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May 5, 2023
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FREEMAX FRIOBAR DB7000 Review: Featuring Dual Mesh Coils

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Jeremy Mann
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Product intro and specs

The FRIOBAR DB7000 is the new rechargeable disposable vape from FREEMAX. Although FREEMAX is not widely recognized for its disposables, it has earned a stellar reputation for producing high-quality vape products (largely due to FREEMAX mesh coils, which have great performance). On paper, the DB7000 seems capable of delivering the promised performance, considering it introduces the new DUO Mesh (dual coil). As far as I am aware, there aren’t any other disposables utilizing dual mesh coils.


The FREEMAX FRIOBAR DB7000 is roughly the same size as the popular ELF BAR BC5000. In contrast, the FRIOBAR has a capacity of 16 mL and (as mentioned) is equipped with dual mesh coils that are wicked with FREEMAX's patented tea fiber cotton. Although the DB7000 and BC5000 both utilize 650 mAh batteries, the FRIOBAR has a higher maximum puff count (7000 vs. 5000). Lastly, instead of the dizzying array of flavors offered by many other companies, you can choose from ten with the DB7000. Note: all flavors are in 5% nicotine salt.


Let's see if the FRIOBAR is ready to become the next well-known disposable.


Price: $12.99 (at Element Vape)

Flavors: cool mint, raspberry watermelon, blue razz ice, sour apple ice, peach mango watermelon, strawberry shake, tropical blast, peach ice, fruit punch, strawberry kiwi


  • Capacity: 16 mL
  • Nicotine strength: 50 mg/mL
  • Battery capacity: 650 mAh
  • USB-C charge port
  • Duo Mesh (dual mesh coil)

Kit contents

Size, look, and feel

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The FRIOBAR DB7000 is a good-looking disposable that’s built on a C-frame body with a slight teardrop form. It’s comfortable to hold and easy on the eyes. It’s got a matte finish like the Elf Bar, which makes it slippery to hold. On the front of the DB7000, there is a swirl design that incorporates a gloss inlay, which helps the device feel more secure to hold…but it’s still slippery in my hands.

The DB7000 looks pretty much like all the other disposables on the shelf with an Elf Bar-style body, but there is something in its execution that feels elevated. The mouthpiece is off-center like the Elf Bar, but it is transparent and color-coded with the rest of the device. It’s a minor manufacturing detail but one that makes the whole device more cohesive. As an aside, the mouthpiece comes off with a little prying back and forth, similar to the mouthpiece of the Elf Bar, so you can easily refill these if you choose.

As for the colors of the DB7000, they are somewhat muted. Which I prefer. They’re still a bit too toy-like in color for my liking as a vape, but I’m more comfortable with these colors than many other disposables.

Getting started

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Like other disposables on the market, there is nothing else in the box besides the device. There are no instructions, as you simply remove the stickers and rubber coverings from the device and get to vaping. Note: There is no charge cord that comes with the DB7000, so if you don’t have a USB-C cord (which is highly unlikely), you can pick one up from any convenience store.

How does it hit?

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The DB7000 has an amazing hit. It fires lightning fast. There is a barely audible click as the DUO Mesh engages, but after that, it’s pretty quiet. A faint coil sizzle can be heard, but not nearly as loud as something like the JUUL (a famously loud device).

The FRIOBAR DB7000 has a tight MTL draw, similar to the ELF BAR, but the DB7000 hit is smoother and more consistent. Although it’s tight, you won’t look like you're drinking a milkshake through a coffee straw. With just a slight inhale, the DB7000 engages.

As for the feeling of the hit, I think the throat hit from the DB7000 is decent but lacking. At 5%, this continues to baffle me unless FRIOBAR uses synthetic nic (which I strongly dislike). Even if there isn’t synthetic nic in the DB7000, it would be nice to know more about the juice in disposables. All I see is 5% nicotine on the DB7000, which suggests nic salt, but nothing else.

FREEMAX FRIOBAR DB7000 best flavors

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While some are better to me than others, as a whole line, the FRIOBAR DB7000 flavors are good. Although they’re not the most unique or all that much different from other disposables on the market, I think the flavors shine brighter due to the DUO Mesh coils.

These are my five favorites:

Fruit punch

My favorite. At first, I tasted more of a Twizzler/red vine flavor than fruit punch, but the more I focused, the more I could taste a mélange of fruits, like strawberry, maybe pineapple, and orange. Regardless, it fits the bill for fruit punch and is quite satisfying.

Blue razz ice

One of the more satisfying blue razz disposables I’ve tried. Granted, I’m not that into blue razz, but I drained this battery first, much to my surprise. It’s tart and slightly sweet, with moderate cooling. Of note, it’s called “ice,” but it’s not super cold (which I am fine with).

Cool mint

A generic but flavorful mint with light cooling. It’s probably a mixture of peppermint and wintergreen. I don’t taste any spearmint.

Strawberry shake

A tasty flavor with a soft, pillowy “ice cream” note that marries well with the aroma and flavor of blended strawberries. It’s sweet and creamy, with only minimal cooling on the throat.

Tropical blast

Similar to fruit punch, without the red licorice taste. It’s impossible for me to figure out what flavors are in here, but there’s some sweet red berry flavor along with a slight tart element. It’s icier than fruit punch. If I had to pick, I’d say fruit punch is my favorite of the two, but they’re close. If you like more cooling on the throat, go with tropical blast.

How long do they last?

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Considering the battery capacity is pretty much the standard 650 mAh, the DB7000s don’t last as long as the Elf Bars on a full charge—assuming that they arrive fully charged. This is fairly subjective as vaping habits vary, but I drained all ten batteries from ten flavors in under a week. And these are not the only vapes I have been using. While that doesn’t say much about the battery capacity, I’ve never drained that many batteries from one disposable manufacturer in that short of a time span. At the very least, I must like them to drain ten batteries in under a week.

If I had to approximate time for battery life, I’d say with moderate usage, you can get a day or two. If you vape a lot, a day is probably the max you’ll get before needing to charge.

When it’s time to charge, simply plug in the device to any USB-C compatible power source. The time to charge is approximately 60-75 minutes. While the device is charging, the indicator light on the bottom of the device will stay lit. It turns off once the charge is complete. Unfortunately, there is no pass-thru charging. But if your battery is dead and you’re itching for a hit, you can get a couple of satisfactory hits with just a minute of a charge.


Pros / Cons


  • 16 mL capacity
  • Easy to refill (if you choose)
  • Legit MTL draw
  • Fast coil activation (DUO Mesh coils)
  • Satisfying flavor output


  • Battery doesn’t last as long as expected
  • No pass-thru charging



All in all, I think the FREEMAX FRIOBAR DB7000 is a quality disposable. The flavors are just on par with others on the market, but the DUO Mesh and tea fiber cotton make it possible for the good flavors to taste even better. Obviously, if you don’t like a flavor, then nothing is going to help that. But for popular flavors that you may already like that appear in most lines, such as blue razz, the FRIOBAR DB7000 is a device you should try.

I’ve reviewed a lot of disposables over the past couple of years; the FRIOBAR DB7000 ranks up there with some of my favorites in terms of sheer performance. If you enjoy the typical flavors from disposables but you just want to try something new, give the FRIOBAR DB7000 a shot. I’m fairly confident you’ll like them as much, if not better, than the same type of flavors from another device.



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