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We review the Nom Nomz line of e-liquids, a UK-based range that specializes in dessert flavors.

Nom-Nomz eliquid

Nom Nomz e-liquid Intro

Nom Nomz e-liquid is the creation of Richard Harkness, based in Northern Ireland. Nom Nomz has been around since August 2015 and the line specializes in dessert flavors. The Nom Nomz line consists of 20 flavors, all of them available in 50 mL bottles with zero nic. To add nicotine, you can buy the 10 mL TPD-compliant nicotine shots (18 mg/mL) and add them to the bottles, for a 3 mg/mL nic concentration. Nom Nomz also has a side line called Drip Art, with 6 flavors currently in the mix. All Nom Nomz e-liquids sell for £17.99 (about $23) for a 50 mL bottle, and they offer free shipping for orders over £30 within the UK. Bottles are pre-steeped for 2 weeks minimum before they go out.

With plans for another range due to come out in the next two months, Nom Nomz is one e-liquid line to watch. Let’s vape on them juices and do the taste test!

Disclaimer: We received the six flavors below from Nom Nomz e-liquid for the purpose of this review. Your take on these flavors may differ. Opinion is subjective!

Let's taste that juice

Set up:

For this review, I vaped the Nom Nomz e-liquid line in a bunch of different setups. From the Atopack Penguin to the Ammit 25 RTA, to the Uwell D1 in TC mode. All e-liquids have a 70/30 VG/PG ratio and 3 mg/mL nicotine content.

Blue Cheese


They say: Creamy cheesecake topped with delicate blueberries, finished off with a tasty biscuit base.

We say: I absolutely love this flavor. Tastes well steeped straight out of the bottle. I’ve tried many cheesecake-inspired flavors, but Blue Cheese really nails it. Not much more to say about it really. The 60 mL bottle was finished off in two weeks. I didn’t find the nicotine interfered with the taste. Easily an ADV for me.

Chew Bacco


They say: A truly indulgent dessert tobacco with notes of caramel, vanilla, custard, gingerbread and more.

We say: At first I wasn’t a fan of Chew Bacco. It felt like a departure from the other flavors in the range, because it’s not as sweet or dessert-like. But I grew to like it a lot more in a subtank. Chew Bacco is a mild, mellow flavor, equal parts tobacco and gingerbread, with a slight spicy kick.

Lime Tart


They say: Lime, cream and pastry combine to make a mouth-watering dessert flavor. You’ll be licking your lips after every vape.

We say: This was a pleasant surprise, for someone who’s never tried the real thing. The citrus note isn’t overpowering, it comes across smooth with an added creaminess in the mix. Compared to other citrus flavors which are overly tangy, Lime Tart reminded me of Dinner Lady’s Lemon Tart – but fresher. Nicotine in the juice comes on a bit strong in a dripper. In a subtank it was a great, smooth vape.

Monkey Brek


They say: A gorgeous banana cream swirled through thick, creamy custard with a delicious biscuity undertone.

We say: The first impression: a very strong, non-fake, banana taste with some biscuit vibe in there for good measure. Cloud up the room and it smells like freshly baked cookies.

Nom Bongo


They say: A tropical, fruity, summery treat!! A magical blend of peach, papaya and mango.

We say: Nom Bongo immediately screams “tropical” when you taste it the first time. It’s hard to define exactly what those tropical notes are – I would guess passionfruit, mango and a touch of lime. At least that was the vibe I got. It’s up there for me, but still not as good as Blue Cheese or Monkey Brek.

Pineapple Cup


They say: All butter pastry with pineapple jam, buttercream and fondant.

We say: Of the six flavors I received, Pineapple Cup is the least defined. The pineapple flavor is there, but not overly pronounced. The other notes are hard to catch. The overall impression is a bakery-style dessert. I would sooner vape some of the others. In a dripper, the added nicotine shot can come out a bit harsh. Would be interesting to try it again in zero nic.


Although I haven’t tried all 20 of the Nom Nomz range, there was plenty to like in the flavors we received. Honestly, there wasn’t a dud among them. But then, I love dessert flavors. Nom Nomz e-liquids hit their flavor notes strongly, and most of them really pop, whether in a dripper, tank or even a sub ohm pod mod. They’re not max-VG but vapor production is great too. My favorite was Blue Cheese, followed closely by Monkey Brek and Lime Tart.

If you like dessert-flavored juices, I strongly recommend you go out and try yourself some Nom Nomz.

Meyrick Payne
Meyrick is an in-house content creator and contributor for Vaping360. Originally hailing from Melbourne, Australia, his vaping journey has taken him from Germany to Northern Ireland and Australia and back again. He is convinced that vaping is not only a healthier alternative to smoking, but also a great experience in and of itself. A passionate writer and artist, when he’s not unboxing and reviewing the latest devices, he’s probably collecting vinyl or shooting pics with his Spotmatic F.

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