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April 8, 2022
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BLVK Ello Disposable Review: Better Than Most

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Jeremy Mann
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Product intro and specs

The BLVK Ello disposable is a tobacco-free nicotine vape rated for 2500 puffs. It’s made by a popular and long-standing juice brand by the same name, BLVK, pronounced “black.”


The Ello comes standard as an MTL vape that holds 7 mL of nicotine salt juice. There are 10 flavors on the menu, and they all come in 5% tobacco-free nicotine. Apparently, two new flavors (tobacco and menthol) are also headed to the lineup. Right now, it’s icy fruits and sweets.


Flavors: blue razz ice, grape aloe, grapple ice, Hawaiian ice, jollyapple ice, just mint, mango aloe, peach ice, bubbamelon ice, kiwiberry ice.

Price: $11.99 (at Element Vape)

Size, look, and feel

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The Ello is a quality disposable device that looks like it’s made by vapers that “get it.” There’s nothing obnoxious about the design, nor is it generic such that it looks like an OEM product. It’s got a mature look, though it’s not drab either. It’s all black with a matte finish. Each device is minimally and tastefully branded, with the flavors printed on the side.

The device is a medium size, almost like a standard vape pen. The size is convenient because it holds a good amount of juice at 7 mL, but it’s also easy to keep in your pocket without the bulk of big disposables. It’s got no hard edges at all; it’s all rounded which makes for a comfortable and effortless hold.

The little pop of color in the transparent window you see at the tip is not a juice window. But it looks like it was designed to be one. I can’t really make heads or tails of it. You can see the filament inside, which most disposables have (sorta like a cartomizer), but that’s not the same thing as a juice window. Functional or not, it’s still visually appealing and as a mouthpiece. Plus, it’s ergonomic and easy to draw from.

Getting started

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Like all disposables, there’s nothing really to learn. Vaping gets no more convenient and straight-to-the-point. Just remove from the packaging, take off the rubber plugs, and vape. The rubber plugs can be discarded or used to keep lint and other pocket debris from getting into the mouthpiece.

How does it hit?

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The Ello has a great mouth to lung draw that’s both quiet and effortless. The mouthpiece is designed in a way that really lets you get a firm grip on it with your lips, making the pull feel more satisfying. From a throat hit perspective, the hit is assertive but not aggressive. Since these all have a cooling effect, expect an icy hit with a fair amount of throat hit from a smooth but tight draw.

Are the flavors any good?

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Some you’ll like more than others. But I don’t have any hesitation in saying that most will find more than one flavor they’d like. Seeing as BLVK is a juice company, they should be able to make a disposable with tasty flavors—but we all know being a juice company doesn’t always mean that the juice will be tasty.

The flavors are mostly hybrid flavors with more than one note, which is good for those tired of the exact same flavors for different brands’ disposables. Here is my take on five of the flavors from Ello, chosen randomly.

Grape aloe

Medium cooling with a candy-like grape taste rounded out with a hard-to-describe taste of aloe. I can’t say that I knew what aloe tasted like, but I like that it gives this juice an extra dimension besides the typical grape. Really tasty.

Hawaiian ice

Minimal cooling with that island flavor of coconut and pineapple. You can taste the pineapple and coconut, but more of the pineapple. It’s not my favorite though. Pineapple flavors in vapes are normally divisive, and for me, it’s rare that I like them. That said, it’s far more enjoyable than the previous pineapple-flavored disposables I’ve used.

Jollyapple ice

Medium cooling with the familiar sour apple candy flavor. Without naming the obvious brand of candy, this is based on that. It’s one of the more simple and common flavors of the bunch. This is for those that want to stick with flavors they know.

Grapple ice

Medium cooling with grape candy and apple taste. The note of apple is that of a red delicious and the grape is like grape candy. This may be the first grape/apple juice I’ve tried. It’s good though it’s not one I come back to that much, probably because the grape aloe is more of my style.

Bubbamelon ice

Minimal cooling with smooth and sweet melon and bubble gum. Not particularly complex as target flavors, but the actual juice tastes refined for such a simple mash-up.

Pros / Cons


  • Convenient size and shape
  • Great mouthpiece that’s unique to this device
  • Quality MTL draw
  • Quality flavor mixes
  • Design is intriguing without being gaudy
  • 7 mL of juice
  • Quiet draw


  • Juice window doesn’t actually show juice levels



The Ello by BLVK is one of my favorite disposables. I like the vape from the DragBar more than this, but I’d prefer to take these with me when out and about. What I don’t like about the DragBar is its size, shape, and toy-like design. I love how understated the Ello is, while still having some intrigue.

I had no issues whatsoever with the Ello. No whistling, false hits, auto-firing, or anything of the sort that's often present in disposables. For a beginner vape, this is important.

The Ello lasts as long as 7 mL of juice lasts, I imagine, but there’s no real way I can attest to the puff count being accurate or not. And as stated, you can’t see your juice levels despite the window.

I haven’t depleted one yet, but that grape aloe is on its way. Overall, the Ello works well, vapes well, and looks good. There’s not much negative I can say about it, besides the juice window that doesn’t show juice. Other than that, which isn’t a big deal, the Ello is a solid choice.



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Jeremy Mann

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Jeremy Mann

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