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May 22, 2023
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How Long Do Elf Bars Last? (Puffs Counts for Every Elf Bar)

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Elf Bar is changing the brand name on its products sold in the United States to EBDESIGN after a federal judge ordered the company to stop using the ELFBAR name until a trademark dispute is decided.

EBDESIGN-branded products will arrive in the U.S. soon after March 10. Product model numbers will remain the same, as will the appearance of the devices. Model numbers will be more prominent on the devices and packaging, and the brand name will be smaller.

Beware of ELFBAR-branded products still being sold in stores. They could be fake (or counterfeit) Elf Bars.

How long does an Elf Bar last?

Based on our team’s first-hand vaping experience, an Elf Bar 600 should last heavy vapers for around one day, and a casual vaper for at least two days, maybe three. An Elf Bar BC5000, advertised at 5000 puffs, will last heavy vapers up to a week and a casual vaper up to two weeks, maybe longer.

Elf Bar vapes come in various sizes, and they have 27 different model types (and counting). Therefore, determining how long each lasts depends on the puff count of your specific Elf Bar and how often you vape. Keep reading below to check out our graphic with every Elf Bar vape device, their puff counts, and estimates on how long each will last based on your usage.

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What is a puff count?

The lifespan of a disposable vape is always measured in puffs. Each disposable will therefore be advertised with an estimated puff count. The puff count is the number of times you can “hit” or draw vapor from your disposable vape. For example, a 600 puff count should roughly equate to 600 inhalations, or draws, from that device.

However, it is important to note that puff counts are very loose figures, and how they are measured or estimated will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Puff counts, in our experience, tend to be slightly exaggerated—either due to manufacturers inflating the figures for marketability, or just due to assuming most vapers take very light draws. Therefore, if you take long hits from your Elf Bar vape pen, you can expect the number of puffs you will get to be less than the number advertised by the manufacturer.

All Elf Bar puff counts & how long each will last

We created the table below, which shows every available Elfbar vape model (at the time of writing), their puff counts, and the expected number of days of usage depending on different vaping styles.

It is important to note that the information below is based on our team’s vaping experience and estimates for average puff counts for different vaping styles. We used the highest nicotine strength available as a baseline, so if your vape comes with a lower nicotine strength, you should expect fewer days of vaping since you’ll probably be hitting your vape more often.

Also note that the table doesn't account for potentially inflated puff count numbers, so if you want to be safe, we recommend deducting a day from the low-puff models, and at least a couple of days from the larger models.

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How did we define a casual and heavy vaper?

Since we are calculating based on the maximum nicotine strength available, we assumed that a heavy vaper takes 300 hits per day (approximately one hit every three minutes for 16 hours per day). For casual vapers, we went with 50 hits per day—approximately three hits per hour. The average vaper should fit somewhere inside that range.

The reality of how many hits people take will vary from person to person. For instance, if you only vape once a day or during smoke breaks at work, you can expect your Elf Bars to last much longer than the estimates above.

Do Elf Bars and other disposable vapes expire?

Elf Bars have a shelf life of up to two years from manufacturing if stored in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight. This is assuming the battery hasn’t died. The only thing in an Elf Bar that can expire or go bad is the vape juice.

Technically e-juice can go bad. But it’s not the same as food going bad. Vape juice (including nicotine salt) is very shelf-stable. It might even change color and turn brown with time, but this doesn’t mean that it has expired. Generally speaking, e-juice lasts as long as its first ingredient to “expire.” As a rule of thumb, that will be up to two years from its date of manufacture.

If your device tastes bad or isn’t working, it’s best to throw it away and get yourself a new one.


How to tell if your Elf Bar has run out of battery or is empty?

The Elf Bar disposable will blink its indicator light when it needs to be charged or has run out of vape juice. It is important to note that not all Elf Bars can be recharged. Refer to our table above to see if yours can be recharged or not.

The charge time varies per Elf Bar model. The general rule of thumb is 30-90 minutes, depending on the Elf Bar’s mAh rating and how depleted it is. The lowest mAh needs the shortest charge time, and the highest mAh needs the longest. The average time for charging 650 mAh is approximately an hour.

How to recharge your Elf bar

As with most modern electronic devices, Elf Bars charge through USB-C ports. USB-C charge cables are different than traditional micro-USB cables in that the plug is symmetrical and oval-shaped. Micro-USB cables have an asymmetrical shape with one flat side, which always seems to get inserted upside down on the first try. USB-C cables go in on the first try.

With all Elf Bar rechargeable disposables, there’ll be a visible USB-C port, most often on the bottom of the device—not to be confused with an airflow hole.

The Elf Bar disposables don’t come with a charging cable, though. By now, most people have USB-C charge cables around. If not, you can pick one up from any store that sells electronics, even gas stations and drug stores.

As stated, charge the Elf Bar as you would any other small electronic device. All vapes, Elf Bars notwithstanding, are powered by lithium-ion batteries. Practice the same care as you usually do when handling small electronic devices with batteries and their respective power sources.

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