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Beard Vape full line
January 20, 2017
7 min to read

Beard Vape Co. E-liquid Review: Does the Beard Live Up to the Hype?

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Dave Kriegel
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Beard Vape Co. E-liquid

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Beard's logo has become an iconic symbol in the industry. They've evolved into quite a diverse e-juice brand that appeals to an eclectic range of vapers -- covering everything from savory desserts to delicious and complex beverages. All of their flavors come in a 70% VG to PG ratio designed for tasty clouds.

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Beard Vape Intro (those bottles doe)

Before we talk about Beard’s delicious flavor profiles, let's take a moment to talk about these bottles. Beard Iives up to it’s hilarious name by featuring a bearded fellow, which is their logo. I don't know why beards are so closely associated with vaping, but they definitely are.

Easily some of the best branding out there, but does Beard live up to all of the hype? It's time to crack these bottles open and find out once and for all. I used to be hooked on No. 64 for a while, until I crossed over into the dessert realm. It's been a while, so I wonder how it still holds up.


Fun fact: Beard’s branding was actually inspired by one of its founders’ dad, not RiP Trippers.


Beard e-liquid goes for $19.99 for a 30mL bottle at Vapor4Life. It is available in 0, 3, 6 and 12mg nicotine strengths.

Our setup

Today I am using the Twisted Messes on top of the Vaporesso Nebula at about 50W, with a basic 5-wrap kanthal build which is ohming out to about .2Ω.


My beard is also ohming out to around .2Ω right now. I let it grow out nice and long just for this review. (Now that’s dedication.)

Beard Vape Gallery

Beard No. 5

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Burnt out on strawberry creams or strawberry flavors altogether? Me too. Hold up, there just might be one more to try. Beard No. 5 delivers the richness and creaminess of real deal NYC cheesecake. It tastes just like the real thing but without being overly “cheesy” (like my jokes).

Beard No. 5 captures the creaminess of cheesecake plus my absolute favorite part; the crust. You also taste the strawberries, you know, the ones completely covered in that red syrup.

Cheesecake is one of my guilty pleasures, but we all know how bad it is for you! Beard No. 5 allows me to enjoy that decadent flavor anytime I want, without the calories. I know that sounds like a cheesy line from a diet ad, but as a proud New Yorker, I can actually say this stuff is legit.

Beard No. 24

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I’m really trying with this one. I’m actually vaping it right now and I’m just not convinced. It’s supposed to taste like a salted caramel milkshake, but I don’t know about all that. I’m getting a light, creamy vanilla note with some sweet, salted caramel but I’m not sure how I feel about this.

I’m not going to sit here and lie to you, I have no reason to do that. Beard already sent me the juice, and I’m not sending it back. Beard No. 24 is actually the most recent edition to their line. It reminds me of a vanilla milkshake that you would get from McDonalds or DQ, if you’re into that.

Beard No. 24 tastes like a caramel milkshake. It’s not my thing, and for that reason, I’m out.

(Yes, that was a Shark Tank reference.)


Beard No. 32

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Cinnamon alert! If you don't like cinnamon, just scroll down right now. Beard No. 32 gives you that fresh and spicy kick of cinnamon funnel cake. It reminds me of my hometown, Coney Island, where you get some of the best funnel cakes, on a hot summer day at the boardwalk.

Beard No. 32 also reminds me of the funnel cakes you would get at the state fair, or carnival, in case you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting the breathtaking beaches of Brooklyn. I would also compare this one to a churro. (Yet another sweet treat that you will find on the Island of Coney.)

Fresh, spicy and sweet. No. 32 had me licking the cinnamon off my lips, but I ain’t complaining!

Beard No. 51

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Custard with a hint of custard? I'm guessing the hint of custard is white chocolate, however the vanilla base is still way more present. Custard lovers are gonna love No. 51 for sure! It has a very smooth and rich, but not overly sweet blend of delicious creamy custards going on in there.

I have been starting to get back into tanks, namely the Aromamizer RDTA, and I’ve just been blasting through this bottle like a madman. I either need to slow down or start looking for more custard vapes, even though that’s like so 2014 of me. If you love custard like me, try No. 51.

Beard No. 51 has got to be the end-all-be-all of custard vapes. Do you agree? Why or why not?

Leave us a comment below if you think there's a better one out there…. I would love to try it.

Beard No. 64

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Hibiscus cotton candy. Yea I know, weird... and yet brilliant at the same time. The hibiscus adds a sophistication beyond your standard cotton candy vape. It also has a neon yellowish color in 3mg nic that looks pretty neat. Beard No. 64 contains just the right amount of sweetness for me.

This one definitely isn't for everyone due to the hibiscus, but for those who dare, it's definitely all day vape status. When I discovered No. 64, I literally didn’t want to vape anything else, until I grew tired of it. Now I am remembering why I fell in love with this stuff back in the Nautilus days.

If you like candy vapes, but want something a little bit out of the ordinary, give No. 64 a shot! It honestly tastes like nothing else out there. It will literally transform your cotton, into cotton candy. If you’re using silica, then that's your problem! Just kidding, but silica candy doesn’t sound right.


Beard No. 71

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You know those peach gummies? That’s pretty much what Beard No. 71 tastes like. It’s the first of two that were recently added to their classic lineup, about a year back. When Beard Vape Co. announced the release of a new flavor, nobody knew what to expect, so this was a shocker.

Beard No. 71 is definitely on the sweeter side, but it also has a nice bit of sourness going on to balance it out, giving it that authentic sour gummy taste. It doesn't really taste like a ripe peach but it’s definitely tangy and very peachy. This is the ultimate all day vape for peach candy lovers!


Does Beard live up to the hype? Yea, it actually does. I was impressed with how addictive these flavors were. Each and every one of them was good, even the salted caramel malt grew on me after a while. It was definitely my least favorite, but that didn’t stop me from vaping a bunch of it.

That being said, the rest of the line was enjoyable. I always loved their branding, I was familiar with No. 64 from back in the day, but I enjoyed the rest of the line too. Beard has an all day vape for everyone whether you like candy, cake, milkshakes or even hibiscus. I’m digging the beard.


I hear they have a brand new flavor called No. 00 which is described as a sweet “tobaccocino”. Unfortunately I did not get to try this one yet, but when I do, I will be adding it to this review….

Beard Vape Co. E-liquid

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