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ZOVOO DRAGBAR B5000 Disposable Review: Neck and Neck with Elf?

Jeremy Mann
November 14, 2022

Product intro and specs

The ZOVOO DRAGBAR B5000 is an MTL disposable vape in a symmetrical box-style form factor. It’s reminiscent of the Elf Bar BC5000. The DRAGBAR B5000 is equipped with a mesh coil, three nicotine salt strengths (0 mg, 20 mg, and 50 mg), and 10 flavors to choose from. Like the Elf Bar BC5000, the DRAGBAR B5000 holds a hefty load of juice at 13 mL and is meant to give you a long-lasting experience of vaping with up to 5000 puffs.

ZOVOO has built quite an array of products over the past few years. The DRAGBAR B5000 is one of their latest products in a line of beginner friendly vapes ranging from disposables to pod vapes. Earlier this year I reviewed ZOVOO’s DRAGBAR 4000, which is a disposable in a tube mod form factor. I was really impressed with those disposables.

Let’s see if the DRAGBAR B5000 lives up to its predecessors, not to mention its competition.

Price: $11.99 (at Element Vape)
Flavors: fruit slushie, pina colada, vanilla cream tobacco, peach mango, kiwi passion fruit guava, aloe grape, mint twist, blue razz ice, strawberry ice cream, watermelon lychee


  • Strength: 5% nicotine
  • Capacity: 13 mL
  • Battery capacity: 500 mAh
  • Type-C charge
  • Dimensions: 79.6 mm x 44 mm x 22.6 mm

Kit contents

  • 1 x DRAGBAR B5000

Size, look, and feel

The DRAGBAR B5000 is described as being cute, compact, and palm friendly. That’s all true. It’s designed for maximum palm-ability and a nice hand feel with its rounded edges and smoothed matte finish (the mouthpiece is glossy). The B5000 form is symmetric, unlike the Elf Bar BC5000 which has its mouthpiece off to the side.

The device stands at 79.6 mm x 44 mm x 22.6 mm. Although the B5000 holds the same amount of juice and has a smaller capacity battery than the Elf Bar (by 150 mAh), it has a thicker girth than the BC5000. Other than that, they leave about the same footprint. The thickness of the ZOVOO B5000 doesn’t make it any less pocketable considering it’s just a few mm thicker than the BC5000.

That said, the mouthpiece of the B5000 is almost 2x the size of the BC5000. The DRAGBAR B5000’s mouthpiece is about 24 mm wide compared to about 12 mm of the BC5000. I like them both, but I think the DRAGBAR B5000 has a more comfortable mouthpiece. Interestingly, the chimney diameter of the B5000 is narrower than the BC5000. So, despite the larger external size of the mouthpiece, it’s still an MTL vape.

The colors of the devices are high-key and pastelish. The lettering of the branding is glossy, which adds a subtle contrast in texture. The build quality and design are well executed, but I will never be a fan of the high-key colors, particularly for disposables. I digress.

Getting started

The DRAGBAR B5000 is a ready-to-vape device. There’s nothing to do here; just remove it from its package and inhale. The device will arrive to you fully charged, but if you’re the type to top-off the charge before vaping, know that there’s no pass-thru charging.

The charge port is a USB Type-C charge and it’s located on the bottom of the device. There’s no adjustable airflow or any other features of note.

How does it hit?

The DRAGBAR B5000 has an MTL draw that I think is perfect. It’s smooth and easy but still tight. I received the 50 mg versions and they all have a nice throat hit. Of course, the nicotine percentage that you choose will be the ultimate determiner of your throat hit. If you want none, you can even get the DRAGBAR B5000 in zero nicotine.

When you take a hit of the DRAGBAR B5000, you’ll notice that the vapor and flavor production is practically immediate upon the inhale. That’s a benefit of mesh coils. The one in the B5000 is rated at 1.0-1.3 ohm.

It’s also a silent vape, not even letting in a slight airflow hiss and only the occasional coil-crackle, which is still barely audible.

Overall, I have zero complaints with how the device hits. I’ve gotten no misfires, juice in the mouth, or dry hits. Even when the device is about out of juice (or battery power), the flavor (or vapor) drops off instead of giving you something unpleasant.

Are the flavors any good?

Yes, the flavors are good—up there with the best in disposables. By and large, the flavors are natural tasting, without any off notes. Most of the flavors have a cooling sensation, but none are so icy as to give you a brain freeze.

I think it’s best to go with your gut. Try what you think you’ll like. I was most excited to try the strawberry ice cream and it did not disappoint!

What are the best DRAGBAR flavors?

Since the performance of the device is high, you get to enjoy the already-good flavors that much more. I tried the whole line of the DRAGBAR B5000; these are the best ones. My top five DRAGBAR flavors are…

Dragbar B5000 Strawberry ice cream

DRAGBAR B5000 Strawberry ice cream

This is an incredibly flavorful juice. The strawberry tastes natural and the ice cream flavor is sweet and smooth, with hints of vanilla. It’s easily my number one. It has light cooling notes, but nothing overpowering. Just get it!

Dragbar B5000 Aloe grape

DRAGBAR B5000 Aloe grape

Similar to the BLVK aloe flavors. There is that hard-to-describe aloe taste with a naturally sweet grape flavor and moderate cooling. Sweet and tart with a botanical note.

Dragbar B5000 Mint twists

DRAGBAR B5000 Mint twists

Spearmint and peppermint combine with a sweet and juicy base that elevates this simple combination. Sweet, refreshing, and cooling, worthy of a top-3 spot.

Dragbar B5000 Watermelon lychee

DRAGBAR B5000 Watermelon lychee

Bright, tart, and sweet with medium cooling. It’s got a subtle floral note from the lychee that pairs well with the watermelon, which is much more discernible than many watermelon vapes.

Dragbar B5000 Vanilla cream tobacco

DRAGBAR B5000 Vanilla cream tobacco

Vanilla cream tobacco is exactly what you get with this. The flavor lives up to its name. It’s a sweet and creamy vanilla with a moderately smokey tobacco base. Anyone looking for a sweet tobacco needn’t look any further. No cooling on this one.

How long do they last?

The ZOVOO DRAGBAR B5000 lasts a long time. If you vape moderately, you can probably get several days out of one. I’d go so far as to say, they last a bit longer even than the Elf Bar BC5000. Of course, I didn’t count to see if they have 5000 puffs, but I’ve charged a few of them twice and they’re still going. The longevity of the B5000 is impressive.

As mentioned earlier, it’s important to know that the B5000 does not have pass-thru charging. Considering they take about an hour to charge, it’s a rare con with the device to not have pass-thru charging.

Pros / Cons

  • Compact size
  • Flavorful
  • Comfortable mouthpiece
  • Long-lasting performance
  • High-performance and consistent flavor
  • 13 mL juice capacity
  • Smooth easy and tight MTL draw
  • Rechargeable
  • Three nicotine options (including zero)
  • No pass-thru charging


The ZOVOO DRAGBAR B5000 is a really good disposable that I think I can easily recommend. Besides the no pass-thru charging, I don’t have any serious cons with the device. The high-performance mesh coils really allow the flavors to shine.

I’ve had not a single issue with performance. The B5000 has been reliable and a pleasure to use. Since I haven’t used the Elf Bar mesh coil version of the BC5000, I can’t really compare apples to apples to determine which is better. But if I had to choose between the BC5000 (single coil) or the B5000 (mesh coil), I’d choose the ZOVOO DRAGBAR B5000.

Highly recommended.

I'm the chief editor here at Vaping360 and I reside in southeast Michigan. I've been vaping since my first ecig purchase in 2010. For more reasons than I can list, vaping has been a lifesaver for me. Now, my goal is to help other smokers make the switch.
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