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cuttwood cbd cartrdige review
March 16, 2020
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Cuttwood Comforts: Full Spectrum CBD and Terpenes

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Dave Kriegel
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Cuttwood Comforts CBD Cartridges

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If you never heard the name Cuttwood, you’re probably new to vaping. They are one of the most well-known e-liquid manufacturers, with popular flavors like Unicorn Milk and Sugar Drizzle, to name a few. Today we will check out their most recent line Cuttwood Comforts.

Cuttwood Comforts is their first CBD endeavor. Instead of creating a CBD vape juice line out of their original flavors (which would have been cool too), but instead Cuttwood decided to do a line of full spectrum CBD oil cartridges infused with naturally-derived terpenes.

They currently offer three flavors in two strengths, 250 and 500 mg CBD. Cuttwood provides third-party lab test results which confirm that they are truly full spectrum CBD. A lot of brands make the claim, but I have confirmed that these are the real deal by their cannabinoid content. They contain trace amounts of THC, which is well-within the legal limit of 0.3%. Unfortunately, they don't disclose the actual terpenes used, but terpenes are listed as one of the ingredients.

The cartridges were sent to me courtesy of Cuttwood Comforts for the purpose of this review.


Warning: These CBD oil cartridges are formulated specifically for vaping and are not the same as CBD oil tinctures, which are designed for oral use only!

Cuttwood Comforts CBD Cartridges

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The cartridges come neatly packaged in a little cardboard box with the Cuttwood Comforts logo on it. Each flavor comes in a different color box with the flavor displayed on the front. It looks pretty official, just like something you would find in a cannabis dispensary. Cuttwood Comforts offers full-gram and half-gram cartridges containing the same formulation of hemp-based CBD oil. The half-gram contains 250 mg and the full-gram contains 500 mg CBD. Just keep in mind that they are not refillable, so they are suitable for single use only.

The cartridge is in the box, inside of a child-proof plastic tube. It’s a sleek and modern-looking CCELL cartridge with a clear plastic mouthpiece. The oil inside is a dark amber color and appears to be thicker than your average CBD vape juice, but a bit thinner than pure distillate. It actually behaves more like a 70-80% VG blend, but the only ingredients listed are CBD oil, terpenes and flavorings. According to the lab test results, the oil also contains CBG, CBDv and <0.3% THC. A lab test summary is displayed on the box, with the batch number and a scannable QR code that will link you to the full report. They are also accessible on their official website.

I'll be testing them with some of the best 510 threaded batteries I own, for compatibility and performance. This includes the Vessel, PCKT One Plus and a slew of various weed pens.

Citrus Supreme

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As soon as I took that first inhale, I knew this was going to be fun. Citrus Supreme is tasty in a unique way. It has a bit of a weed taste, mostly due to the terpene content, but there is a sweet finish that reminds me of lemon drop. It's not artificially sweet or very sour, it's actually pretty smooth and subtle. You will probably enjoy this flavor if you're into citrus fruits or CBD oil with a lemony back note. Citrus Supreme was my second favorite out of the three I tested.

Honeydew Haze

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I've never been a big fan of honeydew e-juice. I wasn't expecting to like this one, but it wasn't bad after all. The honeydew flavor is more apparent on the exhale and adds a bit of freshness to the mix. There is also a bit of a hazy weed taste, but it's not very strong. Overall, it wasn't my favorite, but it is something that I would vape for the cannabinoid content. If you’re into hazy flavors with a touch of melon, you will probably enjoy Honeydew Haze.

Phantom Berry

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As soon as I pulled this one out of the tube, I could smell that dank scent. The flavor reminds me of an exotic cannabis strain (Phantom Kush?). There is a natural berry flavor added to the mix that works really well with the terpenes. It doesn't taste like straight up weed, but the terpenes are very reminiscent of cannabis. The berry flavor rounds it out with a tangy fruity finish which I find to be extremely addictive. Phantom Berry was my favorite of the three flavors they offer.



At the end of the day, I have to say I'm impressed. I'm not shocked, considering their long track record, but they nailed it on their first try. These CBD oil carts are excellent for getting a nice dose of CBD with just a few puffs. The cartridges performed really well with the oil inside of them using all of the devices I tested. I didn’t get any burnt hits, but it was cutting it close when I cranked the voltage all the way up. They tend to work best on low to medium power settings.

The oils come in three different flavor options. if I were to buy another one today, it would be Phantom Berry. The other flavors were good too, each one is well balanced and very tasty. If you want a potent CBD oil cart with terpene-rich hemp flavor and hints of fruity undertones, check out Cuttwood Comforts. Have you tried them? What did you think? Leave a comment below!

Cuttwood Comforts CBD Cartridges

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