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November 28, 2023
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Funky Lands Ti7000 Disposable Review: Flavorful and Long-Lasting

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Jeremy Mann
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Funky Lands Ti7000

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The Funky Lands Ti7000 is an impressive disposable vape with a generous 17 mL liquid capacity, a 600 mAh rechargeable battery, and battery and juice level indicators. It’s available in 5% and in 15 flavors, so you’re sure to find the one right for you.

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Product intro and specs

The Funky Lands Ti7000 is a large-capacity disposable vape in a medium size body. It has an intelligent digital display that monitors battery percentage and e-liquid, so you never have to worry about a dead battery or a bad hit.

There are at least 25 flavors in the Ti7000 lineup, all in 5% nicotine salt. I’ve had some difficulties in determining exactly how many flavors there are, but the flavors are divided into two lines (standard and "Frozen edition").

But the big question: is this the disposable for you? Let’s find out.

Price: $17.99 (at Mi-pod)

Flavors: Strawberry banana, watermelon ice, blue razz ice, peach mango watermelon, tropical rainbow blast, rainbow cloudz, California cherry, cantaloupe apple, passion fruit kiwi lime, peach pie, pineapple coconut ice, pink bomb, pomelo pear grape, super berry, tropical island, and more.


NOTE: This product was originally released as "Funky Republic Ti7000," and you may see it listed under that name on some vendors' websites and on product packaging as well. There have been no changes on the device itself, so this review covers both versions of the Ti7000.


  • Battery capacity: 600 mAh
  • Nicotine strength: 50 mg/mL (5%)
  • Capacity: 17 mL
  • Puffs: 7000
  • USB-C charge
  • Draw activated

Kit contents

Size, look, and feel

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The Ti7000 is a quality-built disposable. It’s one of those disposables that almost doesn’t feel right to throw in the trash. Although largely made of plastic, the devices feel good in the hand and are not cheaply made.

For a device that holds 17 mL, the Ti7000 is smaller than you might expect. Granted, it’s not a mini disposable, but Funky Lands squeezed a substantial amount of juice in a relatively small body. The devices are 100 mm x 38 mm x 24 mm, weighing about 70 grams. That provides a nice weight and size to the device that keeps it pocketable and palm-able, but hefty enough to feel like a small AIO.

The body has an oval shape, plus a matte finish with glossy elements to aid in a secure hand-feel. The mouthpiece is a whistle-style tip with recesses for the lips that provide a comfortable platform to draw from. Overall, I have zero complaints with the Ti7000 devices.

Getting started

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Open the device, remove the seals, and get to vaping. There is nothing special that you need to do before getting your nicotine satisfaction. Each device should arrive to you fully charged. If not, the digital battery percentage readout will let you know if you need some charge to top off the battery. If so, there is a USB-C charge port on the bottom of the device.

How does it hit?

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The Ti7000 has an automatic draw that’s a loose MTL, delivering quality flavor production. Although the draw is MTL (mouth-to-lung), the airflow has a bit more air than something like the Elf Bar BC5000. Also, the airflow slipstreams. There are nine little airflow holes on the bottom of the Ti7000, but it feels like some of the holes are not actually passing over the coil. It’s hard to explain. Ultimately, the draw feels a little too airy for a strict MTL.

While the airflow is a little too airy for my preferences, it still has a satisfying hit. The throat hit is solid but not overly intense.

I haven’t had any issues with leaking, spitting, or popping. Unfortunately, I did have some issues with a couple of my devices auto-firing, which led me to have to destroy them. Having said that, this is an issue not unique to the Ti7000; many disposable vapes have this issue.

Funky Lands Ti7000 best flavors

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The Ti7000 has a lot of flavors. While most of them have some iciness, it’s not as strong as many vapes, and it’s not in every flavor. The Ti7000 does have an all-ice menu that’s in the “Frozen” line. What I received was the regular line (note: the Frozen line has a different exterior, helping to distinguish it from the other lines). These are my favorites.

Pineapple coconut ice: Like pina colada, this flavor has all the identity of the popular alcoholic drink. It’s natural tasting and refreshing. The coconut is not shy, so if you’re less of a fan of coconut flavor, look elsewhere. Minimal cooling.

Strawberry banana: A very tasty, sweet, and sultry mix of a classic fruit combination. The banana is dominant, but not by much. It’s a balanced flavor. Light cooling.

Peach mango watermelon: A unique melody of flavors with the peach and mango dominating the flavor. It’s hard to pick out the watermelon, but even without it showing its face, the mango and peach work well together. Moderate cooling.

Blue razz ice: Bright and tart, with a little fruity sweetness. It’s a quality blue razz ice that has more flavor than others with the same name. Heavy cooling.

How long do they last?

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The Ti7000 lasts longer than you’d expect from a 600 mAh battery. I’m not sure why some devices with the same basic specs provide different experiences with battery life.

Also, the whopping 17 mL of juice on board has given me an incredible amount of vape time. I still haven’t drained one of these yet, and they keep going. For a heavy vaper, these disposables will last longer a lot than your typical “5000-puff” disposable. I’d go so far as to say at least 2x the time.  Of course, no one is counting puffs, but I’d say this is one time where the rating feels accurate, if not understated.

The total charge time for the Ti7000 was 70 minutes. The screen stays lit while charging while also displaying the percentage level, giving you a real-time reading of how much charge is left. It's a nice touch.


Pros / Cons


  • Large juice capacity
  • Good flavor production
  • Long lasting
  • Juice indicator light is very helpful
  • Many flavors to choose from
  • Mouthpiece is ergonomic
  • Comfortable in the hand


  • Draw a little too airy
  • A couple auto-fired



The Funky Lands Ti7000 is a solid disposable that lasts longer than much of its competition. I really don’t have any complaints with these disposables except that the airflow is slightly too airy, and a couple of the devices I was sent began to auto-fire when I took a hit. As pointed out, auto-firing with disposables is not unique to the Ti7000, but because it happened, I must point it out.

Even with the auto-firing, I’d still recommend the Ti7000. If you have an issue with yours, stop using it and contact the retailer you bought it from.

Funky Lands Ti7000

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