iJoy Limitless XL Tank Preview

iJoy and Limitless team up once more for a rebuildable tank atomizer that should satisfy both cloud chasers and flavor fiends -- the iJoy Limitless XL Tank.

iJoy Limitless XL Tank
iJoy Limitless XL Tank

The Dynamic Duo Returns!

The partnership between iJoy and Limitless has produced some fascinating vaping products. Vaping360 has already covered the iJoy Limitless RDTA and iJoy Limitless LUX. The dynamic duo’s latest collaborative effort is the iJoy Limitless XL Tank. It’s an RTA with excellent potential to satisfy both cloud chasers and flavor aficionados alike.

iJoy Limitless XL Tank Features and Specs

iJoy Limitless XL Tank kit contents
iJoy Limitless XL Tank kit contents

Here’s the specs and features list for the iJoy Limitless XL Tank.

  • 25-Millimeter Diameter
  • Direct to Coil Fan-Styled Airflow Control Ring
  • Unique Rebuildable and Swappable Deck System
  • 19.8-Millimeter Building Deck
  • 3.5 x 2.5-Millimeter Rectangle Holes Dual-Coil Deck
  • 6.5-Millimeter Diameter Air Hole Single-Coil Deck
  • Pre-Made 0.15-Ohm Light-Up Chip Coil (50-215 Watts)
  • 4.0-Millimeter Tank Reservoir
  • Top Fill System
  • Philips Head Screws
  • PEEK Insulation

You Light Up My Life

Let me get this out of the way first — the light-up chip coil that comes with the iJoy Limitless XL Tank is frickin’ cool! Yes, I find it highly amusing because I’m a mental infant that’s dazzled by pretty lights, but I don’t care. Similar to my fascination with glass vaping products that allow me to see vapor in an atomizer or a drip tip, I find light-up vaping products endlessly entertaining.

On a more objective note, I’m loving the versatility of the iJoy Limitless XL Tank. There’s a dual-coil option for cloud chasers, a single-coil option for flavor hounds, and a replaceable-coil option for beginning to intermediate vapers. It gives newer vapers room to grow and offers experienced vapers different ways to experience the tank.

I love how the iJoy Limitless XL Tank appeals to a broad range of vapers in terms of preference and experience level.

Aesthetically, the iJoy Limitless XL Tank has a lot going on. Normally, I’m not a fan of busy designs, but this one works for me. The “X” that covers the chimney appeals to the comic-book nerd in me (essentially, all of me); I can totally see Charles Xavier vaping on this tank. The fan-blade-like airflow controller looks sweet. When coupled with the light-up coil, it looks like something I shouldn’t put my finger in…but do anyway.

The beauty of this product is its versatility. While the dual-coil deck looks great, I see myself using the single-coil deck for flavor and the light-up coil for personal enjoyment. I love how the iJoy Limitless XL Tank appeals to a broad range of vapers, both in terms of vaping style and experience level. What do you think of this RTA? Which mode do you see yourself using the most? Share your thoughts on the iJoy Limitless XL Tank in the comments section.

[This section heading was inspired by Debby Boone.]

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I am very disappointed with this tank. It leaks. Bad. Tried both prebuilt coils .2 and .15 ohm and both are very lackluster. Also the tank gets very hot. No flavor production until 90-100 Watts. And flavor is mediocre at best. Just hot and spitting. Not even in the same ballpark as high wattage tanks like TFV8 cloud beast. Honestly I really wanted to like this tank unfortunately I feel like I’ve wasted my hard earned money. I’m gonna try our the RTA deck and I hoping that should be much better than the prebuilt coils. I get Twice as much flavor from my big baby beast tfv8 at 40 watts than this tank at 150. Don’t understand the rave reviews on This tank.


I do not like this tank very much. It doesn’t sit flush on any of my mods and I have about six. The premade coils basically are crap. No matter how I clean out every inch of the tank and install a new coil, prime, and put the liquid in there is always a leakage issue and I’m sucking up the juice into my mouth. I can see the juice on top of the coil after two hits.
If you don’t have at least 100 W to push the premade coils your out of luck and after two puffs the tank is so hot your fingers could melt off.
Now the rebuildables are decent but it’s so hard to get the cotton correct so it doesn’t leak everywhere and the few times that I have gotten the cotton correct I actually had an enjoyable experience. But that was rare.

In fact the only good thing about the is that I have been vaping for two years and I am transitioning from prebuilt coils to making my own. That is the only reason I am keeping it.

Plus a day after I bought it I tried to sell it and All the people that claim to be interested had issues which I’ve sold hundreds of items on craigslist and bought hundreds of items but never had as many issues as trying to sell vape gear. I don’t bother anymore I just keep everything because people try to lowball hardcore.

I mean this thing was brand-new with six extra coils (40 bucks just in coils) and people were offering me 20 bucks for the entire kit and this was literally two days after it was on the market and even online it was selling for 45 bucks and no one could find them. Lol

So I think of it as a learning tank but I certainly don’t use it but once a week to practice. It looks good but looks can be deceiving in my book.


I had issues with leaking after filling too but found that turning air flow off then filling, cap back on, I then turn upside down and let the juice fall away from the bottom before opening the airflow back up. This releases the pressure without causing juice being pushed out. No leakage at all since doing this


I just bought one of these about half an hour ago on my lunch break. I’ve been using drippers only lately, but the inconvenience was killing me, especially while driving. The other tanks I have are the Kanger Toptank mini and the Geek Vape Avocado 24. I just loved how this one came with two RBA sections, so I chose it over the TFV8.

So far I have only tried the dual coil rebuildable section. I wicked it with some cotton bacon, and I really like it so far. The only negative has been that at first it leaked some out the bottom. I was worried that I hadn’t put enough cotton in it, but it hasn’t leaked again (so far), so I think maybe I just didn’t really prime it enough.

I thought that I would use the regular 510 drip tip adapter, and probably my drip tip that came with my Dark Horse RDA (that’s my favorite 510 drip tip I own), but so far I have been loving the wider built in drip tip that came already installed. I kind of wish they would have just made the inner diameter a little smaller on this part, so that a 510 drip tip could just go right into that, but I do really like it.

This is my first “two post” deck I have owned, and I have been wanting to try it for a while. My favorite deck is the “velocity” style up until now, because I love how the coils are right in the center, and I can use more exotic coils like Alien Claptons, etc. The one thing I don’t like about the velocity style deck is how with wider, parallel type coils such as alien claptons or fused claptons you have to twist the leads to fit in the vertical post holes.

I have my Limitless XL on my Reuleaux RX2/3 at the moment at 112 watts. The dual coil is reading at 0.15 ohms, and the air flow is AMAZING! The reason I haven’t used my Kanger Toptank is that it doesn’t have nearly enough air flow. That is not the case at all with this device. I’m vaping some Rockt Punch Cake Berry Blaster in it, and I have never gotten such amazing flavor! I feel like I’ve almost been wasting my e juice until now.

The way the bottom of the atomizer works with the air flow adjustment does kind of accentuate a flaw in the RX2/3. The 510 connection on this mod is not the best, so it is really obvious with this atomizer. My other mod is a Kbox that came with my Topbox mini kit, so it would work too, but it only goes up to 75 watts, and this tank will hang over the edges a lot.

All in all I really love this tank so far. It looks really classy too, in my opinion. I haven’t tried the prebuilt coil head; I’ve been saving that for later. I’m really glad that I bought this!


Thanks for a fantastically detailed comment, Richie!


No problem. I love talking about vape stuff. I have a couple updates about my experience with the Limitless XL tank. I had some issues with wicking; first I tried the dual coil and it leaked really bad, so I tried the single coil. This worked okay, but I think I put too much cotton in on one side, and that side made the e juice all gunky and gross.

Today I took it all apart and cleaned it and started over. I first used the dual coil again, but used more wick, and it has been working great. Then I watched a video where they showed a strategy for wicking the single coil was to not stuff it into the channels at all, but just use a lot of cotton and kind of shove it down on top of the wick channels, just filling up the whole space, except down into the channel (at least that was my understanding).

This seemed to work okay, but again after I added more e juice it started leaking pretty bad, so I tried again. This time it still was leaking pretty bad, so I just put the dual coil back in, and kind of examined the single coil deck. It looks like the place it’s leaking from is the little screw on the bottom. I think this is what holds the positive post on the deck. I tightened it down, but haven’t tried it again, so I don’t know if that helped or not.

I really like this tank so far. I am really excited about getting the hang of wicking it, and trying out more coils like framed staple coil. I’ve been getting pretty good at alien coils, but I didn’t realize until today that the single coil deck has to have the coil wrapped counter-clockwise, so I’m going to make one when I get home. I wish I could make video reviews for vape stuff; I think I would really enjoy that!


My tank is leaking anytime I add more juice to it as well, I am using the 4 coil build that it comes with and I do enjoy it but I’m on the road a lot for work and the leaking is just becoming a huge hassle


That’s too bad, it’s leaking with the prebuilt coil head? I don’t think I had that problem. I’ve pretty much got the leaking problem figured out now. I’ve been using the RBA section with dual alien coils I made, with a Scottish roll wicking. I bought a bag of cotton pads from Amazon, so I have a bunch of them to experiment with.

Another thing I always make sure to do is close the airflow off when I fill it, and even keep the tank on its side for a minute right after filling it. I’ve been installing my wicks, using it a few times, then removing the bottom and burning most of the liquid off, then trimming the wicks so they just touch the bottom of the well.

I still really love this tank! I’ve been using the e juice “police man” by one hit wonder. I’ve been really going through it too, I bought the 180 ml bottle two weeks ago and only have like 45-60 ml left! I’m glad I got paid today!