Kanger Protank 4 Preview

Kanger Protank 4 Preview

Kanger Protank 4: The Return of the King

For approximately the last 18 months, Kanger’s Subtank brand has been the hottest one in its lineup. Longtime vapers will remember when the Protank line represented the company’s best. That looks like it will be the case once again with the Kanger Protank 4. With extreme coil versatility, the Protank 4 aims to appeal to just about every type of vaper out there. Here’s a closer look at the upcoming Kanger Protank 4.


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Kanger Protank 4 Specs

Kanger Protank 4 Preview Specs

Before I get into some of the Protank 4’s features. Here are the official bullet points on the product.

  • 5ml capacity
  • 65.5mm x 22mm
  • Adjustable airflow drip tip
  • Top and side filling
  • Child lock
  • DIY kit
  • RBA with dual Clapton coil
  • SSOCC compatible

Versatility Galore

Kanger Protank 4 Preview

The most striking thing about the Protank 4 is its versatility. As you saw from the bullet points, it has its own RBA deck and is compatible with the broad array of SSOCC coils already available. The Protank 4 kit comes with a 1.5-ohm coil that appeals to mouth-to-lung vapers and Kanger’s new ceramic coil.

The Protank 4’s RBA deck has Velocity-style posts. By default, it comes with two Clapton coils, but obviously can accommodate all sorts of builds. This deck is geared towards enthusiast vapers.

Casual vapers or those that don’t like to build their own coils have a ton of choices with the Protank 4. The SSOCC coils have models that appeal to mouth-to-long, direct-lung, and temperature-control vapers. With the variety of SSOCC coils available, Kanger has the majority of the market covered with its SSOCC coils.

Ceramic coils are becoming increasingly popular. Vaping360 has been impressed with a number of products that use ceramic coils, such as the Horizontech Krixus and Vaporesso Target Kit (both excellent reviewed by Sam Bass-Cooper). I’m curious to see how Kanger’s foray into the ceramic world turns out.

At the end of the day, Kanger appears to have all of its bases covered with the Protank 4. Thanks to its sizable lineup of existing coils, coupled with new additions like the Velocity-style RBA deck and ceramic coils, this atomizer should appeal to the majority of vapers out there.

Will You Go Pro(tank)?

On paper, the Protank 4 looks fantastic. Its aesthetics are classy and its versatility can’t be denied. Naturally, a bunch of us at Vaping360 are excited to see how it vapes in real life. How about you? Are you excited for the Kanger Protank 4? Which coil are you most interested in? Share your thoughts on Kanger’s upcoming atomizer in the comments section.


Check out these discounts via the button below

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*Some discounts are dependent on your geographical location.
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Anyone using this tank? Reviews? This for the Triton 2?

Toni ShamelessTrouble

Would love to see a review of this


All you guys who care so much about MTL, go get a Joyetech AIO. Perfect for MTL, and it has pretty LED light in the tank. 🙂


I’ve just ordered one. I’ve loved my subtank mini for a long time and will probably use the SSOCC 0.5 coils in the Protank 4 (I’m not interested in building). I ordered the black one, to pair with a SMOK 65W.


I was thinking to buy Protank 4 as a daily M2L or DL using coils, something simple what has solid liquid capacity and easy to carry arround. Do you have better proposal?


Does anyone know if the Protank 4’s RBA section is compatible with any of Kanger’s other products (I.E. Subtank / Subtank Mini)?

Jeremy Mann

I think this is going to be big, but I do wonder (especially after talking with Alex) if this is just going to have too much airflow for a successful MTL.

Sam Bass-Cooper

This looks awesome! So versatile which I like, could be one of the best tanks to come out! Although a smaller version would be good too! 5ml on a 1.5 ohm coil would take a while! Lol


I understand that kanger wants to do something different, but id rather have a .2 ohm coil in addition, to be honest, mtl just isint the future, or at least in my ipinion

Sam Bass-Cooper

I’m surprised there isn’t a standard sub ohm coil for this tank! Although the RBA section does look quite easy to build on if you are into that.


A mini version of this one would be an instant-buy. Think our gear has to be more compact and pocket-sized.


no biggie ,just
another subtank,industry’s do not give a shit about mouth to lungers,it caters to the young cloud chasers and Rap lovers,money,money,money.


read that article last week,changes nothing,there is no subtank any good for mouth to lung,and I’ll bet there will never be another MTL tank made.


Well said, I read the article and I definitely agree. Triton 2 came a bit closer to MTL evolution but it doesnt wick good with high VG. E-leaf M Air is not too bad either for MTL taste and vapour on high VG but a bit messy with spitting juice. Cubis is really good MTL on vapour even at 0.5Ω but taste can be a bit lame on the 1.5Ω. Now trying the Protank 4 first day and it looks awesome MTL on flavour (1.5Ω) but vapour is not as thick as with Cubis so far and is not portable at all. Perhaps Nautilus is the overall happy medium for MTL.


I would be surprised if Kanger didn’t eventually have a 2ml equivalent to comply with the EU.


Hopefully this pressures smok into pioneering ceramic coils

Henrik Ringtved

Adtually i’m more looking forward to the RBA deck but also would be interresting to see how the ceramic coils are preforming


I’m also looking forward to the RBA deck. Velocity-style is so easy! What wattages have you been using the Cerabis with?

Henrik Ringtved

I’ve only used the 0.4 coil and i’ve been running it at 53w awesome flavor


I’ll try turning mine up. I’ve had in the 30s and it’s only okay for me so far. Thanks for your numbers!