set-Up

Already Released

TF-T3 (triple coil)

  • Patented Triple Coil Head
  • High Quality Kanthal
  • Pure Taste
  • Cloud Vapor Chasing
  • 0.2Ω (40w-130w)

TF-Q4 (quadruple coil)

  • Patented Quadruple Coil Head
  • High Quality Kanthal
  • More E-liquid Delivery Efficiency
  • Work with 100% VG
  • 0.15Ω (40w-140w)


  • Single Coil Head
  • Durable Stainless Steel
  • Bigger Deck
  • 0.85Ω (Pre-installed)


  • Dual Coil Head
  • Durable Stainless Steel
  • Bigger Deck
  • 0.25Ω (Pre-installed)

TFV4 Coils Coming Soon/Some Already Out

TF-N2 & Air

  • Patented Nickel 200 Dual Coil Head
  • Temperature Sensing Capability & No Burnt Taste
  • 0.12Ω (400°F-600°F)

TF-T2 & TF-T2 Air

  • Patented Higher Resistance Dual Coil Head
  • Lower Power & Cooler Vapor
  • 1.5Ω (20w-45w)


  • Patented Titanium Dual Coil Head
  • Temperature Sensing Capability & No Burnt Taste
  • 0.33Ω (450°F-600°F)


  • Patented Sextuple Coil Head
  • High Vaporizing Efficiency
  • 0.4Ω (30w-100w)

TF-CLP2 (Clapton Coil)

  • 0.35Ω (30w-90w)
  • Clapton Wire

TF-T2 (20-45W) 1.5ohm

SMOK TFV4 TF-T2, TF-T2 Air and TF-Ti Coils
SMOK TFV4 TF-T2, TF-T2 Air and TF-Ti Coils

Sweet Spot: 40W
Thoughts: Very little flavor on the TF-T2 coil compared to some of the others and didn’t really get going until 30-35W.

TF-T2 Air (20-45W) 1.5ohm

The air version is the same as above just with more air flow in the coil itself.

Sweet Spot: 40W
Thoughts: The air version produced more vapor than the standard TF-T2. It also produced much more flavor than the standard, so if you had to choose between the two go for the TF-T2 Air. However, compared to the quad coil for instance the TF-T2s come across quite muted in terms of flavor.

TF-N2 Standard Ni200 (0.12ohm – 420-600 Fahrenheit)

Again this is a coil that comes in two different versions, a standard and an Air version with more air flow.

Sweet Spot: 260 Celcius and 500 Fahrenheit
Thoughts: Again, I am finding the flavor slightly muted compared to that imperious quad coil. Both the Ni200 N2 coils made the TFV4 tank extremely hot whilst heavy vaping, so much so I could barely touch the tank. The flavor gets slightly better on these coils after letting them saturate for ages and then after a half a tank of vaping, unlike the quad where the flavor hit you straight away.

TF-N2 Air Ni200 (0.12ohm – 420-600 Fahrenheit)

The Air is the same as the above N2 temp coil, but with air flow holes inside the coil.

Sweet Spot: 260 Celcius and 500 Fahrenheit
Thoughts: We didn’t see much difference between this Air Ni200 coil and the standard Ni200 above. They were both pretty subdued in flavor and both got the tank very hot. The N2 coils were not for us.

TF-S6 Sextuple (30-100W) 0.4ohm

SMOK TFV4 TF-T3, TF-Q4 and TF-S6 Coils
SMOK TFV4 TF-T3, TF-Q4 and TF-S6 Coils

Just when you thought the quad coil was crazy, SMOK come out with a sextuple coil! The sextuple is basically made the same way the triple coil is, but is a parallel wrapped version of it. What next?!

Sweet Spot: 80-90W
Thoughts: The Sextuple coil was a lot better than any of the other coils above in terms of flavor. It vaped well up to 100W and had no issues with wicking or dry hits at 100W. The tank did get quite hot again, at the higher wattages when chain vaping. The clouds are as you can expect massive (see vid below). This means your juice will disappear faster than you could drink it!

However, for some reason we thought the flavor on the quad coil was a lot better than either the triple coil or sextuple coil, or any of the other coils to be perfectly honest.

TF-Q4 Quadruple Coil (40-140W) 0.15ohm

Sweet Spot: Anywhere between 80-100W depending how hot you like your vape
Thoughts: The quad coil in my opinion (you might have different opinions on this) blows the other TFV4 coils out of the window. I think it must be because this one is the only parallel wrapped one, whereas the others are all triple coils next to each other type thing (you’ll get what I mean, when looking at the coils from the top).

The quad does eat juice, but not as much as that sextuple monster coil. My recommendation if you want flavor would be to go with the TF-Q4 quad coils.


Let’s just start by remembering that these coils are very expensive because of how big they are and because of the amount of coils involved ($25-30 for 5 coil heads, RBAs less expensive).

In my opinion the SMOK TFV4 coils are a bit of an overkill, but something that people could enjoy every now and then (a one off type thing). These are definitely not all day vapes. Perhaps the RBA section can be, but the pre-made coils are too expensive to be vaping on a daily basis and get through too much e-juice.

In terms of flavor there was only one winner and that was the TFV4 quadcoil (TF-Q4). I can see people ordering the sextuple coil to see what it’s like, but honestly I think the quad was better and will get through less e-juice. It will however, still get through tonnes of e-juice. If you are looking for less e-juice consumption and want to use less wattage, either make your own heads on the RBA or try the TF-T2 Air, which was better than the standard TF-T2 which had less air flow. This coil doesn’t eat up as much battery and juice as the others and is a good inclusion in the TFV4 coil set.

I’d love to hear if anyone else has been using the new TFV4 coils and what they think about them, because as always the above it just our opinion, so it is always good to hear from others!

I hope this TFV4 coil overview/review was helpful.

Chris Kendell is the co-founder of Vaping360. He started the website with his brother and co-founder Alex in 2014, after Alex introduced him to vaping. Chris was immediately won over by the revolutionary and potentially lifesaving impacts that vaping can have on our society. In his minuscule spare time, you can find Chris travelling and exploring new places from his base in Germany, eating delicious food and enjoying a range of different sports.

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I miss the good old days of smok when they made good products MORE RELIABLY, as since their name blew up quality control has fallen apart. I have the TFV4 and a TFV8 baby beast and if I had to use smok coils I wouldn’t ever touch the TFV8 baby! I’ve tried about 7-8 different smok coils in my TFV8 baby and while the t6 and q4 were good they only lasted me three days!!!! I’ve had the same TF-Q4 in my TFV4 for OVER A YEAR and it still puffs like new!!!! I have many tanks so it wasn’t subjected to constant use but I definitely put over 25 full tanks through it. I refuse to buy Smok coils for my baby beast since I’ve had so many quality control issues with Smok since the Cloud beast came out, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a path for you baby beast owners. Vappresso makes a MESH coil that screws right into the base and takes the chimeney perfectly!!!! Smok still makes good products but if you buy new you’re rolling the dice!!!


I got myself the TFV4 Mini Kit and have only tried the coils that came with it. The CLP2 didn’t last very long and I was not very impressed with the flavour. I then thought I’d leave the TF-S6 in favour of the included TF-RCA, the flavour on this impressed me so much I used this for a while. Then ordered the TF-R1, R2 & R3 Beast kit with TF-T4 0.46. The quad Clapton Coil. While waiting I thought I’d finally check out the TF-S6 & wow, this thing is a true beast vaping at 84w 70VG/30PG liquid & this is the point of me posting this comment. This S6 is still going strong after 3 months of use, no burnt taste, as good as the day it was installed. So if you have a TFV4 or Mini I would highly recommend the TF-S6 coils.


I use the pre made coils for 3 to 4 weeks at 2 30ml bottles every 10 days so I feel the atomizers are not that expensive


Agreed the TF-Q4 quad coils blow the other ones out of the water on flavor by far.


Help! I’m so confused with all these coils. I’m new to Box Mods, I have the iPV D3 with the Smok TFV4 tank. I am using the Quad Coil Head that came with the tank, which i believe is NOT a Temperature control coil? So if I understand the settings on the iPV D3 I should be using Power mode (watt mode). However, I find that I much prefer the vape when I set it to Joule mode (temperature control mode). Surely thats not right?


Hey, can i use TF-T2 coil with 100% vg? Thanks for answer

Alex Kendell

You should be able to yes, I have not used it with 100% VG my max VG was 75% at the time of use. Give me an update if it does work!


Another good thing about the TF-Q4 coils. They are a smaller diameter than the other coils and fit the best in the TFV4 mini, allowing more juice held in the tank. The other coils will fit in the TFV4 mini but are so big, it then only holds about 1 ml of juice. The TF-Q4 coils are the same diameter as the TFV4 mini clapton coils. Plus if you look around you can get the TF-Q4 coils right now for about $11 a five pack at Gearbest. Way cheaper than the other coils which are all in the $20 plus range.


could you suggest me or better explain the rba for the tfv4 series? beginner here, bit lost on the rba.


I love my TFV4, I’m partial to the Q4 coils (great vapor and flavor at 110w). I just tried the new TF-T8 (octuple clapton) it has great flavor but if you push it over 115w it’ll cook the wicks everytime no matter how much break in you give it. I go through 120-140ml every 2 weeks but I’m ok with that and I like that the Q4 coils last about 3 weeks to a month per coil. I’ll try one of the T4 clapton coils but I’ll stick to the Q4s when I buy the 5 packs

Matthew Wimberley

Hey Alex,

I have the cube x 2, with an ijust2 tank .3 ohm. I like the cloud size but want more flavor. I like to roll 200 – 230°F, would one of these coils help with more flavor or would they be overkill?

Alex Kendell

Hey Matthew, depends on what you perception of “overkill” is. They suck juice like crazy, but in my opinion the Quad coils have amazing flavor. I have yet to try some of their newer coils for the TFV-4 series. Seeming as you are using the xCube2 I do not think that the coils are overkill power-wise but maybe on the juice side.

Matthew Wimberley

Thanks for your reply.

I guess when I say overkill, in your reviews for instance, you are going at a much higher temp than I want to.

So, do you think that staying at 200°F I’d notice the flavor ‘explosion’?

Alex Kendell

I am not sure SMOK have the Quad with TC coils… so I am not 100% sure.

Matthew Wimberley

Using an iJust 2 tank with an Smok XCube 2… .3 steel coils. Was wondering, if using a compatible coil ( Melo , Atlantis, Atlantis 2 , Silo Beast & Aspire Triton ) would produce more flavor at low temp settings ? (200 degrees)

Thank You Sir!


Did you try the tfv4 micro and mini ? both of them ?

Im looking to buy one, the coils are cheaper and it doesnt guzzle so much juice, but whats with vapor and flavour ?


Alex Kendell

We have tried all of the following coils in this article:

Elizabeth Worthy Clark

Why am I not seeing your breakdown of the TFV4 .35 ohm CLP2 coil with the fullsize TFV4, not mini?

Robert Delaporte

Looks like it’s been a while since anyone posted about these coils. I have found that the trike and quad could or even the Clapton coil is great for my mechanical mod. I use the quad for my fuchai at 80w and it works great, and definitely cooler then my mechanical. I’ve just gotten into making my own could fit it and have both the disk and single build decks. I look forward to seeing what I can do with some unique wire. I don’t like the dual hike with or without the airflow and the temp control on this mod isn’t really for me. Maybe I could use temp control with my own dual ni or ti build but I need to get my build kit first. It’s much harder to make then the simple single kanthal for my kanger sub mini. Overall I think having a tank with so many options is fantastic and over the last 4 months of using it I’ve had lots of fun, and lots of wasted juice… Never change the coil till the tank is really near empty or you don’t car if you lose it.


Thanks for the review. I noticed the TI coils weren’t reviewed. What do you think of those? Did you get a chance to try them? I want to do TC but don’t want the problems associated with nickel.

Alex Kendell

Sadly have not tried them yet!


Am I the only one having problems with these coils? I go through 2 a week. I take me sweet time priming them and I still get burned hits. Its like the ejuice can’t get in as fast as it burns off. I’m using 90/10


Having the same issues, although I’m using the V8 Baby Q2 Dualcore – after 3-4 days they just taste burned… really annoying – think I’ll have to buy another Tank tbh.


Before you ditch your tank, check out the new TF-T4 Coils, I’m vaping 70/30 at 72watts & the flavour is awesome, my S6 finally died after around 3 & a half months of pretty heavy vaping, the TF-T4 I’m using is the 0.46 version which goes up to 120 Watts and it’s got a Clapton Core.
So if you haven’t tried these Coils yet, grab your self one & check it out.
Unfortunately I had issues with the coils that came with the kit, it seems the TPD caused a bit of a rush on getting certain products to market & the coils that come with the tanks are often sub standard, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you both and I’m sure you will enjoy both coils especially the TF-T4.

Alex Kendell

We haven’t had any issues so far with using 90VG eliquid. What coils are you using?


Is the smok tank suposed to get hot when vaping?

Alex Kendell

It gets very hot, especially at high wattages.


I’ve had a very bad experience wit my TF-Q4 coils… I bought a pack of 5 and EACH one of them tasted like burnt plastic right out of the gate. I did buy some TF-Q8 which just came out, and they didn’t have the same problem. JUICE hog, and lack of flavor, but HUGE Clouds, if your into that thing.. I’d rather the Herakles Plus, or even the Cloud Chaser’s Triforce (which is a juice hog as well) Heck even the Cielto, or the Crown blows great smoke and doesn’t sacrifice flavor.


Ive had a TFV4 since about december, 3 months or so, and my average life on the coils is about 2 weeks. I run a Sigelei 150w at 90-100 Watts and i go through about 2-3 tanks a day. Always use 20/80 PG/VG and i don’t clean the coils during the 2 weeks. The quads sometimes will last me close to three weeks, but they do start tasting kind of funky after 2 weeks, so thats when i replace them. I could probably get 3 weeks out of each coil before it was unbearable to use, but 2 weeks is about when i replace them.


Hey Alex,
I just got a Smok R200 and a TFV4 mini. I’m going to use the regular TFV4 coils. I vape about 10-15 times per day, and I really love clouds. On the other hand, I don’t want to be buying bottles of juice/coils every week. Do you think the quad-coil is the right way to go? Flavor is my second priority over clouds. There are also the pre-made Clapton coils and 8-coil setups, but I have no idea which way to go. Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks!


Depending on how high your wattage is, you won’t be drinking your juice. Like in my tfv4 mini, right now I’m trying out the sextuiple coil. It ranges between 40-100 watts, if i run that between 40-65ish watts, i can keep that tank for quite a while. I normally vape around 75-90 with this though. But i prefer the new octuiple coils because i like higher wattage vaping, with that being said i go through juice very quickly. With the quads if you keep it under or around 70, you won’t be chugging juice and that coil could easily last you a week and a half maybe 2 or 2 and a half. I experimented with mine. I really love the quads and are a for sure go to in my opinion though.


Kyle if u don’t want to be spending bunches on juice try getting a titanium coil they taste better and they conserve juice better

Alex Kendell

To be brutally honest with you, if you do not want to buy bottles of e-juice every week then you shouldn’t go for the TFV-4. Either you DIY your juice or go for a tank that uses a LOT less ejuice than the TFV-4 does. I can easily use 30ml a day on the Quad or Claptons.


speaking of DIY wheres a reliable place to buy the kit or items needed, at reasonable and reliable places. Ive looked at alot of places online but very weary from buying online without references.


Want to make the sauce? That fifty buck box set that comes with dozens of flavors is a sucker’s game. Here’s why…

PG and VG are cheap. Dirt cheap. Look up a gallon on eBay. The shipping costs more than the liquid. Get a liter of each. Neither has a real expiration date (The FDA puts the shelf life of VG at six months, but it doesn’t turn bad or anything. Now you have your base.

Next is flavors. That kit is likely to give you one dram (3.7ml) bottles of Lorann flavorings. A), that’s not enough to make squat, considering a predominant flavor is likely to be ten to twenty percent of the total volume, B) they are loaded with coloring agents as they are designed for hard candy production, and C) the citrus and spice oils are like getting maced, crack tanks, and contain those fun chemicals some concern about long term exposure risks have been expressed (Google it.). Go to either a vape site like ecigexpress or a flavoring manufacturer’s site like Cappella’s. Look around, get some ideas about what sounds good, then find one of the many online sites that gives percentage guidelines for flavors by many manufacturers. The good ones have a few sets of numbers, so now you have a range. Start making a. ballpark formulary. Your first attempts are likely to be horrendous, start small. Thirty mils is a good place to start. Get an app to help. Vaporcalc has a juice, ohm, and coil calculator for free. Punch in the numbers. 20 drops per ml is standard, so for strong flavors or tiny amounts count the drips instead of trying to suck up a half mil into a syringe. Which brings us to…

Gear. The three pairs of gloves and three syringes they give you in the kit are disposable. And if you look on eBay or cruise veterinary medicine sites you’ll find them on the cheap and by the box. A good starting range is 1ml, 5ml, and 10ml. Get ones with luer lock blunt needles in as wide a gauge available. VG is a pain to suck up. Nitrile and latex gloves are available by the box at most pharmacies. And you MUST have and use gloves because of….

NICOTINE. It’s toxic, absorbed through the skin, and contaminates anything it touches. It can and will kill you if you’re not cautious. But the answer isn’t the 24mg “base” the kits give you. Myfreedoksmokes sells it by the half liter for twenty five bucks. At a strength of 100mg/ml. That means you won’t use more than a mil or two at most for your baby batches. Again, calculator. It gives you the amount based on your desired mg strength. Anything over 20mg is waaaay overkill. And if you plan on subohm or dripper use, more than 6 will make you hork. Less is more. That bottle will last you a year. Put it in a secure, cool, and dark place. Shake it well before use, clean any spills with disposable material, and use dedicated syringes and staging bowls that you don’t use for anything else. I bought a bunch of teeny lab pyrex starting out, until I found disposable packs of Tupperware bowls were a lot easier to mix in, pitch after using, and had lids for storage. Plus, no chance of getting nicotine in your dishwasher with the pitch outs.

Get cracking on reading other’s recipes to get ratio suggestions. Find out about “special effects” additives that add characteristics other than flavor. Sweet, sour, baked, mellow, hot, bitter…all possibilities. These are the backbone of better than average recipes. They’re likely to either be cheap or super concentrated as well, so it won’t break the bank to get some and play around. 80 grams of malic acid powder, which dissolves easily in PG, will provide enough pucker to turn your lips inside out at 5% total volume. Price? Five bucks.

I made 500 15ml bottles last year, and I still havent killed my liter of nic. But I learned the hard way that the markup on this stuff is bananas, and the kind of company that sells you juice with “extra shots” of flavors is no one you want to do business with. Extend that formula to restaurants. A good cook seasons the food to taste, not to some invisible ratio that calls for diners to boost their food.

I hope this isn’t overwhelming. Its just what I’ve learned going from that ripoff fifty dollar box to commercial production. Make your own. Its so very satisfying to envision a vape, and pull it off.

Best of luck.

Best of luck.


A good place to get your vaping flavors for good prices.

Alex Kendell

Mt. Baker Vapor seems to have quite a bit of DIY gear. I have ordered from them quite a few times, a very trustworthy company.




Thank you for your prompt reply. I understand that I chose a thirsty setup, but I don’t vape ‘that’ much. Do the 6 coil setups make a lot more vapor than the 3 and 4 coil setups?

Alex Kendell

Yes they do, but imo the flavor is not as good as the quad.


thanks, when ot gets really hot does that mean its too high or normal;


Not necessarily, your tank can get hot when you chain vape at even lower temps. I find a good rule of thumb is if your tank gets uncomfortably hot (I do not advise allowing anything to get too hot to touch) it’s time to let it rest for a few minutes. The heat from your tank can bleed over to your mod and cause the temp your batteries are at to get too high and that’s not only bad for your battery life expectancy, but can be dangerous too…75 degrees Celsius or higher will definitely negatively affect the life of your batteries


TF-Q4 (quadruple coil) are AMAZING. Coil is going strong 2 weeks now, no burnt hits, Wismec Reuleaux RX200 at 80W ALL DAY!


I have the same setup, the same coils and got about a month and a half out of Q4 coil @ 70-85 watts. Tastes awesome.


Just wanted to comment. I’ve been using the tfv4 mini for several months and have tried the triple, quad, sextuple, and dual Clapton and I have to say I prefer the dual Clapton. It produces the best taste to me while still giving off sufficiently large clouds. Quad would definitely be my second choice though I am curious about the new fused Clapton.


I’ve been using my TF -V4 for approximtely 5 months with a sigelei 150w. I have used a few sextuplet coils.. (flavor is pretty good and vapor density is nice). My fave until yesterday was the q4 vertical. The t8s are crazy. Density of vapor is amazing and the taste is great. (Still not as good flavor as the q4 but very close.


Man u all should try beast kit this tf-r3 deck its a bitch to work on but omg its a beast and get some of those overly priced quintuple coils and let us know


I have used the TF-CLP2, TF-Q4, TF-S6 and each one one has lasted weeks with continuous use and I’m a heavy vaper who uses a lot of juice. I personally agree with your review on the quad coil and I seem to get much more clouds from it than the others with the flavor, also much smoother in my opinion.


Thank you for the review, Clint!


Just want to say ive been daily vaping a triple coil on the tfv4 mini at 50w 600° taste and vapor production is excellent been using the coil for 3 weeks now and it shows no sign of slowing down, however it lays waste to my juice stock and battery life is laughable.


Dude I’ve been using my TVF4 on quad coils for 3 months and I’m in love with it. The flavor is phenomenal even though it eats through e-juice. I don’t mind paying a little bit more for my coils either. I mean for the flavor and vape production it’s worth it. When I smoked I was spending about $100 a week so I’m actually saving money. This tank on my Sigelei 100w plus has been the best set-up I’ve ever had. I’m extremely impressed and hooked on the TVF4

Alex Kendell

Glad you enjoy the TFV-4! Vape on!


Can you guys review the Horizon Artic V8

Alex Kendell

It is on our list!


Hey Alex, which do you recommend.. The TF-T2 Air or the TF-CLP 2? And what would be the sweet spot? Thank you!

Alex Kendell

Have not tried the CLP2’s yet! We should be reviewing them soon together with the smok TFV-4 Mini.


Thanks Alex. Does the TF-T2 air chuck a good amount of clouds?

Alex Kendell

Yes, they have some great airflow and the vapor on most of the TFV-4 coils including the TF-T2 is amazing (I wouldn’t say that it is as good as the quad coil), but I do have to say that the flavor was not as good as the Quad coils. Hope that helps!


They have also come out with prebuilt CLP coils (Claptons) and CLP2 which is a dual Clapton as well as prewrapped Claptons in an rba

Alex Kendell

We will be reviewing them shortly. Thanks for the heads up Clint!


Don’t forget about the three new coil releases which had been update on their website two days ago. The TF – T4 (Quadruple clapton core with four separate chamber design) also the TF – R3 (Rebuildable triple clapton core). Both may be viewed here, under their new beasts section.


Sorry 2 new coil releases. ***

Alex Kendell

Yea, there seem to be new coils coming out every 2 days for the TFV-4. We will try and keep up, lol!


Don’t forget the octuple fused clapton TF-T8!


Have you tried that one yet? So far my favorite is the sextuplet one but thinking about trying the octuple


I have been using the tf4v with the cube x 2 for 4mth now and I use the quad coil as an all day vape. I go thro 2 tanks of juice a day but coil last me about 2 weeks befor I need to replace. I enjoy the flavor bang.

Chris Kendell

Good to know Joe, thanks!


I decided to go and buy a Smok TFV4 Full Kit for myself. I was initially delighted with it. However, I first used it with the already installed T3 coil, which was great, but then I decided to try the Q4 coil, but it would not screw right down into the base, so all I got was ‘check atomizer’ when I attached the tank to my Sigelei 150 TC Mod, so I was disappointed, but I just assumed that the provided Q4 coil must somehow be faulty. So next I thought I would try the T&F-R1 coil, also provided in the box, but this ALSO would not screw down into the base, and therefore ALSO produced the same error message on my mod! I am really unhappy about this! I paid almost £30 for this ‘Smok TFV4 Full Kit’, and to ONLY be able to use ONE out of the THREE coils provided is just not good enough! Please can you tell me if this is a design fault or am I doing something wrong? I was going to contact Smok, but they do not provide any contact details on their website unfortunately, so instead I am writing to you for help please! I have tried the TF-N2 Air coils in the tank, and they screw down ok and work, so why don’t the Q4 and the T&F-R1 coils screw into the base and work?


My Q4 coil also would not screw in. I had to go to my local B&M and buy a replacement Q4, which screwed in fine.

Chris Kendell

Try another mod to make sure it is the tank and coils and not the box. If it still does that that must be a quality issue with the tank or coils. We didn’t have any issues screwing our coils in at all with all the coils we tried. I’d get in touch with the shop you got it from and contact smok: [email protected]

I hope you manage to get something sorted!


I have the same issue using the quad coil using a IPV Mini 2. I got 2 great hits at 70w and then, poof!, it kept saying “low res” on the display. I checked things out, everything look good. Dropped the triple coil back in place and no issues. I’ve been vaping on the triple coil for 3 days and its AWESOME


I also was having the same issue with my quad coil. After trying quite a few solutions, with no success, I had attempted to try out my smok on my friends sigelei 150 watt, and it worked just fine! After analyzing some details I had noticed that unfortunately, the quad coil is a .15 ohm coil, and the IPV mini 2 is only capable of firing over .2 ohms. The reasons the triple coils had no issues was because it is a .2 ohm coil.
ps. Another large issue I have seen with some of the quadruple coils included in the kit, is that one of the coils protrude ever so slightly past the threading, so when the top cap is screwed in it gets in contact with the coil also leading to a short… and also a “low res” warning. Its a simple fix never the less. All you have to do to rectify the issue is to push the lead down with the back side of a pen or any object of your choice, so that the coil is not in contact with the top.


thanks a lot Michael, you made work my TF-S6 again in my Xcube mini.!!!!!!! cheers from brussels

Alex Kendell

Thanks for the info Michael!


Always happy to help! This is my go-to website when it comes to reviews and keeping up with the latest stuff. Hands down the best website, You guys are amazing. Keep up the good work.

Alex Kendell

Always awesome to hear some positive feedback, thanks again Michael! We sure will! 🙂


I’ve been using the Quad/Triple coils as well as the Single/Dual RBAs for a few weeks now. The Quad is the best but I would only recommend it if you DIY or have extensive disposable income. I’ve gone through a 5ml tank in an hour. The triple coil is just as thirsty but not as good for flavour. The RBA heads however are excellent for flavour and are much more frugal depending on how you build it. I tend to build around 0.6ohms and it’ll take me a day to get through a full tank if I’m using it frequently.

All in all, these coils are great for novelty but that’s about it. I’m looking forward to the vertical RBA deck that’s on the way.


As an addition, the quad coils will also drain your batteries in no time at all. Dual Parallel box here drained 2×18650 in two hours max. It’ll be faster if you’re in series.

Chris Kendell

Thanks for the insightful comments Dick.


More than welcome, the original review helped guide my purchase.


Hey, just FYI there’s also a verical coil RBA and a SS coil coming out!

Chris Kendell

Thanks for the info Josh!


I have not tried it but it looks like the sextuple coil is 3 parallel coils not 6 coils stacked .

Chris Kendell

You are correct, I saw that as well, so not sure why I wrote double stacked! For some reason I had that in my mind. I have amended that now. Thanks for pointing that out Nate!


Thanks for the reply . you guys do great reviews ,I am always looking for new ones. I agree totally about the quad coil it is phenomenal. Have a good day.


I agree, these guys are the authority when it comes to vaping. I look to them whenever I need advice!

Alex Kendell

BigMoney, you are awesome!

Chris Kendell

Thanks for the kind words Nate! Have a good day too.

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