Mad Hatter E-liquid Review

The Mad Hatter doesn't just like things, he loves them. Today we review all five of their e-liquids to find out if we love them too.

Mad Hatter E-Liquid

Mad Hatter E-liquid Intro

About a year back, many of you might recall a flavor called I Love Donuts, around the time when these types of bakery flavors were all the rage. The company behind this is called Mad Hatter and since then it has released four other flavors. I will be taking a look at the entire lineup in this review.

Mad Hatter’s next e-liquid was called I Love Cookies and now it has I Love Taffy, I Love Popcorn, and 120 Cream Pop. I’ve vaped all five Mad Hatter flavors and will give you my honest opinion on what I thought of them. E-liquid is subjective, so I can only give you my personal impressions of this in this review.

Notable Remarks

Mad Hatter E-liquid is available in 30 mL bottles which go for about $20 — a pretty standard retail price. The one exception is 120 Cream Pop, which is only available only in 120 mL bottles, with the price yet to be determined. I’m guessing it will end up being around $60

Our Setup

I am using my Mutation XS from the last e-liquid review because it delivers a good blast of flavor for me. I have since changed out the cotton and cleaned my coils off. These Claptons are coming out to approximately 0.3 ohms and I am running ’em at 50 watts.

Our E-liquid Review

I Love Donuts

Mad Hatter E-Liquid I Love Donuts

This juice has a pinkish hue, which looks cool at the 0 mg nicotine level. Unfortunately, the nicotine imparts a yellowish-brownish hue. The packaging is hilarious; it comes in a tiny pink box with actual bakery paper. I love Mad Hatter’s creativity and humor when it comes to secondary packaging.

It definitely has that bakery taste to it, however I don’t get a clear-cut donut flavor. I do however get the powdered sugar with a hint of blueberry. It’s just like vaping the sugar you’d find on top of a jelly donut, with a subtle hint of blueberry thrown into the mix.

The truth is you don’t literally have to love donuts to enjoy this e-juice. It is essentially just another dessert flavor. Fortunately, it was not too sweet for my taste or I would’ve already complained about that!

The only negative thing that I can say about this juice is that when I was vaping it a lot, at some point I began to grow tired of it. That’s just my personal experience, as this can happen to any vaper with any flavor. Luckily, Mad Hatter is always cooking up something new….

I Love Cookies

Mad Hatter E-Liquid I Love Cookies

Yes, that’s right, the Mad Hatter doesn’t just like things, he loves them. And when he does, he will let you know. This flavor is called I Love Cookies, and it is another bakery vape from the company’s collection. If you thought Mad Hatter couldn’t top its Donuts box then you are in for a rude awakening….

This one comes in a box that looks like a little old-school oven. Around the oven are pictures of cookies that the juice is supposed to taste like. I definitely get the Samoa cookie taste, with a little bit of chocolate chip and a hint of rainbow sugar cookie. The overall flavor isn’t too sweet and is nicely balanced.

If the Cookie Monster vaped, this would probably be one of his favorite flavors. Seriously though, if you love that freshly-baked cookie taste with chocolate chip, sweet caramel drizzle, and a hint of strawberry, then you should definitely try I Love Cookies.

I Love Taffy

Mad Hatter E-Liquid I Love Taffy

Just when you thought the Mad Hatter only loved baked goods, he shows us another side of himself. The Mad Hatter also loves taffy, especially when it is of the peach-flavored variety. This e-juice is a nice change of pace from the two flavors above. As expected, it comes in a crazy novelty taffy box.

It is interesting to know that Mad Hatter has other tricks up its sleeve. This flavor doesn’t have anything in common with the first two, besides the fact that it’s tasty. If you are into candy flavors then you might not like Donuts or Cookies, but this one is a whole different story.

In case you are wondering, yes, I have tried to Taffy Man line. I would compare that line to the fresh saltwater taffy you get at a carnival or fair. The Mad Hatter’s I Love Taffy is more like Laffy Taffy candy. It is a bit sweeter than Taffy Man, but not too sweet for me.

I would describe this juice as a peach-candy flavored vape with a hint of fresh peaches. It has a nice balance of tanginess and sweetness. I could see this becoming an all-day vape for many. It doesn’t have as much of a taffy taste as you might expect, but it still tastes real good.

I Love Popcorn

Mad Hatter E-Liquid I Love Popcorn

One day the Mad Hatter snuck into Star Wars at his local movie theater. This was the day he realized how much he had loved popcorn. In the middle of the movie, he ran out of the theater and hit the lab to start cooking up a new flavor. He didn’t even bother coming up with a title.

The box looks like — you guessed it — a box of popcorn. Mad Hatter really went all out for this one; you see a cardboard cutout that looks like popcorn when you open the flap. It’s brilliant and creative secondary packaging as usual from the company. More importantly, how does this popcorn juice taste?

Ok, I went through a big Pop Deez kick at some point. I was vaping it almost exclusively, until I got tired of inhaling butter and caramel all-day every-day. This flavor, is almost like Steep Pop Deez minus the caramel. It reminds me of vaping Jelly Belly popcorn-flavored jelly beans.

You get the butter up front for sure, followed by a distinct popcorn taste. It is joined together by a nice and subtle bit of sweetness, almost reminiscent of kettle corn. If Pop Deez makes you feel like you’re at a baseball game, then this one makes you feel like you’re at the movies.

120 Cream Pop

Mad Hatter E-Liquid 120 Cream Pop

So one day the Mad Hatter was working in his lab when he overheard the sound of an ice cream truck. This brought him back to when he was a little boy under the hot sun. He immediately decided that he needed to capture the essence of that memory in an e-liquid. The name you ask? 120 Cream Pop.

Whoa! What happened? I know you are all losing your minds right now. Mad Hatter! What’s up with the name? Why not I Love Cream Pops? Or I Love Ice Cream? No! 120 Cream Pop. Ok, Mad Hatter, whatever you say. In any event, this is quite an interesting flavor.

Why you ask? I was expecting this one to taste like an orange creamsicle or even a bit like a popsicle. While it does have that creamsicle flavor, it also brings a lot more to the table. From that first inhale, I was met with a tingly surprise. Yes, this juice has a tinge of menthol or some kind of icy flavoring, which actually adds a cooling sensation to it.

I wouldn’t classify this as a menthol flavor per se, but I would recommend it to those who like a little bit of a cool kick to their juice. I would say this e-liquid is 75 percent creamsicle and about 25 percent menthol, but that little bit of iciness brings the creamsicle to life by making it feel ice cold when you inhale it. Surprisingly this earned its spot as my favorite of the entire line. It has something for everyone: fruit, cream and ice.

The main reason behind the flavor’s name is the fact that this e-liquid is only going to be sold in 120-ml bottles. You either love this stuff or you don’t, which is surprising to me that Mad Hatter didn’t call it “I Love Ice Cream”. I can easily see this being an all-day vape, especially during those hot summer evenings for all you ice cream lovers.


It was fun making up all of those stories about this fictional Mad Hatter character. The reality is, the company knows how to make good juice — bottom line. Mad Hatter’s first two flavors were geared towards dessert vapers, but it now has a more well-rounded line of e-liquid.

These days, it is not enough to just make excellent juice. There are too many other companies that can do it too. Mad Hatter understands this and knows how to use packaging to its advantage. A little two-cent box goes a long way to tell your customers, “This is the shit! Buy it now!”

My favorite example of this is Mad Hatter’s slogan for I Love Popcorn that says “Get it Poppin”. It seems like this is one of the liquid manufacturers that is doing everything right — high-quality packaging, clever marketing, and, most importantly, good juice. Look out for the Mad Hatter!

Dave Kriegel
Born in Brooklyn, New York, Dave has always had a passion for helping people quit smoking. As a former smoker himself, he knew how hard it could be. As soon as he learned about vaping, he instantly became obsessed with it and helped many people stop smoking. Vaping360 has given Dave a platform to do this on a much larger scale, by educating the public about the wonders of vaping. When Dave is not writing he is either listening to music, performing it, or cruising around on his Penny board.

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