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JUUL Skins, Wraps and Accessories

Dave Kriegel
May 9, 2018

The JUUL is an electronic e-cigarette with a burgeoning cult following. Proud JUUL users love displaying loyalty to their vape of choice, every opportunity they get. For this reason, we’ve put together a list of the best accessories for the true JUUL enthusiast available to date. You’ll be juuling in style.

That includes everything from JUUL wraps, cases, stickers and even merchandise like hats, hoodies and shirts. Pimp your device and show everyone how proud you are to own a JUUL. If you don’t own one yet, here’s where to buy a JUUL.

JUUL Cases and Sleeves



If you’re a frequent JUUL user, it makes sense to protect your vape just as you would protect a phone. This case is designed to cover your device and keep it safe from damage and scratches. It can also be attached to your keyring so you can keep all of your valuables in one location.

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Podscase Wallet


This JUUL case functions as a wallet that also contains a slot for your cash and credit cards. It can hold one JUUL, four pods (including the one in the device) and a USB charger.

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sllv JUUL Sleeve


If you’re a minimalist, the sllv JUUL sleeve is right for you. It is made of a durable lycra that protects your device from damage and keeps it secure. The case uses a strong 3M adhesive that holds tight and won’t leave behind residue. It’s available in 7 different color variations.

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If you’re looking for a JUUL charging case then these are the ones we currently recommend.

JUUL Wraps/Skins/Stickers


Now you can have your own custom JUUL. These wraps, also known as skins, are stickers that you put on your device. They each have different designs that allow you to express your own personality and style. Plus, you’ll never get your JUUL mixed up with a friends’ ever again.

JUULWraps offers dozens of styles to choose from and the ability to create your own JUUL skin by uploading your own custom images. They are easy to apply, and stay on until you swap them out. Here are some of the hottest JUUL skins available right now:

Louis Vuitton Supreme


Show your love for both Louis Vuitton and Supreme with this beasty JUUL wrap.

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Striped Gucci


Got expensive taste? This Gucci skin will give your JUUL an instant status boost.

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Blue Hundreds


This money-print wrap will instantly make any old JUUL look like a million bucks.

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Carbon Fiber


Give your JUUL a luxurious look with this carbon fiber wrap.

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This wrap gives your JUUL that galaxy look with splashes of blue and purple.

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USA Flag


Proudly display your stars and stripes to the world with this patriotic USA flag wrap.

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Choose from dozens of other designs on JUULWraps or create your own custom JUUL skin.

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JUUL phone cases, stickers and merch

There’s a lot of awesome merchandise for the JUUL fanboy and fangirl inside of you, like phone cases and other merch to show the world how much you love JUUL. Here’s some examples:

JUUL Phone Cases


These JUUL phone cases are sleek and durable. They feature UV-printed graphics that have a clean matte finish. The case is made of durable polycarbonate and is easy to put on and take off. Protect your phone from scratches and drops while proudly displaying your vape of choice.

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Note: All of these cases are available for both iPhone and Android phones, others may vary.

Flavor Case


Display your favorite Juul pod flavor while protecting your phone with this pod case. Available in cool mint, tobacco, crème brulee, mango, fruit medley.

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Pods Case


Why choose one when you can have ’em all? This phone case has all of the classic pod flavors including mango.

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JUUL merch

Be loud and proud about JUUL. There’s plenty of t-shirts, hoodies, hats, posters and stickers to choose from. Each design features a popular image or meme that will command attention from your fellow JUUL enthusiasts.

Eat Sleep JUUL T-shirt


Straight Outta Pods Hoodie


Cool Mint Dad Hat


Check out these sites to discover some more great JUUL accessories:

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