Pioneer4You iPV Pure X2 Coil-Less Tank Review

Pioneer4You team up with Yihi to bring us the coil-less X2 tank.

P4Y iPV Pure X2 Coil-Less Tank
P4Y iPV Pure X2 Coil-Less Tank


Pioneer4You (P4U) is a Chinese vaping manufacturer known mainly for its box mods. This past year, P4U partnered with another major Chinese vaping company, Yihi, widely respected as China’s premier chip designer for Temperature Control (with Evolv being the American heavyweight). Working in tandem, P4U produced a mod (the iPV5) and a tank (the iPV Pure X1/X2) designed to work with Yihi’s new SX Pure technology.

The Pure X2 Tank is unique in that it doesn’t use a wound wire coil. Instead, the heating element is a U-shaped metal alloy plate with a pad of cotton wicking fitted between the wide legs. This is a new vaporizing technology being developed by a number of different companies, but only two have brought a coil-less heating element to market thus far: Guo, in their Altus tank (which has received very lukewarm reviews), and the Pure X2 joint effort by P4U and Yihi.


Note: The iPV Pure X2 coil-less heads are designed to work best with SX Pure technology found in the iPV5 and Yihi SX Mini ML and Q Class mods. Technically, the heads can be used with non-SX Pure mods, but only if those mods can read and fire atomizer resistances of 0.05Ω in wattage mode. Very few existing mods can do this.

The coil-less head, with its heating element plates rather than standard wound wire coils, is not intended for ordinary temperature control mode.

Kit Content

  • 1 x iPV Pure X2 Tank (X2 Coil Pre Installed)
  • 1 x Replacement Glass Tube
  • 1 x Drip tip


  • 24mm Diameter
  • 3.5ml Tank Capacity
  • Threaded Top Fill System
  • Wide Area Filling Ports
  • O-Ring Sealed
  • SX Pure Heating Element
  • Special Alloy
  • Rewickable
  • Eliminates Need to Replace Coil
  • Designed for Easy Wicking
  • Can be Dry Fired to Clean
  • 0.05 ohm Resistance (Approximate)
  • 75W Max
  • 70J Max
  • Compatible with SX Pure Output
  • iPV 5
  • Easily Disassembled Chassis
  • Triple Adjustable Airflow
  • 9mm by 3mm Each
  • Clicks into Various Settings
  • Gold Plated 510 Connection
  • Stainless Steel and Glass Construction

Notable Remarks


Online prices for the iPV Pure X2 Coil-Less Tank range from $26-40. The catch, however, is that — practically speaking — the tank works only with mods that integrate Yihi’s SX Pure temp technology. The number of SX Pure-equipped mods and chips is fast increasing, but most mods in the marketplace don’t have it yet.


P4Y iPV Pure X2 Coil-Less Tank Colors
P4Y iPV Pure X2 Coil-Less Tank Colors

First things first. The iPV Pure X2 Tank with Coil-Less Head is designed to work with mods equipped with Yihi’s SX Pure technology. SX Pure is essentially a new technology for atomizer heating elements that works in tandem with specific Yihi mod chips programmed with the SX Pure algorithms for temperature regulation.

This means that you can’t buy an iPV Pure X2 tank, screw it onto any old mod, and get it to work properly (or maybe at all). You must own one of the three mods listed above. Obviously, Pioneer4You would prefer using their Pure X2 tank with their own iPV 5 mod, but either of the list Yihi SX Minis works also. That dramatically limits the potential market for the tank, but we’re talking about innovative technology that’s a work in progress. The market segment for this tank is exclusively vapers who are experienced and want to vape on the cutting edge.

The tank itself appears normal: 24mm diameter, 3.5ml capacity, Pyrex glass midsection, adjustable dual bottom air-flow slots with a ring that clicks but has no stops, removable cap for eliquid top fill, and a typical 510 connector. Only the radical coil-less head separates it from a hundred other tanks. Although the tank is slightly chunky and fairly heavy, I give it thumbs up for appearance and build quality.

The Engine Under the Hood

P4Y iPV Pure X2 Coil-Less Tank Heating Element
P4Y iPV Pure X2 Coil-Less Tank Heating Element

The Pure X2 head is composed of a heating element that is described in Yihi’s promotional copy as having “an interesting fractal shape.” I’m not sure what that means, but it sounds very “tech-y.” Yes, it uses cotton wicking, but not in a typical “rope” shape. The cotton has a rectangular “pad” shape That fits into a shell with two slots that sit below the heating element. Eliquid is fed to the wick from the bottom of the tank/head, then up to the heating element.

The heating element itself appears to be a single metal plate that is bent into a U-shape. That’s an oversimplification, but basically accurate. A strip of organic cotton fits between the flat legs of the U and wicks eliquid for vaporizing.

The element has very low resistance: 0.065Ω. Even though SX Pure is technically a temperature control mode, the head is designed to be used in wattage mode. With the iPV 5 mod (which I used to test and review the tank), you go into temp control mode, select a temperature, select SX Pure, then go back and select Wattage mode before exiting the menu. Confusing? Yes, but I just followed the instructions and didn’t try to figure out all the secrets behind that puzzle.

The heating element is designed to last for three months of solid vaping and can be dry-burned when changing wicks, which is about as easy as could be: Cut a strip of Kho Gen Do or other organic cotton, peel off the compressed sheeting on the outside (or don’t — either way wicks perfectly well), fit the wick into the slots on the head case, then trim the ends to about 1/4” past the case. Presto!


P4Y iPV Pure X2 Coil-Less Tank Atomizer
P4Y iPV Pure X2 Coil-Less Tank Atomizer

Despite the arcane mystery of the SX Pure technology and how it works, setting up the tank and putting into service were relatively easy. Unlike a typical RDA, where the build and wicking are critical to good performance, there’s not much that can go wrong in setting up the Pure X2 tank. I wicked the tank as shown in the manual (using a strip of Kho Gen Do cotton with the outer sheeting intact), chose the correct settings in the iPV 5 menu according to the instructions, filled the tank, and vaped. Voilà! No false starts, no disasters. No funny business of any kind. I was vaping happily in less than two minutes.

Specs for the coil-less head state an upper limit of 75 watts. I started at 45W and kicked it up in 10-watt increments to the 75W limit, then backed off to 65 watts. That was probably the sweet spot for me, but the differences in performance at varying wattages were minimal. The tank vaped well at any wattage from 45 to 75.

At 65W, the vape was slightly warm (which applied to the tank as well; it got warm to the touch, but not at all hot). While not a fog machine, vapor production was ample. Where the tank shines, however, is with flavor. I wouldn’t describe it as intense, but the flavor yield was full and satisfying.

With fully open air slots, the draw still offered a little resistance, but it wasn’t restricted. Eliquid consumption was considerable, more so than many other tanks at 65 watts, probably because of the large wick and substantial surface area of the heating element. I went through half a tank of eliquid in about 30 minutes. To cut down the rate of eliquid consumption, just vape at lower power. It’s still tasty and satisfying, even at 45 watts.

Overall, I’d rate the performance of the Pure X2 tank as good. Some readers might interpret that as a less-than-enthusiastic opinion (i.e., good but not great), but I mean good as in admirable. No, vaping the Pure X2 didn’t knock my socks off, but the tank provided a thoroughly enjoyable vaping experience. Except for the high eliquid consumption at the upper range of power, I found nothing about the tank’s performance to criticize.

In terms of innovation, I’d compare the SX Pure coil-less technology to another recent development: ceramic heads. Both are new; neither is fully refined yet, and each has a ways to go before its acceptance is assured. At this point in the race, however, I’d put SX Pure ahead of ceramics.


Hmmm. This is complicated. Did I like the iPV Pure X2 tank? Yes. Did I enjoy vaping it? Yes. Is the SX Pure coil-less technology cool? Yes. And yet, despite those positives it’s hard to recommend a tank that currently works with only three specific mods. So, I’ll offer two separate and distinctly different judgments:

If you already own a mod equipped with Yihi’s SX Pure temperature technology, then by all means pony up for the iPV Pure X2 tank. These include the Pioneer4You iPV 5 and new iPV 6X, and the Yihi SX Mini M and Q Class mods. In addition, Yihi is gradually updating its advanced chips to include SX Pure, so other mods than just those listed may soon accommodate the Pure X2 Tank. You can look back years later and say that you were one of the first to own what might may have become by then standard coil-less technology. Or, if the SX Pure system bombs and goes the way of all flesh, you’ll still own a collector’s item.

On the other hand, if you don’t own a mod equipped with SX Pure, then skip the Pure X2. You wouldn’t be able to use it anyway.

Bill Herbst
My name is Bill. I’ve been a dedicated vaper for five and a half years, having ended a 35-year addiction to tobacco cold-turkey on my first day of vaping. I live on the Oregon coast, in the tiny town of Florence, one huge sand dune away from the Pacific Ocean.

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ive got the Janus….and it thats pyrex glass, its the sloopiest weakest pyrex known to man….with fingers you could press it oval near 3mm without braking, its some plastic 😛
And for sure, place and bucket under…its one of the most leaking tanks ive tried…and the terrible loose sloopy air-adjustment ring, could be set in spinning around.. no sealing on the ring.


I have 2 of these tanks now, the Janus and the SX Pure. Both leak all over after replacing the wick. Extensive cleaning and rebuild, still leaks and makes a mess


is the heating element replaceable on these tanks?

sandra shorland

so why cant replacement heads be bought


Only Pioneer4U knows the answer to that question.