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BREEZESMOKE Overview: Best Flavors, Prices, and More

Vaping360 Team
October 14, 2023


BREEZESMOKE is the maker of a popular disposable vape called the BREEZE. Most frequently found in C-stores and gas stations, but also in vape shops, BREEZESMOKE is an established brand with a line of dependable disposable vapes.

The BREEZE comes in two different models: the original BREEZE Pro and the new BREEZE Prime. Also available is a line of BREEZE Pro in zero nicotine. Besides the Breeze Pro in zero nicotine, all the BREEZE vapes come in 5% nicotine and use mesh coils.

How long does a BREEZE vape last?

The BREEZE Pro and the BREEZE Prime are prefilled and ready to vape out of the package. Neither device is rechargeable, so once the light blinks, that means it’s time to discard the device.

Obviously, your personal vaping style and overall nicotine needs are highly individual. How long a BREEZE vape lasts will vary from person to person, even though the actual run time will be the same. These are general guidelines based on puff usage. Some vape less, but some vape more frequently than this. Adjust the numbers according to how many puffs you think you may need per day.

BREEZE Pro – 2000 puffs

  • 40 days @ 50 puffs a day
  • 20 days @ 100 puffs a day
  • 10 days @ 200 puffs a day

BREEZE Prime – 6000 puffs

  • 120 days @ 50 puffs a day
  • 60 days @ 100 puffs a day
  • 30 days @ 200 puffs a day

The most popular BREEZE is the BREEZE Pro. That said, the BREEZE Prime is a newer, slightly more expensive device. The BREEZE Prime is also large, due to a larger battery and greater supply of e-liquid. The BREEZE Prime comes in only three flavors, whereas the BREEZE Pro comes in more than a dozen flavors.

What are the best BREEZE flavors?

There are a lot of BREEZE flavors. The most popular flavors are often sold out. BREEZE has a flavor in just about every conceivable flavor category, from desserts, fruits, and drinks to tobaccos. After contacting some shops that sell the BREEZE, this is a list of the top five BREEZE flavors named most frequently as the best.

  • Banana Coconut
  • Cherry Lemon
  • Watermelon Mint
  • Orange Mango Watermelon
  • Strawberry Cream

How much does a BREEZE vape cost?

The BREEZE devices are sold anywhere from $11-$20 with various deals depending on where they’re purchased.

Can you recharge a BREEZE?

None of the BREEZE disposable vapes are rechargeable. They come out of the package fully charged and filled, so all you have to do is use them. Once the battery light flashes, the device (battery and liquid) is almost all used up and ready for the trash can.

How to spot a fake BREEZE vape

There are various ways to spot a fake BREEZE. The simplest way is to check the packaging for the cellophane wrapper. If it’s got folded triangles on the bottom and top of the packaging, it’s legit. The fake BREEZEs will be regular shrink-wrapped. That one tip is the easiest way to spot the real McCoy. To learn more, visit breezesmoke.com

Where can I buy a BREEZE vape?

The BREEZE Pro can be found in gas stations, C-stores, and vape shops. The BREEZE Prime is a newer device and is currently in a more limited market. If the demand increases, you’ll likely see a BREEZE Prime next to the BREEZE Pro at your local dealer.

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