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July 6, 2023
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BLVK ELLO Plus 6000 Disposable Review: It Couldn't Be Better

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Jeremy Mann

Product intro and specs

There's nothing like discovering a disposable vape that's as good as a refillable device. That’s the feeling I got after using the BLVK ELLO Plus 6000. They’ve been more than devices “I’m just using for a review.” The ELLO Plus has been the vape I wanted in my hand. I’ve barely touched my refillables over the past couple weeks. I can barely believe I’m saying that.


The BLVK ELLO Plus 6000 is a compact, box-style disposable with a long-lasting 650 mAh battery. It’s got a colorful and hip design without being cheesy. Some of its standout features are a toggle-switch airflow controller for MTL or loose MTL, a USB-C charge port, a quick-activating mesh coil, and 12 amazing flavors in 5% nic salt.


As you can see, I am excited to share my thoughts on the ELLO Plus 6000. Let’s get to it.


Price: $11.99 (at Element Vape)

Flavors: American tobacco, Havana tobacco, blue slushie, Bruch Chee, icy tundra, cool grapple, bubba melon, kiwi bang, tropic thunder, vanilla swirl


  • Capacity: 12 mL
  • Nicotine strength: 50 mg/mL
  • Battery capacity: 650 mAh
  • USB-C quick charge port

Kit contents

Size, look, and feel

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The ELLO Plus makes me smile. It’s just cool to look at. It’s lightweight and about the same size as an Elf Bar, but with a symmetrical and rounded body more closely related to the ZOVOO DRAGBAR B5000. Unlike both of those devices, the ELLO Plus features a sizeable portion of its body with a dual gloss/rubberized texture, allowing it to always feel good and secure in the hand.

On the black midsection, you can see the “ello” logo. It’s just amazing.  Subtle and clever. A slightly sinister smile with a battery motif (plus/minus) for eyes in “ello”. Very cool.

The glossy colors sitting atop the devices are suggestive of the flavors. Although some are brightly colored, the vast majority of the body is black, with only minor parts of the branding and lettering being brightly colored. It’s got a fun vibe, not a toyish look.

As mentioned, the device is similar in form factor to the DRAGBAR B5000. However, this device is smaller and also has a narrower and flatter mouthpiece.

Getting started

There’s nothing to do but open the package and vape. Remove the stickers and enjoy. If you feel the airflow could be a little tighter or maybe looser, you can change the setting on the bottom of the device via a small toggle switch. All of the devices should arrive fully charged.

How does it hit?

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The ELLO Plus has a satisfying MTL draw. If you like it tight, you can have it that way. If you like it looser, you can switch to that with the toggle switch. It’s about as tight as the Elfbar, but fuller and more consistent from device to device—as well as having the additional setting. That said, don’t expect to get a restricted lung hit. It’s not that kind of device.

Although many disposables have an MTL draw, the ELLO Plus feels like it was designed to make fans of MTL happy. It has a nice resistance to the draw that enhances the pull. There’s only a slight airflow sound, but nothing that would turn heads.

The coil has almost zero ramp, and the flavor comes on just about as quickly. The vape is slightly south of warm, but it’s not a cool vape at all either. It’s actually the perfect temperature. Warm enough, yet not notably so. At no point does it ever get hot, even with long draws. The only time it actually feels cool is when the battery is low.


BLVK ELLO Plus 6000 best flavors

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The flavors are awesome. They make me feel nostalgic. The quality of these flavors harkens back to a time when juice-making was almost a competitive sport. I’m not exaggerating here: the ELLO Plus Coco Melo is so good, I’d put it on a list of the best flavors I’ve ever tried, including all bottled e-juice.

As much as I want to try more flavors, I’m glad that BLVK stopped at 12 and didn’t go for 325 like some brands. Of course, those who know are aware that BLVK is a juice manufacturer, so they could’ve overdone it. This menu feels very curated and not just a grab bag of flavors. Of the 12 flavors in the lineup, these are my favorites:

American Tobacco

A classic dessert-style tobacco. A sweet creaminess mixed with a slightly smokey tobacco. It’s one of those flavors I can remember a lot of people are searching for. It’s related to RY4 but, frankly, better.

Havana Tobacco

Slightly cigar but still more along the lines of a dessert tobacco. The aroma of a cigar is there, but prominent notes of chocolate seem to be present. This might be closer to a B&M flavor.

Vanilla Swirl

Outrageously good. It’s a luscious mix of vanilla and some other sweet creamy dessert note. It’s an OMG vape! If you’ve been looking for a vanilla vape, this is it. Vanilla bean and sweet cream. I haven’t had one this good since VaporFi’s Vanilla Swirl (same name, but they taste totally different).

Coco Melo

The website says “...coconut, with subtle hints of vanilla, chilled to perfection.” I only read that when I was writing this review. I tasted a sweet malted cocoa...maybe with cool whipped cream? Either way, this flavor should win an award.

Bruce Chee

I knew this flavor was lychee before I got the name reference. I feel silly saying that now. Point is, this lychee flavor is recognizable without seeing a label. It’s got that exotic fruit flavor of lychee, with a mentholated finish. It’s a single flavor with a complex experience.

Buba Melon

An elevated bubble gum flavor. Normally I wince at the idea of vaping a bubble gum flavor. I really enjoyed this. There is that Bazooka Joe like taste, but the watermelon tastes so natural that the total flavor becomes something new. Minor cooling.

How long do they last?

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For flavor production and battery life, the ELLO Plus provides a long-lasting experience. Many of the disposable vapes we’re familiar with use a 650 mAh battery and claim to have up to 5000 puffs. The juice capacities vary from 10 mL to 16 mL. They rarely vape well for more than a single charge.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the battery life and especially the lifespan of the flavor production. Rarely do I think 5000 or 6000 puffs is achieved, but the ELLO Plus makes me wonder.

As for how long they last for flavor production, I’d say at least 2.5 charges. Normally, I barely get through the first five minutes of a charged disposable before I want to toss it. Even after two charges, the ELLO Plus still tasted just as good until they were finally out of juice. That’s kind of a big deal in disposable vapes.

The charge took about 45 minutes, which is about half the time it normally takes. It’s a little difficult to say because the ELLO Plus is one of those disposables that never seems to totally die. It just sputters after a while, but it still will give a hit. Unfortunately, there is no pass-thru charging. Even with the quick charge, I still felt deprived.


Pros / Cons


  • Attractive design
  • Nice hand feel
  • Pleasurable MTL draw or loose MTL
  • Airflow toggle switch
  • Incredible flavor production
  • Well-made flavors
  • Consistent hits
  • Short charge time
  • Quick activating mesh coil
  • Dense vapor output
  • Long lasting battery that’s only 650 mAh
  • Long lasting juice (12 mL)
  • Does well with long draws


  • No pass-thru charging



There shouldn’t be any question here as to whether I recommend the BLVK ELLO Plus 6000. Disposables are hit or miss, though. If you’ve read any of my disposable reviews before, you might know that I’m not always satisfied. Heck, I haven’t even been called a shill in a while!

The ELLO Plus 6000 might just get me that comment.

Aside from all of the standout features, what I appreciate most about these devices is that they feel very much made by vapers for vapers (that love an MTL draw). Even if you like a more substantial hit, the vape from an ELLO is no slouch just because it’s an MTL draw. It’s a robust, full, and flavorful hit for its class. I’ve almost depleted all 12 of the ELLOs I was sent.

Highly recommended! I strongly suggest trying the tobaccos and desserts.

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Jeremy Mann

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Jeremy Mann

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